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The Stagg Jr is pretty salty. IMO what makes the price justifiable is the proof. If you want something from BT high proof and can't find it, here's your chance. I generally pass it up on the shelf for $50.
Have a one off cashmere available now....SF gets first shot before I post to the site and SM (Monday). 100% Cashmere Grey Plaid. We had enough to make one 3" vintage pattern tie from this gorgeously soft cloth. It's a real stunner. Since there's only one, the first PM takes it at $149.99.
I smell a hashtag battle. #woolcashmink vs #moneycashhoes
I'm stoked as all get out for this. We should have an idea what we're looking at in terms of price and delivery times after this weekend....stay tuned...
MMCS i've heard is so/so. The m10 is great, always a buy if I see it and I'm out of it! The 20 though is absolutely sublime. Worth every one of the 4-500 dollars they're asking on it.
Sneak peak at some pre-orders that will drop this week. We'll be offering a choice of either our three inch vintage pattern, which is a slimmer version (but by no means skinny) of our standard tie as well as our standard 3.25" pattern. I've been living in the three inch pattern and think it works great for guys who don't have uber lapels on their sportcoats or look to wear their ties with a pair of jeans or chinos and a cardigan. Some real neat, real vintage pieces in...
Enjoy! Our ties were made for the four in hand, and its what I use almost exclusively.Yessir! We're stoked about this one.
Its insane how soft the Vicuna is. If money were no object, everything I own would be upholstered in this stuff. And so would the inside of everything I wear.
So I heard its been cold the last few days:
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