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Chambray is the king of texture for warm weather shirts....and we'll be stocking a couple this summer! be on the lookout....the texture and streak of a nice chambray is hard to beat!Spaking of streak, take an inside look at our latest collab with Gus Walbolt from @abitofcolor....antique Batik Cotton from Mali. You can read more about it on our wordpress blog (https://yellowhookblog.wordpress.com/), but right now we're testing out product samples:and here's a sneak peak...
Slim Straights and Brogues:
We're working on that, sorry....be up shortly!
Not April Fools, will check right now....
I agree with @ericgereghty, subtle patterns would be GREAT for this tie, but very subtle.
We do have access to some linens, next time I'm at my supplier, I'll get some swatches and perhaps we can throw some MTOs together.Agree on all counts. Funny enough, as great as some of our lighter color ties are, they just don't move as well. I think it has to do with the fact that shirts tend to be lighter, and not many guys have a "dark shirt collection" where they can justify multiple lighter colored ties. We're working on that too!...That was an LP special, one and...
We've marked down all of our wool Spring ties (seeing that it's almost April) down to 99.99. There aren't many left, but some we have each of the WBill's which are glorious as well as a some of teh green Magic Crepes that stand out. Don't sleep on theses as we've already sold a bunch yesterday. Also, if you're not on our email list, hop on that bad boy so you can get advance notice on any sales or new products. Sign up at www.yellowhookneckties.com
SOOOOOO GD cool. Would love to hit Cuba at some point in the near future!Reach out, always willing to work and see what I can dig up!We've hit a bit of a snag on the denim, but we're working on it....I'm still aiming for the Fall with those. The Button Downs and Dress Shirts should be ready to roll soon....I'm hoping by June 1. They will be fantastic!
After some more thought, it really depends on a lot. The height of the wearer, the girth....taller guys can pull off a tie below the waistband on high waisted trousers whle short guys should be in the trousers at all. Also, to comment on those old movies, the style at the time called for much shorter ties than we wear today. I have several vintage ties from the 20s, 30s and 40s and they're all much, much shorter, so I'm not sure thats the best guide.
A & B really are the only ones I'd rock....
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