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Pretty sure it's always been KY straight, but I think they're douchebags, so...
Well, now that the secrets out....yea, huge sale ongoing. For Spring Summer we really ramped up production to the point where we have so many ties left over (Fall Winter will be much different, and more our usual limited edition tie work as we shift our focus towards the new shirts) so we're basically banging these beauties out at or near cost on our end. This is a great time to stock up, or dive in. This is a low as it is gonna get, ever, so I encourage you guys to go...
I have, and would continue to. It's one of those where I feel it was priced based on current market value (RR98 being another) where if you enjoy it, you should buy, but I worry in a year, this bottle will be north of 1k, and then, not worth it to drink.
Andrew, its the best rye that's been released since the last of the old aged KBD ryes and the Van Winkle. It's a diff beast, not the smooth and refined rye that those were/are, but man, what a complex rye. Great finish. Think of it as GTS and Rye Whiskey had a baby.
That looks GREAT. Speaking of warm, we're in Savannah now. Oh. My. Gosh.We have a restock coming in a few weeks once we get back. I can call my shirt maker and see if we can get one expedited for you if you'd like. Linen Stripe is en route...
We really aimed for creating a very masculine shirt shape, with the details you'd find on a more European styled shirt (collar and cuffs and workmanship). I think we got it just right!
Awesome, this is good stuff here!
Thanks so much for posting Justin! We're really proud of what Yellow Hook is accomplishing (I know, I keep saying it). I feel the level of detail on these shirts are up here with the best of the best, and I'm so glad we're able to share it with you guys! Enjoy it bud.
Enjoy bud! Sorry for the slight delay on it, but I think you'll love it. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!
Thanks so much for the kind words. We're really excited about the shirts we're stocking regularly, but one of the benefits of living in NYC (the fashion capital of the world) is that once in a while we get access to some VERY special fabrics, like this Italian Denim. It takes a lot of digging and questions and experimenting sometimes, but we're pleased to be able to hear our customers agree with us on just how beautiful it is.There's a local restaurant by us that...
New Posts  All Forums: