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Those are Vintage 17...KBD juice...not sure if they are wheaters or not, there's a lot of discussion about it....Drew weighed in on it saying you can't tell wheat from rye by font of the back label...but the controversy abounds!
these found a good home...thx sf.
LOL, i usually leave the wife and kids home if I can and go out with some pals...Here's from my last hunt on Thursday:older M10 Rye!Worked out perfectly!
Anyone looking for EpauletxCarmina Brown Jumper boots (size 8.5UK) in Brown Shell...reach out, would like to deal before I get on vaca.
Serious price drop to $529...
This happened today: Yes, it's a Louisville.
That was my first age stated BMH that I tasted. The 18 is even better huh? I didn't get too much oak from this, but now I'll be chasing some of this stuff. Pour up in Mt Kisco has an awesome selection, check it out if you're ever in the area. Got the VWFRR for a PVW 15 and a couple of samples.Yea, that party was awesome.
You know, the Ritt 21 was right there with it (23 and 25 way to much wood) but that BMH is incredible. I plan on trying to get a PVW 23 to move for it this fall...but I'm a little nervous that this first non-SW pappy will command much less.
Been quiet here lately. I rearranged my 4R collection. Had to go buy another shelf for it: Trenton dusty hunt: BBQ at a pal's place: And a drink with dad:
We expect the first group of our pre-orders in very soon...in the meantime, check out this exclusive tie we designed for a friend of Yellow Hook's wedding this June: Made from Loro Piana Wool/Linen/Silk the groom and his groomsmen really looked sharp in this tie we exclusively designed and crafted for them. Feel free to reach out if there's something in particular you're looking for for your wedding party, and we can make that happen.
New Posts  All Forums: