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Is the Cambridge a new Brooks Brothers suit cut?§ioncolor=§ionsize=
Hence the use of the brackets, "dummy." please carry on
In my limited experience i would say it is not worth driving 50 minutes from Chicago to shop at the Aurora Outlets - that's in my limited experience there.
Thanks for the link. I actually live 10 minutes from there and had no luck the few times i went.I only went to the Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers stores and had ZERO luck. The RL store had all generic polo crap that i had no interest in; the BB store was entirely outlet-only stuff (i.e. no 1818 or Golden/Black Fleece line).Edit: I'm not trying to say there is nothing here. I was more genuinely asking to know where people went at the Aurora Outlets. Despite living so...
What are the good stores at the Aurora outlets?
great thread.
I would avoid. $30 beater shoes perhaps, but not at $100+.
@ responses
I would perhaps lean towards the BB then now that you are done with LS. However, the Brooks Brother 1818 isn't vastly superior to the M. Valentino (in my humble and non-expert opinion). I do have a BB Golden Fleece as well - if you are somehow getting this for $700 then go for the BBGF..If you get either of these suits in a conservative color you will be fine. The big firms will really just be judging you on (a) the judge/jurisdiction you clerked for, and (b) are your...
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