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Scarf and Shirt EP
Overcoat Vintage 1930's Cloth Bespoke Franco Ercoles Scarf Howlin' from Epaulet Shirt from Epaulet Tie Raw Selvedge Denim from Yellow Hook Chinos and Denim SportCoat RRL Suspenders 1930's Vintage Police Braces Boots AldenxLeatherSoleXSelfEdge
I tapered mine (pictured in the thread a few days ago).Whole three piece was around 8.RRL Slim Chinos and Denim Jacket from the sale:Suspenders are Vintage 1930's police suspenders. Tie is raw selvedge denim.
Some shots of the Raw Selvedge Denim in action in a monochromatic look:
Been a while... Donegal Tweed Walts and MTO Carminas yesterday: Pictures suck. Sorry...
Officer Chinos and my pop's vintage 1965 Bomber Jacket from HS. Here's the denim vest also from the three piece denim suit I kopped during the sale:
PM me, we'll make it happen. It's awesome man...For those who don't know what he's talking about, check us out on instagram, FB and twitter. Or check this out:I was a little tentative going forward with a denim tie after our first experience with it a few years ago, but the denim was the first to fly off the shelves at The Proper Kit Trunk show, and we've been getting tons of pre-orders for it. So we're moving forward with this one (3" and completely unlined RAW...
Here's to kicking off 2016 the right way.....don't forget 20% off your orders as we clear out our Fall stock getting ready for the Spring with some Winter surprises coming in just a few weeks time!
You pretty much nailed it, exactly what we're planning on doing. We'll have different details for each shirt depending on the cloth selection, but the cut will be athletic (meaning it is far from a "slim fit" but also won't be a pillow case. We're going to go dartless to have a real masculine looking shirt. We're nailing down collars at the moment, and I want it to be perfect before we launch into this new arena, but I'm confident you guys will love it.I love hearing...
Happy New Year Gents! Lots of great things in store this year.....including the eagerly (and long awaited) debut of our luxurious American Made shirting. It's our contention that what is Made in the USA doesn't have to be stiff and rigid and rugged (just look at our ties) but can be just as soft, and beautiful and CRAFTED as something coming out of a workshop in Napoli. We hope you're as excited as we are to see these gorgeous pieces of art.
New Posts  All Forums: