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Still some tweaks to go with the shirt patterns, but I do like the Neapolitan inspired spread collar dress shirt we're working on. Goes perfectly with our beefier knots without being too overwhelming for our less heavy ties. YH Chambray pictured with our Spring Heavy Brushed Cotton Herringbone (names yet to be finalized).
Hoping for March or early April. We'll probably offer very limited styles right now and see how it goes. Think one standard blue oxford and one neat color stripe.
Yellow Hook Tie and Shirt Ercoles Sportcoat and Overcoat JCrew Sweater Epaulet Trousers and Shoes Drakes Scarf and Hat
Shetland Tweed Walts and Carminas MTO
That was a good one.@gnatty8, I hear you man. And every guy in the stores tries to sell you on this crap cause its the same they got sold.
When it's all by hand, IT'S ALL BY HAND: a little insight into the shirting we're looking to roll out this Spring, including a pet project of mine - a selvedge denim, hand made in America workshirt (along with a retro styled OCBD and a classic Neapolitan styled Dress Shirt) Good things coming this Spring!
@sebastian mcfox we changed the clearance....it's everything we have now....89.99. Thanks for the heads up on the pop up.
Hey, the 20% off finished this weekend, we're now clearing out the standard stock and the WBill and Cashmere pieces are back to their normal pricing. Even at those prices, they're a steal. We're probably going to raise our cashmere prices for Spring but the standard stock will still be 109.99.I'm shooting for the end of January. You'll see plenty more teasers though.
Starting a WINTER CLEARANCE. All ties left in stock are now $89.99. Email forthcoming as well as social media shouts so act fast if you see one you like! Many of these are one and done.
That's my waist. My Slim Straights are 31, but I probably could have gotten a 30 if I wanted to really struggle in the first few months to break them in.
New Posts  All Forums: