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Goodness that looks great!
You're gonna love it man! It's so soft and light.On a side note, we've just put EVERY SINGLE TIE on sale 35% off. Blow out prices guys....stock up now the last few won't last. We'll be sending an email blast on Monday next week to promote this, as well as hit social media hard....you guys got first dibs.
Here you go guys.Spoke with our shirtmaker, and he confirmed my suspicions. You can expect to see 1% shrinkage as long as you don't hot wash any of these first release shirts. I find the cottons that tend to shrink the most are cheaper fabrics. The fabrics we chose for these are really luxurious and you won't see much shrinkage if any at all if you wash warm or cold or dry clean.Hope this helps in terms of your measurements and what we've got going here.
It is hand printed Italian Silk weather! I did get a few pms re: built in shrinkage allowance and the measurements, I will confirm on Saturday when we pick up our initial pre-orders.
Working on it right now!PM coming!PM me and lets see what we can do.Working on that as well...On it....appreciate the heads up.
Japanese Sun Washed Chambray Napoli Dress Shirts are ready fellas. They are incredibly lightweight and dry and PERFECT for the summer and early Fall when temps are more summer like than they've ever been. Available in a light blue and a super light grey (our answer to "Can I get something that acts as a white shirt that ISN'T just a plain white shirt?") and available now. http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/chambray-napoli-dress-shirt
Nope, the pre-order was just on the Heirloom Button Downs, these should be live tomorrow night.
We just picked up our Japanese Sunwashed Chambray Napoli Dress Shirts. Holy crap, these are THE ULTIMATE Summer dress shirt. I'm fortunate enough to not really need a dress shirt for July and August, but with temps in September and October here in NY more like they were in August when I was a kid, these are going to be the perfect compliment to our casual summer button downs. I expect photography to be done by tomorrow or Tuesday and these will be up ready to ship...
Not much if any at all. I have had mine laundered and pressed countless times and the sizing has remained pretty consistent.
I agree. We've updated the site for more standard sizing on the necks. If anyone has ordered and has an issue with the new neck sizes, please shoot me an email or PM and we'll take care of you. Sorry about the mix up, and appreciate the heads up.
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