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A slew of new ties dropped last night....some real beauties as well, all very Winter worthy. Zegna Navy Herringbone Silk Woodhouse Navy Cashmere Kiton Patriot Cashmere and Linen Pecuraro Kiton Cashmere Linen Plaid Zegna Navy and Wine Silk Stripe Zegna Navy and White Silk Stripe Zegna Olive Cashmere Plaid Zegna Midnight Silk Herringbone Loro Piana Grey Wool Linen Silk Pencil Stripe Loro Piana Midnight Windowpane Loro Piana Pumpkin Sky Windowpane Only one of...
Unless they were asking STUPID prices....
Thx man, its one of ours. Check out our affiliate thread if you're interested. We're working on a few variations at the moment.http://www.styleforum.net/t/328390/yellow-hook-appreciation-thread/2100_100#post_8611811
I'm the same, maybe a 40" chest and pushing a M-L in EP shirts. I wear a YH2 in teh workshirts and a YH1 in teh dress shirts. Hope that helps. FWIW I'm 5'9" and 165-170 lbs.
So....if you follow us on social media you will have seen that we had to cancel our appearance at the Washington DC American Field Show. About 1/3 of the way down, car packed to the gills we got a call that our son had an allergic reaction and my folks (who were staying with him) needed us to come home. Not the call you ever want to get as a parent, but thankfully it wasn't as serious as first thought. Hudson is fine, but unfortunately we will not be making our planned...
Looks GREAT man, I love that denim, and I'm about to experiment with mine...stay tuned.The weight isn't listed, but I'd put it at 10-12oz. Pretty sturdy. I have two samples made from it, and I've been beating the hell out of this one, I'll do a side by side photo comparison of the two so you can see how the denim will age. I freaking love it.
I'm so forgetful. Thanks for the reminder. I'll grab a shot of it today, and post later this AM (still dark out), but I'll do one even better for ya, I'll throw a swatch of it in an envelope and get it out to you today. Hopefully you'll have it by the weekend.
Yuppers...they're not included in the sale, but are listed at $100 a pop.
Check out the site today guys....5 new ONE OFF TIES going up, and with the Tie Sale, they're all under $100! Emails to come later today!
Proud to announce Yellow Hook will return this year....we had such a fun time at the last show, glad to be a part of it again this year.
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