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I haven't soaked mine....had the higher rise, but have had them for about a year and a half....just did my first soak...in the Ocean (ala APC New Standards) and they look fucking fantastic. Pics when I get home from the beach.
Depends on the barrel number, they all have reviews, I had a 110, which got single barrel whiskey of the year... Wound up trading it for a 2013 FR SB.
Age stated Noah's Mill is gone. Try a Memphis liquor stores FR or Old Scout single barrels
Thinning out the herd on B&S http://www.styleforum.net/t/408755/high-end-bourbon-scotch-wl-weller-centennial-and-wfe-waffles-22-y-o-and-various-single-malts/0_100
Thinning the herd on B&S if anyone is interested. http://www.styleforum.net/t/408755/high-end-bourbon-scotch-wl-weller-centennial-and-wfe-waffles-22-y-o-and-various-single-malts/0_100
[[SPOILER]] Single MaltsBalvenie Rum Cask 17 $175Balvenie Islay Cask 17 $750Springbank 10-100 $150 SOLDGF 104 (1980s) $375Aultmore and Glen Elgin 1980s $150 eachBal Founders Reserve 10 $125Glenmoragnie Astar $175Older Auchentoshan 10 $125Will consider trading some of the Single Malts for Bourbon and Rye.
Carmina x Epaulet Ruby Shell Cordovan Captoe Brogues worn about 5 times in new condition. You can still see all the stitching on the sole and these shoes are immaculate. In a lovely Ruby Red color these shoes will make any outfit standout amongst the crowd. They're a size 8.5UK on the Queens last (again, fit my 9.5D US foot). retail was over $800 on the custom order iirc. Asking $599.99
Those are Vintage 17...KBD juice...not sure if they are wheaters or not, there's a lot of discussion about it....Drew weighed in on it saying you can't tell wheat from rye by font of the back label...but the controversy abounds!
these found a good home...thx sf.
LOL, i usually leave the wife and kids home if I can and go out with some pals...Here's from my last hunt on Thursday:older M10 Rye!Worked out perfectly!
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