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If I had a nickel for everytime someone in the bourbon world said that....I knw a guy who has a basement full of Hirsch Red Wax bottles from when they were like $60 a pop. I think its his retirement savings now.Its a different beast. Last years was very up in your face and the flavors were out there for you. This years the flavors are more nuanced. The change from start to mid palate and the palate to finish is pretty subtle, but there are far more flavors than last...
So, the 2014 OFBB is pretty nice. Sweet on the nose, and creamy on the finish. Tastes a lot like some dusties I have. Good stuff.
The bottle was a 2013 release. It was priced way higher than retail, but way below what the secondary market commands. I wound up turning that bottle into 3 GTS from this year. Pretty happy with my return on it. I don't think Pappy is worth holding onto tbh, it can get you so much more in return.Thats Hirsch is very nice...what year PVW is that? I heard that the 2013 15 isn't the best of their 15 years.
I think we're planning on hitting up Julio's soon....driving up for Friday night, staying over and grabbing stuff Saturday. May want to plan it when they have a friday tasting event. I'll def reach out when we know when we'll be up there. How's the Camo Tie?
If you've been following us on social media, you know about the terrific news, and whats in the works! If you don't, you sould check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out! Some recent fits: Navy English Silk Raw Selvedge Denim from last winter
Bottle Green Loopwheel from yesterday: Today layering the Linen Stars
My faves are OESV and OBSO. The K's are real spicy. Grabbed a few things today (off of shelves)...Makers Cask Strength, OFBB '14 and a PVW 15. Planned on hitting New England today, but got stuck in traffic in BK. Glad I did. We're dorks, and I'm cool with that.
Medium actually....I thought I'd be a large but these run a bit bigger.
Terroni Herringbone Vintage Raw Silk. fabric from the 60's and we have a few units left for preorders....I'll grab some close-up shots of this one, its beautiful...
Casual Fit and #menswear fit. These loopwheels are freaking awesome. Have a Wings & Horns and these are just as good, if not better, at about half the price. Mike, how would you recommend keeping the white, white? Chocolate brown Walts: Sloppy cuff.
New Posts  All Forums: