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Schott, Stark, Epaulet, Yellow Hook Necktie Co., RRL, Alden
Schott, Stark, Epaulet, Yellow Hook Necktie Co., RRL, Alden
Yesterday was so damn cold....went with layers and an old school denim tie we did a while back:
Thanks man....Frank and I designed this from an old piece (from the 60's or 70's) of Scabal Tweed he had laying around his shop. I knew I made the right call when his dad saw him cutting it and said, "Damn, I was going to make a coat for myself out of that!" That man has style.Nope, its a very suble plaid with a windowpane running through it....gorgeous, I'll get some other pics of this puppy!That tie is a personal favorite of mine, as is the band. Why it never hurts to...
Damn cold: But layering with this shirt hepled....prob my warmest EP Flannel, love it.
RWB Flannel Plaid in the Art Room: Gratuitous Beard Shot
GD Cold: Ercoles Walts, Alden for Epaulet Boots EP Oxford Cloth Shirt
Frigid Week: Ercoles Trousers, Ercoles Sport Coat, Yellow Hook Necktie Co., Drakes Scarf, Ercoles Overcoat, Alden for Epaulet Boots Schott Parka, RRL Denim, Alden Conservation Boots, Herning Stark, Yellow Hook Necktie Co., Epaulet Oxford Shirt, Beard....homemade
Some looks from this frigid week: Zegna Cashmere Cashmere and Scruff from yesterday
I'm hoping for at least a few!Yessir. Llamas are six folds.Thanks RP! We'll have a bunch of new ties up hopefully next week!
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