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Hey guys, we're running an instagram contest for a FREE FESTIVE TARTAN Six Fold. Take a shot in one of our ties, tag us and hashtag #yellowhookfortheholidays for your chance to win! We'll do one winner randomly and another for the one who gets the most likes. Happy Holidays!
Figure this is the best place as any to offer this. I'm looking to move my vintage Turnbull & Asser Raglan Overcoat (the one Esquire featured in the 2010 BDRM Competition). Before I post in B&S, I'd love to try and trade it for a GTS or WLW. If anyone is interested, give me a shout. Fit is a 38-40 fwiw.
My pleasure @shoetree! That RR Stripe is up and running now here:http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/denim-rr-stripe-three-fold-pre-orderAnd there are a few ties in the pre-order collection here:http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/collections/pre-ordersWe'll be adding a few more as well, so stay tuned.
Yessireebob. We'll have those up this weekend.
Everything that will be up before Christmas is up....I will be adding a couple of pre-orders though shortly, one being that awesome Navy Cashmere (which I was able to secure more of), the Paint Brushed Brown Fresco (another popular sold out tie), and the lightning fast selling Denim Railroad Stripe (which never even made it online, as it sold out instantly at the Trunk Show).We will have some new stuff for January February including some bad ass Zegna and Loro Piana...
Today and tomorrow ONLY "styleforum10" for an extra 10% off your order. This will only be published here in SF. (you can combine the two or more ties code "blackfriday" we're running for everyone). Enjoy guys!
Western Shirt (was once raw, now beat to hell) on top of the Italian Denim Shirt: And the awesomest flannel shirt I own, from a few years back, this one rules, and is a lot like the one available now (with the Gangs of NY Carmina Boots):
Lets bump this shit. Started some new work last weekend: And this is the hand piece I had done last Spring:
I feel you man. Honestly, its just hard work. And fwiw, you look good big too. When I met my wife I was a skinny ass skin and bone 24 year old. By the time we got married I was 210 (I'm 5'9" btw). All gut and ass. Now I bust my ass, twice a day. I run hills in the morning (I get up at 5AM) two to three days a week, and either run 3-4 miles with fartlek/hill sprints and body weight or hit the gym for 90 minutes every evening after work. Supersets in the gym. I try...
Yea, these are filtered...when they transfer to Pbucket is comes out a bit grainy. Went with Carminas for a little change of pace. They're far from dressy, but yes, much sleeker than the Alden Jumpers I was originally going to wear. Gangs of NY style two tone cordovan.
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