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Just a reminder, we'll be showcasing all of our Fall Gear, including some new neckwear, our Beefy British Oxfords and all of our Made in Brooklyn Rescued Denim Workshirts at the boston American Field event. Come by and say hello!
When I was younger I'd sit for 5+, now 3 is my max.
Big time. There's one (a brighter Navy with a white stitching) thats a bit more like a heavy chambray, but the rest are balls to the wall, beat em to death work shirts. Think of them like a CPO jacket made of denim.
I had my neck, top of my hand, ribs, stomach, groin (literally the groin muscle, not the "region"), and thigh all done. None of those came close to the pain that I felt when my sternum was done. White to boot. That sucked monkey balls.
Yup, all of our denim shirts will have metal buttons...we're going all in!
Yessir it is! You'll dig it man.We're working really hard to get our Made in Brooklyn Denim Work Shirts online by the end of the week. Here's a quick glimpse at our photo shoot for it:Jeans are from Shockoe Atelier down in Richmond, boots are Alden.
Thanks man. What I love about Shockoe is that their jeans are made right in the back of their shop. Courtney and I hung out with Robert for an entire afternoon in July, and I told him about how we sourced our fabric for our shirts, so he pulled out those jeans.They went down to what was at one point America's largest denim factory in Petersburg, VA (about 20 minutes down the road from Richmond-he told me about the awesome vintage "dungaree" ads on the walls still) and...
Testing out our new Brooklyn Made denim shirts. Jeans are from Shockoe Atelier down in Richmond, boots are Alden.
You're fast man!
Last week of vacation price drops....would love to move these before school starts.
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