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Wedding last night in my EP Gangs of NY Boots.
Wedding last night in my EP Gangs of NY Boots
Wedding Last Night: Ercoles Yellow Hook Necktie Co. Carmina x Epaulet
Guys, we've donated a Camel Vicuna to the Styleforum Charity Auction this year and its going up tomorrow! Please check it out, and know your $$ would be going to a really GREAT cause! http://www.styleforum.net/t/443226/styleforum-2014-holiday-charity-auctions-100-of-proceeds-go-to-support-the-ronald-mcdonald-house-charities/0_100 I love that SF does this every year and am so thankful that to an extremely large degree, its your support that keeps us going and allows us...
We have a wedding tonight, and I'm thinking about wearing mine!We will be updating with more Grey Irish Tweed soon, as well as a whole bunch of other "beasts"! Stay tuned!Thanks G. How are things on your end? We should get together again soon!Thanks Murlsquirl! We look fwd to our winter stock release....will be after Christmas, but trust me, there'll be lots to look forward to!Damn, love that knot Imys! Reminds me of Prince Michael, known for his Four in Hands!
These are all live on the website now guys.Bad Bad just sold (was on the site for literally 20 minutes). Sorry, man. But the Navy Holiday is still up there and an awesome vintage piece.Everything is up and loaded guys and a few have already been purchased.
Its yours! Enjoy.
OK, here's the rundown. I'll leave these up here overnight, and sort through any PMs in the morning. Vintage English Tweed (Fabric from the 1960s) J HLesser Tweed J LP Lightweight Wool.linen Silk English Silk Paisley POW Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Cashmere (This is a beast of a tie) Cashmere Silk Stripe Raw Indigo Silk Loro Piana Wool/Linen/Silk Six Fold RWB Silk Knit Stripe Denim Grey LP WLS English WLS Ties labelled "J" have a different...
23 selling for 1200 on secondary. I just got a call from my local place (well, in Jersey)....got me a 20 year coming in this weekend!
Some looks for this week: @OwlJohn Tweed from last Fall Navy Chalk Stripe from our current Churchill Collection We are going to be putting up a bunch off one off samples of stuff that has been long sold out this weekend...be sure to stay tuned and keep checking here for exactly when that will be. Prices will be $100 shipped for everything, and most are first quality, were worn once to model, or slight seconds (each tie will be noted individually). I'll give you more...
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