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Same pair after two years plus....no washes, one ocean soak, and a paint platter accident:
Nothing as earth shattering as some of you guys here...but we're working on a new denim workshirt and here are some of the prototypes: Raw Stripe and Officer Chinos: One Wash and Dry with Somet: Red Denim Prototype Pockets:
Thanks man! We're getting rave reviews on these....we're one step away from a production go. Unfortunately we'll only be able to make about 12 units of each for now of the denim (thats what we had available to us, as these were the last bolts that remained) but if all things go well, I'm hoping to perhaps one day down the road design our own denim so we can keep something in permanently.Here's the same shirt from Wednesday on Thursday after a wash and dry....color is...
Agree, grab each, you'll thank me later.
Been rocking EP, YH and RRL regularly these days. pretty good company to keep! Monday: LBM Cotton Jacket Tuesday: Old School Rivets (circa 2012, may get these slimmed from the knee down) and the awesome EPLA Jumper Wednesday: Pained up natty Tennis Trainers
Officer Chinos in a few different looks:
Another sample denim for our work shirts. Depending on how this one washes and dries, we'll decide if its a go, but i think the pattern is just about perfected. So if you prefer your shirts like this, and a bit loose, we recommend dry cleaning. I'll be rocking the same shirt tomorrow after a warm wash and dry to get any shrinkage out. We're also looking for color fastness on it. Raw denim will always bleed color so it's vital to ensure that the wash doesn't...
Think you made the better choice for warmer weather. That Salmon Raw Silk is an Easter tie, that would be great for the Easter/Passover Holiday when the Sartorial and Conventional Calendar says its Spring (bright colors, patterns) but the thermometer is fighting real hard to hold onto Old Man Winter!And yes, @ericgereghty is correct, our ties are lined, but with an incredible lining you'd never know was there that we worked really hard to find. I was a firm unlined tie...
Yesterday in our Heirloom Buttondown and Denim Double Stripe Tie. The Heirloom is designed to be the perfect throwback, an ultra soft unlined collar where we use the fabric do do its job and stand up to create the perfect roll. This is what Brooks used to do back in the day, except we updated it with a more modern fit, far from slim fit, but not your dad's baggy button down. The tweaking on design and pattern is just about done, so these are ready to roll into...
Happy Monday....got a straggler in the Hand Printed Italian Silks: http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/red-mini-paisley-hand-printed-italian-silk Red Mini Paisley. This was only available at Epaulet New York in their Orchard St. location until now.
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