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If there's something you guys are interested in, please reach out. Since our stuff is done in the manner it is, we can always accommodate small adjustments in pattern, and we're happy to do so. Having said that, even though the blade measures 3.25" (slightly wider than 8cm) it doesn't wear much differently than our older 9cm (3.5" pattern). We simply tweaked the angle of the cut ever so slightly so that the blade is just a touch slimmer.
Epaulet Italian Denim Shirt Somet (2 years no wash, one soak) Chuck Taylors Franco Ercoles Waistcoat Yellow Hook Bow Some random old Italian dude from Dyker Heights made me the hat
Epaulet Italian Denim Shirt Somet Jeans (2 years old, zero washed, one ocean soak.
Epaulet Italian Denim Shirt
All of our summer ties are 10% off this week with "memorialday10" at checkout and all Spring ties (almost all of them perfect as well for the summer) are on clearance at www.yellowhookneckties.com. As always pm me if you have any questions.
The F has grown on me a lot lately. Get lots of sweet tobacco and BBQ from them, especially the older ones.
How have I not seen this until now?Here's a couple of different interpretations of the same basic two pieces (RRL Slim Straight Raw/Epaulet Western Shirt) which has basically been my uniform since October. [[SPOILER]]
I'm hoping to keep the basic line at around $150 (may be able to offer an SF discount depending on how sales go) and offer a few special shirts at a slightly higher price point.
Yes, my buddy Daniel is getting me a pair!
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