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Live and work
Thanks guys.....now that school started I'm not on here as much, great to see the gear in use! Today's Fall Flash Friday Sale item is the Cashmere we just released. What a great tie, and now at a greater price! http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/brown-cashmere-herringbone Have a great weekend boys!
Second day of school shenanigans:
Navy Suede Leffot LWB on the First Day of School
First Day of School Fun: Ercoles Shirt Epaulet Nori Green Walt Trousers and Navy Seercucker Napoli Sport Coat x Southwick Alden x Leffot Blue Suede Longwings Yellowhook Lexington Big Blue Gingham Tie
First Day of School Fun. Nori Green Walts and Napoli Navy Seersucker
First Day of School in Lexington Big Blue Gingham:
I'll get one and post it up...
New Merchandise ALERT! Beautiful Cashmere, just in time for Fall! http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/brown-cashmere-herringbone Its a beautiful typically Fall, dry brown Italian Cashmere in a lovely herringbone pattern, you guys will dig this one.
Just checked again with my maker, she has more of the Brown Fresco. Prob enough to get 3-4 six folds. If anyone would like to pre-order this (delivery in 6-8 weeks) and get it at the sale price, just pm me and I'll make it happen.
New Posts  All Forums: