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Catching up with a few recent looks. Shirting in all of these are YH. A few recent looks: Some sample chore shirts we're working on are included as well as a vintage loom Japanese Raw Selvedge Denim Work Shirt. We also just got in some terrific vintage loom chambray from Huston Textiles out in California. Can't wait to get these bad boys in the shop and out to you, the stuff is freaking ridiculously fantastic. If you don't know about them, check out...
A few recent looks:
Yessir, 3.5 inches.
Love it! Looks great, and was great meeting you as well. Thanks for making the hike to Bay Ridge! Guess you had a meeting today?
I think a YH 1 would work in terms of neck and arm, the body will still be slim, but not skinny....you'd be comfortable. If you prefer a size down, we can do a YH0 for you in most of the shirts.
Epaulet Sold.
We're offering a huge sale at www.yellowhookshop.com on all of our single needle American made dress shirts. I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure you won't find a men's dress shirt made in the US with this much attention to detail. Use the code "CelebrateBoston" at checkout and Heirloom button downs and Spread Collar Dress shirts are all $125. These are all cut by hand, no computerized cutting or pattern drafting and all utilize single needle stitching which makes them...
Love, love, love this shirt. Wish I was able to get more! We have a new stripe on the way this winter that's also a Polo denim....it's another great one, with a few more pieces available than this. Grey on grey stripe.
Hey bud...I think the size 3 would work well as the boys suggested. Worst case, if you get it and it's too tight, happy to swap it for the next size up.I'm really pleased with how well this offer has gone over. I'm confident once you guys get these in your hands you'll see just how special they are. No other American shirt makers do what we do. Single needle, ALL hand cut. Most of the other shirt makers are computer cut with a massive machine and double needle glued...
Thanks dude, can't wait to see it!BTW, we're putting ALL of our button down and spread collar dress shirts on sale to celebrate our Boston pop up success! Enter the code "CelebrateBoston" and get these awesome, single needle hand made dress shirts at $125 a pop. I honestly feel that these shirts are the best on the market at $200, now that they're $125, they're a freaking steal!Happy shopping!
New Posts  All Forums: