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Party Pigs and Grey Cap
This would be an instakop. I'm in jeans ALL the time, and need a pair of black boots....8" would be the shit. Love the side zip combined with the shape and color. It's just Motorcycle enough for guys who ride, without being too motorcycle for guys who don't (which is what kills a lot of leather products for me). Good shit man.Is the Alt Wein boot pre-order happening Friday as well? And what was the final draft mock up we were going with?Was in EP shirts the beginning...
And of course, notice the custom tailor next door!
Been in a vintage mood as of late...just finished my classes immigration unit and as always I use my family's primary source documents to help tell the story of American immigration. Well, this year I got a little lucky in my research and found an actual photograph of my great grandfather's barber shop that he opened in Coney Island in 1911. I've been searching for years for a picture and was resigned to never finding it. Needless to say when i saw the shot of Surf Ave...
Nice picks FC! Down to the last Llama.
Everything at www.yellowhookneckties.com is marked down 15% until Valentine's Day fellas. If you're on the lookout for one of our ties, check it out this week! (This includes the two vicuna ties we have remaining)
Just a heads up, all of our ties at www.yellowhookneckties.com are marked down 15% until Valentine's Day...know most of you SW&D guys don't do the ties, but figured I'd drop it here in case someone was on the lookout.
Guys, just a heads up....EVERYTHING on our site will be marked down 15% until Valentine's Day. This will be the last sale on Winter Stock until we release our Fall Collection (and then it will still probably be 15%) so if you see something you like, email the link to your wife and/or significant other! Happy shopping.
Impressive with the Widow Jane....that takes a serious whiskey palate! Enjoy the new wares!
None of the ties we sell get "test worn". If there is a tie where only one is made to sell, the only thing we do is knot it once for photographs. But each tie we do sell passes through our hands to ensure its as perfect as I would expect as a customer.
New Posts  All Forums: