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#dickswingI was lucky to find a Bowmore Cask Strength at one of my little locals hidden in the back, it was a Jack Rose selection. Fantastic pour, AND the char that was in the bottle was freaking cool as shit.I need to get down there one night.#guiltyascharged though it's usually from my couch in front of a tv.
No one will find you Van Winkle. If your genuinely as green as you sound, it is perceived as even uncouth to ask. I somehow don't think you are though. If you're really in Louisville, you could go to any number of bars that carry it. One I know for sure is the Old Owl Tavern in Harrodsburg, about an hour outside of LVille. Pony up the hundred bucks and order a couple of ounces. There are places downtown that have it as well. Haymarket may have it as well.
Blue OCBD and Popeye's Girl WBill Tweed yesterday. We haven't seen the sun for days, and won't until next week. UGH.
All I tie are asymmetric dimples....lol it IS my OCD
Made in Brooklyn Denim Prototype (still a few kinks to work out, but looks like we're a go for fall) Heirloom Japanese Pinpoint Oxford Buttondown and WBill Tweed Tie (this is a steal on clearance right now)
Speckled Italian Cotton Heirloom Buttondown (this is coming later this summer just in time for Fall) and what we were doing there: Helping raise some $$ for a local charity that's close to our hearts, Bay Ridge Cares.
Hey fellas! Lots of new stuff on its way, including: superfine Japanese cotton, pinpoint oxford, heirloom button down dress shirts. These may be the most beautiful oxford clothes I have ever handled. They will be entirely hand made, all single needle work, in a tiny workshop in NJ and are perfect for warmer to hot weather when you need to dress up. We will also be releasing around the same time our gorgeous chambray spread collar dress shirts. Again, entirely hand...
Is that the selfedge denim Imy? Looks great!
Been away selecting a few barrels of bourbon for a local charity....but I'm back and should have some cool pictures for you guys this week...stay tuned!
New Posts  All Forums: