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Sure, the fit is similar to the dress shirts and button downs with slightly more room, but not enough to make a huge size difference. They are shorter, as they are designed to be worn untucked, a true "chore shirt" if you will.Here's a shot of me in this yesterday:This is a size YH2.Also important to note, these are going to part of a collection of special denim that we're in the process of trademarking. There will be VERY LIMITED amounts produced of each. This one...
Oh boy, you guys are gonna go apey for these, expect them up in a few weeks. But here's a sneak peak at one of Yellow Hook's Rescued Denim Work Shirts, made right down the street in Brooklyn, NY.
Just a heads up, the Summer Blow Out Sale doesn't have much time left. Once we get the Fall product up, these will be gone for good! So shop away, there are some great seasonal pieces still available plus a bunch of great Wool Silk Tweeds for Fall.
I'm not saying this just because Jeremy's my friend, this stuff is ace, I love it and am addicted. To put it in perspective, last summer, just as he was starting this, I went and dropped over $500 at LeLabo. I came home, he gave me some soap and lotion, and I haven't opened the LeLabo. Fucking amazeballs shit he's oing right here, and it's all natural. No chemicals at all. healthy skin, clean scent and very masculine.
If anyone is interested in checking Yellow Hook out for the first time, we're blowing out our Spring and Summer ties online at $55 a pop. This is the lowest prices we've ever had, and once these are gone, they're gone for good. 100% handmade in the USA, gorgeous textures and fabrics...you can't go wrong at that price. While you're at it, you can check out our brand new Hand Made Shirts. www.yellowhookshop.com
Thanks Ac!We are capable of doing this, however, what does present us with a challenge is how we source our material. We are able to get such luxurious pieces at the prices we do because we get great deals on end bolts of luxury fabric. So, most of our ties are extremely limited in their production....I think the most we've EVER had of one particular tie, was 8. However, on occasion, we do leave a bit left over from the cuts and can do a tie or two at a custom length. ...
@ericgereghty nailed it. Most of these offerings make very nice and substantial knots with a Four in Hand. Some of the thinner silks (Italian Hand Printed and Mustangs) may not, but all the rest will.Feel free to PM me (or email for a faster response at yellowhookneckties@gmail.com) about any specific ties.
No problem bud! Glad you were able to find what you liked!
@Ianiceman sorry about that bud. I have a feeling there was a glitch on that particular tie.I got your message yesterday, and had our girl look into it (we're at Disney with the kids) which is why I ddin't respond right away. She let us know that that particular tie wasn't available, sold out at retail as it was one of our more popular designs. We try to take off the site the ties that sell out but sometimes we may miss one.What enables us to sell so low comparatively...
Pretty sure it's always been KY straight, but I think they're douchebags, so...
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