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Wedding season...MTO Seersucker and Ticking Stripe
Those are fucking cool
I think they should....Chile did not look overwhelming against the Socceroos...enjoy the atmosphere!
There are two kinds of 0-0 draws....the Brazil-Mexico one which was phenomenal, and the Nigeria-Iran one, which is what Americans who HATE soccer, think the game is all about. Hopefully we won't see much more of those. What a great opening round of matches so far. I think Spain will bounce back today.
ANy opinions on the new "Zoom Air" technology for runners. As a longtime runner I've always been told Nikes are crap, but I've really enjoyed a pair of nike gyakusou I grabbed at Mercer St last spring. Sometimes I'll use my Flyknit Racers but when I use them twice in a row, I'm hurting afterwards.
Not bourbon, but WHistle Pig Boss Hog is damn good (a rye, Canadian though)...aside from that, I don't know of much decent bourbin from the NE.
"WorldCup20" for 20% off ALL orders. Act fast guys, we're running this on all stock until our summer break and there won't be any new product until late July. We're hoping to start rolling out our Fall collection at the end of July...and boy do we have some awesome stuff in the works!
I know....I've collected every world series caps from every fall classic since 2002, this was Chi/Hou cap from '05. I refuse to buy a Yankees or Phillies one though.
No sox. The beauty of flyknit.
[[SPOILER]] To this:Love these fuckin' things. Got them April 1, 2013, no soaks yet....
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