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Yessir. The group shot was filtered through instagram, the close up was not.Gus, we're aiming for June 15 on the summer Oxfords. I just met with my shirtmaker yesterday and we're really excited about these. They'll also be featured in an upcoming SF promo photoshoot. Once I get finalized measurements, I'd be happy to do a pre-order. The first release will be VERY small. We're looking to do only 12 units. If pre-ordering is something you guys would be interested in,...
If you haven't subscribed yet, check out our blog site and our latest post, a first half preview of the Summer 2016 Neckwear Collection here: https://yellowhookblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/13/summer-preview-part-1-tgif/
No denim in this one. That second is a sky blue 100% cashmere Loro Piana Herringbone. Its butter. We should have all the photography done this weekend at some point...
Yesterday: Yellow Hook Chambray Shirt Yellow Hook Linen and Silk Six Fold Epaulet Trousers Ercole Sport Jacket Carmina x Epaulet Shoes Drakes x Luxe Swap Pocket Square
Summer stock will be going up bit by bit in the next few weeks....here's some teaser shots from instagram: And me sporting my Loro Piana Linen and Silk Windowpane. Almost all of our Summer Collection are Loro Piana and are some kind of awesome. Linen/Silks and Cashmere/Linen/Silks that are just incredible to the touch. You guys really gonna LOVE them. I'm also wearing our finalized version of our Napoli Spread Collar Dress Shirt. The shirt will come in this color...
Summer collections is incoming tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll try and get some preview shots done and in here this week and offer you guys first dibs. I know a few of the Spring ties sold out within ours of them releasing and I want you guys to get first crack. Also, there's a chance these will be gone even faster as we've established a wholesale deal with online style magazine Stylish Man Magazine (www.thestylishman.com) who is opening up a limited retail arm. I don't...
#dickswingI was lucky to find a Bowmore Cask Strength at one of my little locals hidden in the back, it was a Jack Rose selection. Fantastic pour, AND the char that was in the bottle was freaking cool as shit.I need to get down there one night.#guiltyascharged though it's usually from my couch in front of a tv.
No one will find you Van Winkle. If your genuinely as green as you sound, it is perceived as even uncouth to ask. I somehow don't think you are though. If you're really in Louisville, you could go to any number of bars that carry it. One I know for sure is the Old Owl Tavern in Harrodsburg, about an hour outside of LVille. Pony up the hundred bucks and order a couple of ounces. There are places downtown that have it as well. Haymarket may have it as well.
Blue OCBD and Popeye's Girl WBill Tweed yesterday. We haven't seen the sun for days, and won't until next week. UGH.
All I tie are asymmetric dimples....lol it IS my OCD
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