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How do you like it Ed? Any tasting notes?
I like it a lot...reminds me of Christmas in a glass...whatever that means.
Guess what? More Snow. Johnston's Scarf from EP:
I'm a big fan of anything Balvenie does. The Doublewood is nice, and sweet. $130 isn't bad either. I was lucky enough to pick up a Portwood 21 on sale at $124.99 about a year ago...cheapest I've seen recently is $50 more than that. Enjoyed my Tyrconnel 10 Year Port Cask last night before the "game". Back to bourbon tonight.
Its the same with having somewhat of an intellect. It's always the stupid people that seem the happiest.
This is a KZO cardigan actually...got it off of B&S for some ridiculous low price... Sorry for the late reply...guys are looking good, love the look (and price) of the overdye.
I guess I consider myself lucky to have gotten into whiskey JUST before the big push...though, my collection is far less than guy who have been into it just a few years longer than me, and now I'm stuck paying through the nose for stuff I like.
It's different every year, this years was a vanilla bomb (to steal from the Scotch drinker's "Sherry Bomb"). There are still a few places that had some of these as of a few weeks ago.
Drop to $309 shipped on these...guys, thats a steal...will do both for $550.
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