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They had between 7-11 years...we didn't want to know where they picked from so we could really go in without any preconceived ideas, we wound up picking a 9 year and an 8 year. All of us were in agreement with the ballots as well, was pretty neat.
The cashmeres are down to their last guaranteed unit...they may not be as versatile as the Grey silk and indigo, but they're all beautiful. I don't even think I'm going to get to keep a cashmere for myself....that's how limited they are.
Pre-orders are up now...
ding ding, winner! Its a 9 year old barrel, and DEEElicious.
Can you guess which the number one barrel we picked was??
Nice stuff Girardian!We just got back from KY and WVa....as always a great trip, where I spent way too much money! [[SPOILER]] 2 barrels picked, hope to get our bottles in a couple of months. What an experience!
Preview of some of our early fall merch: Vintage Grey Italian Raw Silk (1960's rescue) $129.99 Cashmere Silk Stripe $149.99 (very limited on this, maybe 2 or 3 units will be made) Mini Paisley Herringbone Silk $139.99 Navy Herringbone Silk $139.99 Loro Piana Grey Denim Wool/Linen/Silk $149.99 Silk Indigo $139.99 Loro Piana Indigo Wool/Linen/Silk $149.99 Super 120 Camo (I couldn't resist) $139.99 Cashmere Stripe $149.99 (another very limited run of these,...
Elf reference in July FTW.
Thats awesome...
I just found a few at 44.99. I probably wouldn't have scooped them if they were as high as $60.The only thing they have that is the same is age and wheat. The VW 12 is aged in a completely separate part of the warehouse. For a while people were trying to hype the Weller 12 by saying it was the VW 12 but they're not even in the same league, let alone the same ballpark.
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