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Cyber Monday Come Early.
Made in Brooklyn Denim Shirts Marked Down.
Morning delivery if you've signed up for our emails.... Testing out a new more generous cut: with some sweet Kiton Cashmere Linen MAGIC and a Cyber Monday Sale early
Starting to get into tweed weather. Love it boys. Wish we had more of both of these!
I'm a 31 in the OC, but could go to 30. I have both a 31 and 30 in the SS. 31 is a bit big, wear them lower.
Scala Panama (86 degrees) JCrew Shades Yellow Hook Rescued Denim Work Shirt Epaulet Henley Vintage Belt and Buckle Beaten up and in RRL Slim Straight Chucks NY Muts Vintage Japanese Indigo Cotton Yellow Hook Rescued Denim RRL Boot Cut Dan Post Lizard Skin
Beaten up and in RRL Slim Straight: And here are a pair of boot cuts with my Dan Post Lizard Skin boots:
Can't wait to see em on Gus!Rocking the Red Denim Wednesday:and yesterday Urban Cowboy:
We're still playing with patterns and pockets, but i hope before Christmas...fingers crossed.
His and her sample chore shirts...pockets galore.
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