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Casual Fit and #menswear fit. These loopwheels are freaking awesome. Have a Wings & Horns and these are just as good, if not better, at about half the price. Mike, how would you recommend keeping the white, white? Chocolate brown Walts: Sloppy cuff.
People have written programs for themselves to autoreply to these emails that go out....its pretty fucking pathetic. But then again, I'm sure some folks who see what I spend a lot of my summers doing would think the same thing.
Its a great piece, so very soft.The blue is finished....we had a few pre-orders via social media when it was posted. We do still have one unit of the brown and grey stripe in stock at the regular price however, and can get out this week, if anyone is interested.
Chicks dig the denim shirt: Too bad I'm taken!
Most stores save the good stuff for their local and loyal customers. AT least a bottle of it. All you need to do is talk to the guys throughout the year, grease a few wheels, and you're good to go.
They are. We grabbed a few more yards of this camo, and it is available on an MTO basis. We'll most likely be offering all MTO until the SF Trunk Show in November. Production time for a hand made tie is incredibly long (usually takes about 5-6 hours to complete one tie not including cutting) and we're down from our original staff, so we want to make sure we have plenty of stock on hand to sell at the show. We might have a few surprises at the trunk show, but most ties...
Zegna Cashmere...holy cow its soft.
Security Guard Ercoles Yellow Hook Necktie Co Carmina x Epaulet
EpauletxCarmina Fitzgeralds
Thanks! ErcolesQueens last, these were a MTO through EP about a year and a half ago. Had them for sale but changed my mind...because of the wonderful things he's done?
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