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Last coupla days in BK
Carmina Ruby Captoe
Ercoles Yellow Hook Necktie Co. Carmina x Epaulet
Thank you. Jacket is Ercoles.Yessireebob! Been oiling it since end of August!
Choc Walts
Ercoles Yellow Hook Neckties Epaulet RL
Monday Morning confused (cause its supposed to be fall and it was 85) look on my face...iinen stars and Duck rivets
Zegna Azzurri Cashmere from our winter collection.
Love to hear your thoughts
God damn those sweaters look fantastic. So do Dylan's Wilshire's. Any washes or soaks and how much regular wear in 'em? I feel I have to kill my jeans for a year and a half before they get that kind of look. Fantastic. As is his beard. I say you go for one next Mike.
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