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Due Fresco my friend! Thx!
Carmina x Epaulet Dress up/Epaulet Denim Shirt Dress Down.
Ercoles Yellow Hook Necktie Carmina x Epaulet
Loro Piana Indigo Wool Linen Silk (Sold out in 3 days) We have a few diff LP fabrics coming soon.
AF Blue Walts Epaulet x Carmina
Babies rule! Congrats Tira! Today- Ercoles Yellow Hook Epaulet Epaulet x Carmina Jacket was a DB that Frank at Ercoles cut into a SB...not bad to my untrained eye....nitpickers have at it...
Thanks. Denim is SlimStraight RRL raw. My Fall/Winter break in project.
Wow doze Vass... Hate to follow those up with this casual look, but... LBM
The belt I'm wearing today was one of those....it started peeling, sent it to the shoemaker....5 bucks later I had a stitched belt, just like new!
NYC Metro Catholic Schools....the memories (Msgr Farrell Grad, 1995).Today for me was the EPLA denim over EP Pinpoint Oxford:Have a great weekend boys!
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