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Good eye Pliny!
Thanks man, and nice choice on the Grey Birsdeye...great minds think alike.Hope your commute was cleaner than mine.Announcing the soft and fuzzy sale on social media tomorrow boys, and we're low on all of our cashmeres...
Got into the 32 inch waist Cargo Flannels today and I didn't get em Or the boots) mussed in the sloshy commute.....I rule.
MISERABLE out there today. Ercoles, Kamakura, JCrew, Yellow Hook Necktie Co., Epaulet, Alden, Jerkoff BMW Drivers
Did I miss the boot pre-order? I'd love a black all eyelet boot....doesn't even need to be shell...do they make a Black Chromex? Look badass with denim. Recent look in an older EP Navy Label Shirt: Jeans a tribute to Matt Smith.
Giving you guys an early head up....we're putting ANY TIE WITH CASHMERE on sale online at www.yellowhookneckties.com (active now for Styleforum members), out to our email subscribers tomorrow AM, and then to the general public Tuesday.Use the code [[SPOILER]] to get 10% off any tie containing cashmere!Of course if you have any questions, reach out here, or shoot us an email at yellowhookneckties@gmail.com
Looks fantastic!
My last pair of modified last Aldens
Ercoles, Kamakura, Yellow Hook Necktie Co, Ercoles and Alden (Modified Last)
Here's mine from yesterday
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