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Speckled Italian Cotton Heirloom Buttondown (this is coming later this summer just in time for Fall) and what we were doing there: Helping raise some $$ for a local charity that's close to our hearts, Bay Ridge Cares.
Hey fellas! Lots of new stuff on its way, including: superfine Japanese cotton, pinpoint oxford, heirloom button down dress shirts. These may be the most beautiful oxford clothes I have ever handled. They will be entirely hand made, all single needle work, in a tiny workshop in NJ and are perfect for warmer to hot weather when you need to dress up. We will also be releasing around the same time our gorgeous chambray spread collar dress shirts. Again, entirely hand...
Is that the selfedge denim Imy? Looks great!
Been away selecting a few barrels of bourbon for a local charity....but I'm back and should have some cool pictures for you guys this week...stay tuned!
Brought one of our first shirt samples to my local alteration guy to check out...he was impressed, and I think you guys will be too....here's a quick snippet of our conversation about the shirt.
Guys make sure you register on our site for our emails...and check out our wordpress blog at yellowhookblog.wordpress.com if you haven't. Some great insider looks at what we're developing on the blog and the emails are where you get the codes for special discounts where applicable. You can register at www.yellowhookneckties.com. And @imys killing it borther! Very nice!
Stick it out, but wear them as often as you can. My break in was a little tougher than the other guys, prob a few months before they really felt like mine, but now they fit like a second skin. I don't think I'd ever get a diff pair when these die out. May opt to size down one though as the stretch in the waist makes these sag just a little bit.
Not yet, still finalizing some of the details, hopefully tonight. At the latest, tomorrow. We'll also send a reminder on Friday.
Wanna make sure you guys are all following our Wordpress Blog, at www.yellowhookblog.wordpress.com as we'll be making some major announcements there in the next few weeks. We're gonna be running a pretty big sale starting later today, please sign up for our emails if you haven't done so already, as the details and codes will be in there exclusively for a few days before we pump them out elsewhere. Go to our website at www.yellowhookneckties.com and click Register/Login.
New Posts  All Forums: