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Boy, you guys were listening! We just sold out of Size YH1 in the HEIRLOOM BUTTONDOWN ITALIAN DENIM SPORT SHIRT. This is a shirt (and we'll run these from time to time) where we sourced the fabric like we source our tie fabric. It's an end bolt of super high end super premium Italian cotton, and once it's gone it's gone. The quality of this cloth is superior to anything I've ever put my hands on, and everyone in Boston will see that this weekend. If you're on the...
Some new shirts are live. Four terrific Fall Oxford Cloth Button Downs in the classic American styling with super soft collars and cuffs were added yesterday. These shirts, like all of our shirts, are made by hand in our tiny New Jersey workshop and represent the best of American shirt making. Crafted from fine heavier English Oxford Cloth, these four shirts (Blue, White, Blue and White Stripe and Limited Edition Pink) are perfect for Fall. Also, the last of...
Epaulet White Tee today
Yellow Hook Denim Work Shirt Epaulet Tee Beat to Shit Somets Random Espradrilles
Thanks man. It was wasn't it!Desperately clinging to what's left of it today:Yellow Hook Sample Denim Work Shirt. This is the shirt we based the now sold out Tony Stripe on.
First Day of School. Shirt, tie and square: Yellow Hook Jacket and trousers: Epaulet Shoes: Alden x Leffot Belt: Billy Kirk Head to toe Made in the USA
Napoli Seersucker Sport Coat and Nori Green Walts. These have been my go to the last few first day of school outfits!
First day of school (son is also in a custom Yellow Hook Italian Denim Shirt Fellow colleague in YH Heirloom Pinpoint button down and Raw Silk tie from a few seasons back. I think he thinks my poses are funny or something. Close up of the Heirloom Pinpoint Oxford Button Down and the Zegna Late Summer Cashmere Rockaway Gingham:
This shirt is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Email blast going out today and once these are gone, they're gone for good. http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/heirloom-buttondown-italian-denim-sport-shirt
That's fucking balls. I hate that shit. And you should probably talk to the owner about it, especially if you're in there spending all the time.
New Posts  All Forums: