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Last week of vacation price drops....would love to move these before school starts.
Beat me to it....new Fall ties up at www.yellowhookshop.com.Enjoy!
My baby cousin (no longer a baby) got married last night....wearing the Napoli Spread Collar in Blue Chambray and one of our new Harvest Cashmere Plaid Six Folds.
My photographer wanted to get my hand piece while we were shooting our Fall ties.
I stand corrected, the smaller one is not early, but earlier than the larger one. Both are LATE EDO. The larger one is a SASHIKO Family Textile, if that matters.
That's what it was sold as. I'll double check and get some better pictures...
Proud to announce we'll be hooking up with American Field for three great shows in three GREAT cities (Boston, Washington DC and our home turf, literally just down the street from us in Brooklyn). We hope you guys can make it out to these to check out our great new stuff in person. We'll be debuting a new and exclusive piece at each show, show if you needed some incentive there you go! More details to follow.
@SpooPoker mentioned this is the place to go for questions about these and their value. First (HUGE one) is early Edo period, second is mid to late Edo boro fabric throws. Any help would be appreciated on these. Flip flops at the bottom of the picture to show size of throw. Cheers folks!
Shirts are gone...
We have some preview shots of our Fall 2016 Neckwear collection that we'll be featuring this week...starting with a few pieces that WILL be available MTO. Courtney and I need to sit down and figure out how the MTO process will work, but I know several of you have asked about it, so we've made sure we ran some pieces that we were able to purchase large enough bolts for MTO. Again, once these bolts have been run through, they are gone for good, and some only have one or...
New Posts  All Forums: