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Its insane how soft the Vicuna is. If money were no object, everything I own would be upholstered in this stuff. And so would the inside of everything I wear.
So I heard its been cold the last few days:
You did, and man, I love that tie! You will too!We have one more left, that piece of cloth was a vintage find, and we were only able to get a couple of 3" ties out of it. Our three inch pattern was inspired by a vintage JCrew pattern from the 90's. Its very much in the "Epaulet" model of slim but definitely not skinny. If you'd like it Don, just let me know before I upload to the site.Yes, we have some stuff ready to go for before Thanksgiving. We're working on upping...
So you're saying I should take the day off?
Holidays are rolling in....we're kicking them off with some limited edition pieces we know you'll go chestnuts over! http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/camel-vicuna Starting with this. A wonderful blend of vicuna and cashmere, this tie is simply amazing. We've never released a softer tie than this. Hands down. But I'm not sure how long that will last as our 100% vicuna is in the works for a pre-Thanksgiving release. Pick these up while you can, they...
^^^You're gonna #love!
You and me both. Came across this today though...curious to taste a War Rye. 1936-1941.
Will consider reasonable offers on these.
Rye is going for 550-600 secondary now. And to be honest, it may be worth it. It is one of the finest whiskeys out there. So refined, so lush. I don't buy into all the Pappy nonsense, if I can get it at retail I will, and sometimes I trade for other stuff, sometimes I drink, but that rye is knock your socks off good.
Thanks man....we were so disappointed not to be able to make it. We have a couple of ideas to get out and show our wears this holiday season though...stay tuned.
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