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I'm blue today. Blue Sweatshirt, White OCPC
I love the Brixtons! I'd be down for some #8!
We offer 5% off any pre-order. I post pre-order ties on SF, FB, Twitter and Instagram a lot, once they arrive as stock they go to full price. You can either pm me or email me at yellowhookneckties@gmail.com if there's something you see that you'd like to pre-order. Otherwise all items we have available are live on the site.We received the vicuna samples in this week, and whoah. Talk about the perfect winter tie...they were even great while temps were in the 40's and low...
Cold enough for vicuna yesterday J- any idea when I can come in for a fitting on the blue tweed?
Carmina Fitzgeralds Yesterday
Yesterday was chilly enough for #vicuna in NYC.
Yesterday's Purple Cashmere.
White Oxford and Cigar Brixtons.
Rust Velvet Cake Cashmere available now... http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/red-velvet-cashmere
Thanks man. Vest is Ercoles, part of a bespoke 3 piece.
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