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We had a blast, and it was so great hanging with all you guys. We especially loved having a volunteer assistant at the YH Booth...Clare was awesome.*Blushes*....this guy is not only too kind, but incredibly talented at crafting leather in a way that just isn't done anymore. Kudos to a man who is pursuing his dream....the goods are top notch, out of this world.
@SpooPoker just listed some sweet YH on his ebay thread if anyone was interested in any of these samples...all first quality, just from a slew of stuff I sent him.
Some shots from my baby brother's wedding this weekend: Zegna Navy and White Silk Stripe and Napoli Grey Spread Collar (only one left of these bad boys) Wonder where the kid gets that pose prom? I think we're going to be moving forward with this new over shirt pattern as a second option potentially this Winter/Spring, maybe more realistically next Fall. Its a much more relaxed fit, and has so many utilitarian pockets. I feel that while the workplace has gotten...
Yessir, always.
Looks GREAT bud!
I'd definitely have to say either of the Kiton Cashmere/Linens would be perfect cool weather options for that particular combo, as would the Grey and Blue Woodhouse Cashmere Stripe. FOr a more year round tie, Zegna Burgundy Grey Shepherds Check or Red and Blue Raw Silk.Hope that helps!
If you aren't on our email list, please sign up on our website. We're going to be giving away a free Loro Piana Linen Stripe Shirt a week from today, and only email subscribers are eligible. We'll be pushing hard at the StyleforumxAandH Magazine Pop Up this weekend as well. If you haven't RSVP'd, please do so here: Looking forward to seeing so many of you guys!
PM coming bud.
RSVP to The Proper Kit where we'll be showcasing all of our wares at the fantastic sale prices we have 'em at now! We'll also have sizing samples for all of our shirts (both in our traditional fit as well as our slim fit) moving forward, our newest three shirts will also be available for pre-orders as well as our three Loro Piana Spring Linens (all at the same marked down price). This special pre-orders will only be available at...
LOL, this is one tough denim, and will break in so sweetly.
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