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That'd be fine....
@Claghorn @imys Looking GREAT guys! So who is coming by the trunk show on Saturday? Can't wait to debut these WBill tweeds...
Ok folks, I can start taking $$$ for the Brigante OESK. We have 29 six packs, Courtney and I would like to take 18 bottles (3 six packs for our family and ourselves), leaving 26 cases to go. Since the barrel is so large, i don't have to worry about the group who sent me down not getting enough, so I can open it up here for whoever would like. Please don't hesitate to take however many you'd like. I'd like to have the barrel sold out between SF and my local...
Here's a great piece for A&H Magazine that @the honor roll did up about us. Check it out guys. http://www.aandhmag.com/things-we-like-that-you-should-too-yellow-hook-necktie-co/
OK guys, not a SF barrel, I just couldn't front a second barrel if I didn't get guarantees from folks and some help organizing BUT my wife and I bought a barrel and were planning on keeping a few cases for ourselves, a few cases for the liquor store and bottles for members private group who facilitated the purchase (any NYC/NJ/Philly bourbon guys who are on facebook reach out and I can get you in our local group that does barrel selections) but I'm fairly certain I'll have...
We'll save a few for the website as well! Don't worry!
I love love love that tie. Wear the hell out of mine. We have a new Denim Railroad Stripe coming for the trunk show....it's the beez.
Excellent looks guys! @ericgereghty there will be a few coming out in the next week, and we're expecting some new stuff right before the Trunk Show as well. This just dropped a few seconds ago though! http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/winter-sea-plaid-wool-cashmere Lovely grey based wool/cashmere with a brown/orange and blue overcheck that just screams Fall.
Just a reminder, prices will be changed on our site and we'll be pumping out emails, social media posts, etc tomorrow. If there's anything you're needing, make sure you grab it now using the codes we gave you!
It sells for more than twice that on the secondary....so I'd buy it, but not to drink. If that kind of dough ($600 for a 750ml) is OK for you, I've heard that it's pretty good.
New Posts  All Forums: