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Shoes Carmina x Epaulet
Shirt and Tie Yellow Hook Suit Franco Ercoles Shoes Carmina x Epaulet
Sold Out Yellow Hook Stripe and a look at our next venture, Made in the USA super soft collar hand crafted shirting. This is a simple oxford cloth spread collar that we'll be offering sometime this Fall along with a few other options that we feel will compliment our ties perfectly. Soft, supple, luxurious fabrics with a conservative spread collar and high band that will work well with our Fall Tweeds and our lightweight silks. SImple design, no pocket and two back...
The 50% OBSV standard Single Barrel is just a little higher than that here....its the cask strength stuff thats $65 and up now...
The cost went up drastically. I just picked 5 barrels with friends in April. Bottles are $55 so if they were retailed you'd have to expect $65-$75 each. Glad I'm stocked.It's LDI juice. Same as Smooth Ambler. Just aged 300 miles west, for $30 more.
Hey guys, we just grabbed some super luxe English cottons for late summer, early Fall, just wanted to let any guys who might need a special length or width to shoot me an email and we can arrange a preorder if you'd like....otherwise if our standard 6 fold works for you, these are going to be rocking! Expect them early August!
New addition this morning! Ischia Navy Blue Window Pane, in luxuriously breathable Loro Piana wool and silk. Act fast! http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/navy-blue-window-pane
Spring sale just got real folks....all Spring Collection ties are on clearance. lowest prices you'll see...$89.99. Still have lots of great options including some a subtle navy herringbone six fold and some colorful Canary Linen. The florets are also a steal at that price. Great versatile pieces that can still get a ton of wear this season.
A couple new summer ties up for today! Say Hello to our new Hand Printed Italian Silk Collection. The Navy with Red and White Paisley has four units but all of the rest are extremely special with only single units being made, so if one strikes your fancy, grab it quickly, especially at these prices. You'll never own a more luxurious and lightweight silk tie, that I'll guarantee. Blue PaisleyHand Printed Italian Silk Navy with Orange and Gold Stripe Hand Printed...
BERKALOO CASHMERE KNIT SIX FOLD This bad boy was named after a neighborhood Revolutionary War Veterans Cemetery, a real quiet alcove in our corner of Brooklyn. It's a beautiful cashmere knit, identical to the Dorothy but in a beautiful deep shade of red. Six folds and ready for summer, it's one of the nicer hands of the recent releases... Also, many samples are still available, I'll probably post in B&S and on facebook this weekend, so if you're thinking about one,...
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