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From your lips...
Thanks for posting up my man. These ties from YH are a great opportunity for those who are hesitant to drop over a hundred bucks on an emerging brand....but we feel once you get these in your hands you'll realize that even at retail our stuff is hard to beat. Some great pieces still left as well...including that Hand Printed Italian Silk (first silk posted) which may be the lightest tie I've ever seen...
I agree. And to be fair, the workers overseas in relation to cost of living there. While the pragmatist in me looks the other way, I do feel that it indirectly hurts jobs and quality of life here for garment workers as jobs fly over there, and that makes me cringe a bit, especially as the owner of a business trying to keep jobs here in America.
Yea, the X Pattern did come out nicely!LOL, we are doing two chambray dress shirts (spread collar) one in a very light blue and one in a more traditional blue. Not long, perhaps 6-8 weeks fingers crossed. Price point will be a little higher than EP, but know you're getting the very best made, single needle American shirt from us. We could have gone with options that would have been less expensive makers, but they were these massive factories and to be honest the product...
RRL Slim Straight YH Denim Workshirts x2 RL Brogues
Here are the Slim Straights yesterday, no tuck.
I've been pretty happy with the quality of construction on the RRL Made in China stuff that I have (a couple of pair of pants and OC). While I'm not crazy about paying $$$$ for RRL to make max profits on exploiting cheap labor, if it's on sale (still RRL making HUGE way over what most brands make in terms of profits) I'll feel a little bit better. I suppose that doesn't impact what the poor folks making this stuff make, or their conditions, there has to be some...
Slim Straight
RRL Trousers again:
Nice to be able to rock my LBM jacket again: Monday: Wednesday:
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