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RWB Flannel Plaid in the Art Room: Gratuitous Beard Shot
GD Cold: Ercoles Walts, Alden for Epaulet Boots EP Oxford Cloth Shirt
Frigid Week: Ercoles Trousers, Ercoles Sport Coat, Yellow Hook Necktie Co., Drakes Scarf, Ercoles Overcoat, Alden for Epaulet Boots Schott Parka, RRL Denim, Alden Conservation Boots, Herning Stark, Yellow Hook Necktie Co., Epaulet Oxford Shirt, Beard....homemade
Some looks from this frigid week: Zegna Cashmere Cashmere and Scruff from yesterday
I'm hoping for at least a few!Yessir. Llamas are six folds.Thanks RP! We'll have a bunch of new ties up hopefully next week!
Thats the VERY last one brother....we strecthed as much as we could out of that piece, its so awesome.Nice and cozy....I suppose I shouldn't complain at my 19 degrees right now. *sigh*
We'll start working on our spring summer stock next week. I hope to have it by mid February, just in time to save us from having to think about a long winter. We do have some really awesome transition pieces coming next week though that you guys will LOVE.How does Llama sound (70% Llama, 30% Virgin Wool)?Or some LP Wool Cashmere Windowpane?I love that blue window in this.Or more vintage Tweed?I am NOT looking forward to this week. Temps here are diving like crazy....I...
Great minds think a like! I was in a similar get up today!Yessir. It was one of the coolest pieces we've seen in a while. Classic tweed with a modern Italian Twist.
Back to the office and school...and we're hard at work as well....we expect a whole slew of Mid- Winter and Early Spring ties this week...stay tuned! Some teasers: Zegna Herringbone Tweed Vintage H&S (1970's) Tweed
Looking great guys!
New Posts  All Forums: