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We just got a look at some of the gear coming later this Spring and even some early fall samples....all I can say is, WOAH...you guys are gonna LOVE it.
Just cause none of the stuff is new and expensive doesn't mean there aren't awesome options out there...in fact, I'd argue to say that the "authentic" Brooklyn is much better (gastronomically) than hipster Brooklyn. Gold Star rules, but on 15th Avenue is Lionis and Papa Pasquales...both have great heros, and great mozz. PP has home made macaroni, and ravioli thats second to no one. A bit further down on 86th in Gravesend is L&B Spumoni Gardens, a Brooklyn institution...
Looks AWESOME! And these are lined, but we've found the most amazing, lightweight lining it feels like its not...just like the materials we use for the ties themselves, its well worth the extra dough to use the best interlining the world has to offer. Ours are imported from Holland.
LOL, believe me, when the 14 year old thugs try and act out, even i have my work cut out.
LBM, YH, Somet and Epaulet Navy Label by day Carmina, YH, and Ercoles by night
Our first celebrity endorsement: If you're into the standards and show tunes, check these guy out at 54 Below on March 20th. WANUN5 for $5 off tickets at www.54below.com. You can also check their website out, www.willandanthony.com. They'll be in our new "Tuxedo Tie" made from English Grosgrain Silk. These can be cut to order for weddings at any time, and won't be part of our regular stock, but will be available that way. We'll build it out on the web site, but if...
Camo MTO Italian Denim Shirt I know its hard to say after posting this pic, but I wish I didn't feel like such a douche in a jean jacket or cropped leather. Those things both look SWEET.
For Contest I'll kick it off, with the Light Grey Beanie that just arrived (in the nick of time too, cause I shaved my head Sunday, and it wasn't as warm as I thought it'd be).
All sold- thanks SF
New Posts  All Forums: