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Burgundy Silk Florets Cashmere Pre-order will be going up tonight...
Burgundy Wool WaltCarmina Suede Austerity Brogue (can't believe I almost listed these shoes, I love them) [[SPOILER]]
I love the side tabs, and I have some pretty heavy pieces with them. It also makes getting dressed in the morning just a bit easier (no belt to think about).
@leftofthedial thanks for all the advice and inspiration....best of luck to you in Hotlanta! Excuse the crooked tee and scowl, was a long day...EP 8oz Duck Canvas and LBM jacket. (fit was inspired by a recent GQ spread with Jeff Goldblum)
SUPER 120s Camo. [[SPOILER]]
Nori Green Walts, Carmina Austerity Brogues, Seersucker Napoli [[SPOILER]]
Thanks @eddiemczee...hard at work all summer, but now that the school year is back in full swing (well, in a couple of days anyway) you'll see me more often. Glad to be back!
Next two styleforum exclusive pre-orders are these two beauties. Made entirely of cashmere, these six fold stripes are two of the softest and most luxurious cashmeres we've ever produced. You wouldn't come to expect anything less from 100 % pure, Italian cashmere. In both a blue and gray and brown and grey stripes, these ties are the perfect compliment to just about any solid or subtly patterned suit or sport coat as the weather begins to cool. Best part? You get them...
Four Roses Gift Shop is great.
I will VERY rarely ever buy a non-shell shoe anymore....shell has such great patina and are so easy to take care of.
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