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Some Holiday attire: While I would have loved to be a bit more #menswear, was not conducive to making gingerbread houses with 5 and 6 year olds. Hope everyones Holiday was wonderful...wishing you guys the best for the new year! Our next batch is coming in next week, and we know you're gonna freaking love it! I'll post some teaser pics tomorrow.
You'll love it adamha21! Its a fantastic piece! Some post Christmas goodies for you guys....only one of each available: http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/brown-and-grey-cashmere-stripe http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/vintage-1950s-tweed
I believe it will!
Damn that looks AWESOME!We're shooting for January 15th on the mink....I'll keep you guys in the loop for sure.Merry Christmas! Wishing all the best to you and yours this Holiday Season! Looking forward to what January will bring (a HUGE stock update on the site with TONS of new ties!
I have had all of them....I usually keep the 10 years (especially if I can buy then at $50 retail) and the rye if I can get at retail. The rest are fresh flips.Not around here. You don't wanna know some of teh orices.Exactly. I have open in my cabinet right now a rye, a 23, a 15 and a 10. I really don't like the 12, so thats an easy sell and teh 20 I have is a 2011 SW 20, so I'll eventually open that at some point. But who knows, maybe something awesome will come a...
If anyone here is looking to unload any of their unfunded liabilities to help fund some, let me know...
I love that color (or as you say, colour).
Found some VW on Staten island by my parents house. Prices were reasonable...23-$2500, 20-$1500, 12-$1200, 10-$699. LMAO. I feel like even the store owner didn't want to sell them, but use them as a piece to attract discussion. But I did find a few things in Park Slope: So I'm done hunting for now! Really glad the rye was around, even though it was really expensive....these are getting rarer and rarer now that the tank its being kept in is getting low....maybe a...
Its Camel Hair Cashmere....English iirc from Ercoles.Sure man, this is Zegna Wool Houndstooth from eons ago (one of our first releases) I love that tie!Damn, you guys look GREAT! Congrats again! Cincy is a great town, and as a whiskey drinker, the fact that you're that close to The Party Source is AWESOME!
Appreciate it man. It is frustrating but I guess now would be as good as a time as any to drop some news we've been holding close to the chest. Starting in early January, we've hired some more folks so that we'll be able to keep stock updated on a more regular basis. We've always been looking, but finding folks who can produce a tie to our high standards has not been easy, but we think we've found a few who can do wonderful work, and help us keep our site updated with...
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