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Bourbon and #menswear. Well, denim #menswear
Kicking ass and taking names in my RRL Slim Straights
Most of them are, yes. We also have some at 3.25 and a few denim pieces at 3".Here's some more teasers:Hand Printed Italian Silks, super duper light weight and perfect for summer:WBill Spring Collection:Wool/Cashmere/SilkSuper cool denim:Custom tie for a customer of ours who is a performer:And another custome piece where the customer sent us the fabric:What happens when you try and name product after half a bottle of bourbon:And some other side projects that are closer to...
Hey guys...thanks for being so patient! All pre-orders have arrived and we've gone through the new Spring Summer merchandise...and let me tell you, I am not afraid to say that this is probably the best season we've put together to date! We have so many GREAT options and the stuff came out incredibly! The hand work is intense as ever and these fabrics we've had ALL worked out so much better than we had expected! I'll post some preview pics in here throughout the day. ...
Thought you guys might enjoy this... http://www.styleforum.net/t/517913/the-official-rich-clean-fan-boy-thread/0_100 Jeremy was with us at the trunk show, and is a good friend. We literally live one floor apart in the same apartment building and are creating great stuff for men on each of our floors. call it the 73rd Street Men's Creative Cooperative. Enjoy!
Hey guys, for those of you who were at the NYC Trunk Show in November, you got to meet Jeremy, a friend and upstairs neighbor of mine, at our booth. He kicked off his new men's fragrance and apothecary brand The Rich + Clean that weekend, and I have to say I'm a huge fan, and not just because he's a friend. Below is my take, but if you want a real writer's perspective on what he does, check this out: http://gearpatrol.com/2016/01/21/how-to-make-your-own-soap/ Much...
Shoot me a friend request on FB and I'll get you in there.
You still got Brigante!Which I should mention, we will be doing another pick this Spring. The OESK we grabbed got rave reviews from just about everyone who has had it. I have created a facebook group for this next (and all future) Brigante charity picks. Shipping was an absolute nightmare on the last one as we had facebook buys, styleforum buys, private buys....so if anyone is interested in getting in on this one, please send me a friend request (Robert Brigante...
They'll be photographed on Saturday (a week from today)....so expect them up and ready to roll starting that night!
^^^I love that crepe!
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