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Looking great guys....fyi, everything is 10% off this week in the Spring Collection....hit us up at www.yellowhookneckties.com Monday: Bold Blue (Bearded) Floret. My beard is now getting in the way when I tie my ties...this could get interesting,
Love that piece! This week only the Spring Collection ties will be marked down 10% for our Spring Holiday Sale....we're down to our last few on a bunch (Loro Piana, Sea Foam, Technicolor, Stone Washed Donegal, Napoli Blue, lent Twill, Spring Picnic Check and Creamsicle) so grab em up quick if your eyeing any of these.
Ep White Tee in blue and white theme Friday: Go Cats!
Sure man, why not? I was lucky to grab a Cured Oak yesterday....79.99. Some places have it at $200-$300....I think this is going to be a rare one...17 years old, BiB. Also grabbed two ECBP 128s yesterday as well.
Its easy if you put the hours in throughout the year. Stores will generally hold for their better customers.I wish I could get to the KBF, just as school starts makes it impossible....but, if Yellow Hook continues to progress, maybe one of these years! I'd love to get to the Bourbon Affair as well, just cracked their Four Roses bottling from last year. Delicious OBSQ.
Franco Ercoles. 13th Ave bet 74th and 75th in BK.
Suede Double Monk Carminas today:
Today: Ercoles except for tie and square (Yellow Hook necktie Co.) and shoes (Carmina x Epaulet)
Yessir. Only one of those was made too, very little fabric. The only three fold's in this collection are the 3 inch pattern oxblood grenadines.A couple of looks from this week:Wednesday, Teacher Casual:Spring Picnic Cashmere....holy moly this is soft.http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/spring-picnic-cashmereThursday a bit more dandy:Irish Linen Herringbonehttp://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/irish-linen-herringboneWe just got some absolutely beautiful...
I've had a few JPS18, and they're OK. They were borderline grab for me at $250 (last year), now you can't find one for less than $500. SW maybe...and it commands that much, just not that much of a fan.The WLW this year ain't all that great. PM me your address and I'd be happy to send you a sample....very hot. What makes it so desireable? VERY RARE. Moreso than PVWUGH man. That storm still gives me chills. I had a buddy of mine on Staten Island who lost every single...
New Posts  All Forums: