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Closer Pic of the Scarf and the Vintage Raw Silk....I love this thing! Check out the hand rolled edges....what do you guys think about that?
Carmina "Gangs of NY" MTO BootThe Rest [[SPOILER]]
Bit more casual yesterday: Ercoles Overcoat JCrew Sweater Yellow Hook Necktie Co Handrolled Scarf and Tie Kamakura Shirt RRL Slim Straight Carmina Boots from Epaulet
Cool man. It was in Jersey, Gun For Hire. Cool place, really chill and easy.Thanks guys. SC is Ercoles, just picked it up, believe its a WBill Flannel.I've been waiting for an all eyelet shell boot for a year. Nice work, I'll def be in on this one.
It's a vintage piece we scored from another backroom. Sometimes I feel like the guys from American Pickers when I'm out sourcing fabric. It's 100% wool, but not very heavy and makes a wonderful 6 fold.I'll keep a look out, sometimes the stuff pops back up now and again, but we only scored enough for a couple.
Since Sugar posted his lifestyle fit, here's mine from the weekend. Beretta M9A1, Epaulet Flannel, RRL Slim Straight Raw. Haven't shot in ages, forgot how much fun it is! #lifestylefitz
Nightshade Flannel Walts and Carmina Boots from EP
Jacket and Coat Ercoles Scarf and Tie Yellow Hook Necktie Co. Trousers and Boots Epaulet
You're going to LOVE it. In fact, I wore mine today!And a little experiment....HAND ROLLED scarves....these are really labor intensive and time consuming...but so freaking cool. How many of you guys would be interested in something like this?I'll get some closeups of the rolls a bit later on.
IIRC this was a real short run a few years back.In North Jersey, West Patterson. There is one on Ft Hamilton Parkway though, but it's a little expensive and they only let you shoot a .22 unless you are a member.NOW, Alden boots....shell....drools...please tell me no speedhooks!
New Posts  All Forums: