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BERKALOO CASHMERE KNIT SIX FOLD This bad boy was named after a neighborhood Revolutionary War Veterans Cemetery, a real quiet alcove in our corner of Brooklyn. It's a beautiful cashmere knit, identical to the Dorothy but in a beautiful deep shade of red. Six folds and ready for summer, it's one of the nicer hands of the recent releases... Also, many samples are still available, I'll probably post in B&S and on facebook this weekend, so if you're thinking about one,...
They did not, but they did pay for our services.This is live now fellas...just a few of each available, so if one catches your eye I'd act sooner rather than later.http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/red-herringbone-raw-silkhttp://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/red-cashmere-silkhttp://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/rutledge-red-silk-twillEnjoy....and check back later in the week, we'll be trickling more summer stuff as the week goes on.
Really proud to share that the producers of Fox's hit show GOTHAM (which my wife and I are pretty big fans of) contacted us to make a special tie Detective Bullock for a scene where he needed to "dress better" in order to blend in to a high end brothel he was trying to infiltrate. Made sense to us and we were glad to craft them a this tie and it made it's debut this past week.
Fit is a solid Medium and slim in the arms.
Yellow Hook Spring Samples, all $90 each, only offering them here. Some may have been worn once or twice, but all are in new, first quality, condition, will be an excellent opportunity to get some fantastic (some long sold out) pieces at GREAT prices. All are 58-59 inches long but the widths vary. PM me for paypal info.Blue Stripe Linen (3.5")Eggplant Seersucker 3"Blue White Houndstooth (3.5") [[SPOILER]] Grey Plaid Raw Silk (3")Super Lightweight Zegna Cash/Wool (3.5")TF...
Thanks @MakingChanges! You picked two winners, that Spring Picnic is simply sublime. And you can't go wrong with Blue Tweed! Enjoy.
at www.yellowhookneckties.com Feel free to pm me if you have any questions about the gear, but there are only a handful made, and even fewer left...
In the meantime.... Check it out and order now as once these are gone thats it.
Sorry bout that man....I actually had one made for me, and then was surprised when our girl came back with an extra after the fact! @TO Tie Guy I will try my hardest to see if I can source a bit more to get one made for you...fingers crossed you'll get a pm from me sometime next week.
Yessir! The hand printed silks are sick!Nailed it, the open weave on this tie is awesome. As soon as I handled this fabric, I knew it was perfect for YH.
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