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Welcome aboard guys!
Sending an email blast today guys...so if there's anything you're thinking about, a bunch more people will know about the drops.
Hand Printed Silks are now up!
I think the Blues will be easier to pull off in the Winter, and the Greens in the Fall in terms of color. As far as weight, these are a great year round tie. These are fantastic really fantastic, and like I mentioned on the site, real sleepers.Yup. These are slightly different than the cashmere in the fact that the wool fibers are much thinner, making it more of a woven type tie (think grenadine) where due to the thickness of the cashmere, it was more of a thick...
Another Zegna Cashmere dropped today, and boy, what a beauty! http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/zegna-100-cashmere Oh, and a few other gems: http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/subtle-english-paisley ONE OFF...
Love that one!
Honestly, the Jacquard is something we do get a hold of once in a while, but the Zegna is a one and done fabric. I'd choose Zegna if I had to pick one. Its siiiiick.
Morning folks...just added a bunch more and will continue with the roll out tomorrow. Some awesome cashmeres in todays drops, including two Loro Piana Primaveras and some fabulous Zegnas. Check them out...
The grenadine knit has a bit more of open weave than our standard grenadines which can be confused with a straight up jacquard from afar. This tie was super soft and super porous so we decided to distinguish it from the rest by calling it a knit. It was awesome while it lasted...As far as the black cherry, construction wise yes, it's pretty much like the rest, although there will be some slight differences between each based on the nature of a hand crafted product.
Most are 3.5, a handful of them are slimmer more casual pieces at 3", but they're noted in the description.That Banker Stripe is the tits, you'll love it@ASNY2VA
New Posts  All Forums: