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Epaulet Denim Shirt x2 Drakes Scarf YH Denim Stripe Tie 1920's fabric bespoke coat Colt Buckle and Vintage Belt LVC 505 Dan Post Yellow Hook Boiled Cashmere Scarf and Denim Tie Epaulet Flannel LVC 1933 501 with Vintage Braces Carmina Boots
Schott RRL DM
Hey man-You should have gotten an email a few weeks ago. This came in and went out to you....give me a second and I'll check the tracking.Happy Thanksgiving man!
I wish, unfortunately that was one very small piece I was VERY lucky to find. A few tricks up my sleeve in terms of cashmere and luxury fabrics I think you guys'll dig for Winter and early Spring though!
I can get a pre-order going on that...we're working really hard to get our Spring Summer line out early 2016 (and oh, we have some real doozies in that bunch), but I'm fairly confident we can get this Navy Cashmere in time for January at some point. We ask our team to NOT make any ties between Christmas and New Years (these poor ladies work so hard for us and we want to make sure they enjoy their holidays and not worry about work) so it may be a little later, but I'll see...
Hey Ben....thx man, you will close out the orders. We've officially hit the mark we needed to sell. Thanks for all who chipped in!
Just wanna repost as a "Last Call". We have about two cases of the OLPH Soccer Charity Four Roses OESK left. If anyone else wants now is the time. Please paypal Friends and Family to hoppitoes@gmail.com. We will handle shipping at cost once we get delivery. Fedway has accepted the barrel and now it is just a waiting game for it to arrive at Cool Vines in Jersey City, where local pick up is also an option (free of course). Remember $10 from each bottle is going to...
Thx dude, waiting for the cease and desist from RL for the tie (made from bedsheets).
Fall is for layering:
BTW, WBill 100% Cashmere is coming NOW to the web site. But don't sleep on them. As with all of our ties, these beauties were crafted in VERY limited amounts and we were super lucky to have gotten these pieces though our connections in the fabric industry. All I can say, in the words of another famous Brooklynite, is "HUMUNAHUMUNAHUMUNA!"
New Posts  All Forums: