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I think you'll really dig this!
It's easy when the choice really isn't yours anymore. Between the kids getting older and needing/doing more, the business growing, and renovations needed in the apartment I've even begun to sell off some of my whiskey collection to help fund what we need.
I know Casual Friday is foul language for some of you guys, but in honor of it, I'd like to talk a little bit about our new denim workshirt. We've been working hard with shirt makers all across the country to find the best for Yellow Hook. And of course, we found an incredibly talented one right in our own back yard! They'll be making Neapolitan Style Spread Collar Shirts for us, a classic throwback American Button Down and a couple of tough as nails denim workshirts. ...
When we had just one employee making the ties we never had them, because she didn't like to make them. Now, it depends on who is making what tie, and some of the folks we have working for us like them, some don't. So...@ericgereghty it all depends on whose hands the specific tie passess through.
Medium bud. I'm the same in EP shirts...my technical size is probably a mediarge. With a tee (which is how I'd primarily wear these) a medium works, with a button down, I'd prob be better off in a large. The pockets are clutch, and for me this is just as good, if not better than the uber hyped Japanese streetwear brands that do these and Wings&Horns etc...
We worked all day yesterday shooting the Spring/Summer. It really was one of those "never forget" experiences. My entire apartment (all 650 square feet of it) is in shambles as our bedroom is being completely redone and everything inside it, was all over the rest of the house. We were up on the roof as well, shooting lightweight summer ties in bright colors in a blistering and freezing wind all the while surrounded by iconic views of NY Harbor and The Narrows. I can't...
My clothing budget has been slashed tremendously lately, but god damn, those jumpers and union tees in the sale section are fucking aces. Especially at those prices. Workhorsing in while my apartment is being renovated and I'm living out of a bag:
If my $3000 bedroom renovation didn't turn into a $9,000 one I'd be all over this.
Bourbon and #menswear. Well, denim #menswear
Kicking ass and taking names in my RRL Slim Straights
New Posts  All Forums: