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Yes sir, just about. We also have the Rutledge Red Herringbone coming soon as well, another beautiful bright red silk direct from England.
Some late Spring/Summer gear is starting to roll in, some in very limited numbers that we're really proud of. We managed to score some absolutely incredible silks and a few wicked lightweight wools that will start rolling out this week or next, in the meantime check out some previews....which we'll show part 2 of tomorrow. Rutledge Silk Twill (The Fifth Rose) Cashmere Silk Dark Earth WIndowpane Cashmere Silk Navy Windowpane Terroni Fleck Cashmere...
Back in BK and back to the grind....all orders will be shipping out today. Thanks for your patience! We'll also be keeping our Spring 10% off sale for another week and will be starting to drop a few new products rolling in for summer next week. Stay tuned.
No but my buddy in Harrodsburg trains police dogs for departments all over the country. Boston, NYC and Buffalo all have his dogs working for them.
Dog training in KY in my EP Tee Bourbon Barrel Selection Committee in KY in my EP Denim Western Shirt Good times.
Extending the Easter 10% through this week. We'll be out of town, and any orders placed after yesterday will ship next week...BUT we have some big news coming that I think you guys'll dig.
RRL Slim Straights Been wearing these pretty non-stop since September. Zero washes. I'll try and get some better ones up at some point. Shirt is Epaulet Western. Bought Raw, worn quite a bit, washed about 10 times.
Monday: Ercoles Jacket, Shirt and Trousers. Yellow Hook Tie and Square, Epaulet x Carmina Shoes
This will be one of ours in the not so distant future...pure 100% hand printed Italian Silk....gorgeous. Check out our affiliate thread for updates on new product, we have a bunch of new stuff in teh works we're excited about...
Looks like LP Wool/Linen/Silk....love that one! We have a wonderfully soft LP tie up right now, only one left as well! http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/loro-piana-sea-foam-green Current sale should bring the price down a good chunk as well...
New Posts  All Forums: