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Looks great!
Honestly....yes. It's a lot of time, and the summer enables me to do it. I hit places as far away as three hours from the city, grab a buddy, get up at 6, hit the road by 630 and get to the places where I want to be by the time they open...spend the day hunting and get home late at night. This summer was fruitful, because I've been out once a week basically. Sometimes twice. Yesterday I was out all day....all I found was an older Michters 10 Bourbon...hit at least 30...
^^^Glad to hear....you'll love our Fall round 2 and Winter stuff! We'll post previews here very soon!
Recent Acquisitions And it looks like I'll have to open this tonight!
It's that time of year again....when I try stuff on for fall and after 3 months of working out hard, I'm too big for the clothes in my closet. Get them at a pretty steep discount. Rivet Chinos: French Blue size 33 10oz Duck Hemmed to 32.5" $89 Plum 33 10 oz Duck Hemmed to 32.5" $89 Orange 33 8 oz Duck Hemmed to 31" $89 SHIRTS: All size Medium Boys to Men Print $10 with any other shirt purchase
Springbank Sold
Centennial and Waffles has sold...
Sorry man...the pattern for these are hard to nail down to our specs.Looks GREAT!So, been a quiet few weeks, but we do have two great Loro Piana Fall ties up and live on our website.This awesome deep water blue is fantastic for the end of summer, early fall...http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/loro-piana-indigo-wool-linen-silkAnd then this is the last of the grey, which is going to be a primo color this...
Lighting could be better, I'll get better pics tomorrow.
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