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Bump for price cut.
OP here: Thanks for all the interest. I will be out of email touch for a week, but will check PM's when I return.
Added 6 more pairs.
Quote: Originally Posted by winston Does the photo of #2 (khaki) show the true colour? No, not really. Thanks for pointing that out. I've added a better for color of #2 that is accurate, to my eye.
These are all Daffy's vintage (so they have the tags cut out), except for #2 which I had bought from a fellow member a while back but decided I didn't want. I'll list the tagged size but please go by the measurements as the tagged size is wrong in some cases. All prices are shipped CONUS. #1) Chocolate brown, 55/45 cotton/linen. Portugal, EU 50. Flat front. waist 34; rise 10 1/4; thigh 13; knee 10; ankle 8 3/4 SOLD #2) Khaki, 100% cotton, Portugal, EU 48 , single...
Bought these from a fellow member but decided they're not quite for me. They're quite nice, brown suede, with minimal wear (I never wore them out of the house and the existing wear only looks like a few times). They're marked as 9 and that seems fairly accurate; might be a little on the large side. Looking for $120 shipped CONUS (which is what I paid).
Bought these a couple months ago and never wore. These retail for $80; looking for $70 shipped CONUS.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Can anyone who owns an Allen Edmonds Byron gives me some comments on its fit, width-wise? I am a D (Normal), but there is a deal for one in B (Narrow). If anyone in 8.5 gives me a true measure that will be excellent. Thanks a lot I happen to have an unworn pair of 8.5 D's sitting in my closet...I'll PM you.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Simple: what happens when you fold or crease fabric? The total length becomes shorter. Raw jeans tend to be stiffer than washed jeans, or trousers in general, and therefore also tend to hold creases specifically at the hems, thighs, and, most importantly in this case, the backs of the knees. These knee creases are also known as honeycombs. If you hem a pair of raw jeans straight from the shop, what happens? After...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Hopefully this will just be moved to the "I Have a Jean" thread. In the meantime, the answer to this question (and we've been getting them a lot lately for some reason) is always the same: -Stacking looks more uniform (better) with narrow hems typically under 8". -You can fix the stacking a bit by spraying the hems with water to soften them up and then mold as you wish. -Have you considered simply cuffing them?...
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