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Thats awesome! ^^^ Last night a good buddy's wedding in my Napoli Navy Seersucker MTO and Ticking Stripe Walts:
Royal Blue Windowpane Cashmere Silk Six Fold and Red Dippin Dots is sold out, we're also down to our last Navy and Grey Dippin Dots and Purple and Emerald Windowpane Cashmere Silk Six Fold if you're thinking about these, don't wait!
Enjoying the OKI Single Barrel from TPS right now and thinking of the friend who picked it, who just passed, John Hughes. If anyone has ever been at the bar at TPS, you've met John, and probably became his friend, like me. Sad that he left us so early.
Thanks for the positive feedback guys! These ties are sweet. We were going to do product shots today, but apparently mother nature had different ideas, if any of you guys want any of these (already pulled aside two of them for a customer) just drop me a line and let me know. I'll be glad to pull them and invoice you through paypal or create a special checkout link on our site.
Our late summer gear is just about ready to roll out. Here's a little preview: Navy Windowpane Cashmere Silk Knit Six Fold: Emerald Windowpane Cashmere Silk Knit Six Fold: Royal Blue Windowpane Cashmere Silk Knit Six Fold: Purple Windowpane Cashmere Silk Knit Six Fold: Red Windowpane Cashmere Silk Knit Six Fold: Dark Pink Windowpane Cashmere Silk Knit Six Fold: Burgundy Cashmere Six Fold: Red and White Cashmere Silk Knit Dippin Dot Three Fold...
Grabbed a couple of the Springbank 17 Sherry Woods yesterday, whoah, fantastic stuff! This is a bourbon drinkers scotch.
Thanks so much for the kind words. Every tie we sell is a labor of love and we stand behind it all, Courtney and I. Wear it well, and I'm glad you love it!
Speaking of bourbon, we're down to our last unit of the Rutledge Red Silk Twill Six Fold boys...snag it if it's up your alley. It's such a wonderful shade of red, and a tribute to our favorite bourbon's Master Distiller Jim Rutledge. http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/rutledge-red-silk-twill
Another good suggestion. This was our entry into "better" bourbon. Blantons is great too, although I'm not crazy about the Willet Pot Still.
Nice! I love talking whiskey! I started out on Islay as well....loved the smokey peat. I was hesitant at first with bourbon, but after I really got into it, whoah. What a spirit. I like big and bold flavor (no surprise being an Islay fan) and the sharpness of bourbon is similar from the new oak charred barrels its aged in. I prefer stuff at cask strength as well, allows me to drink to my preference (which is usually the natural spirit) but once ina while I also enjoy...
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