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Any NYC people, we'll be at American Field in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Expo Center) 79 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 THIS WEEKEND and will have the following special pricing available exclusively at the show:
If you don't mind a bit of a wait, we do have a bit of this fabric left and can do an MTO (length and width of your choice as well). Reach out via PM if you'd like.
CYBERMONDAY15 is good through Thursday on any and all orders on our site.
"BLACKFRIDAY" at checkout gets you 10% off all already reduced prices at Happy shopping boys.
Looking GREAT guys. Just a heads up, "BLACKFRIDAY" at checkout gets you an additional 10% off at Hope you're all enjoying the extended Holiday weekend!
"BLACKFRIDAY" at checkout gets you an additional 10% off already marked down prices on the remaining denim shirts we have (and everything else). Check it out at
Here's a little Before and After with my Leonardo Barber Shirt (sample size YH2) from yesterday and today: Underneath a YH1 Heirloom Buttondown Blue English Oxford and our Italian Denim Stripe Tie (right now a Show only product, though we'll list this after the Holidays as part of our Winetr/Spring 2016 Collection. And today, "walking" my kids to school. Serves me right for being almost 40 and thinking I'm 19.
Thanks man, you'll love the OCBD's. At the price we have them marked down to now, you won't find a better made shirt, anywhere. Period. Enjoy.Barber Shirt! I can't believe I never though of that! My great grandfather Leonardo came here in 1892 and opened up a barber shop on Surf Ave. in Coney Island. We've just found the new name...The Leonardo Barber Shirt!OK, so the Kiton, for me is the most fabulous tie we may have ever done. I'm quite shocked it hasn't sold out...
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