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Price hike already here. What was 49.99, became 55.99, and now 68.99. I believe we'll be seeing this at 79.99 shortly. I know I'm in on a few picks coming up and our cost per bottle is going to be $50, whereas in the past it was $35ish.
Great whiskey! Met a guy who's family owned and operated one of the nations largest parochial school uniform and Catholic Priest frock manufacturers outside of Worcestor. Was so interesting talking to him about the old school American manufacturing industry. Was a great time.
Did you get to the grand dram tasting today? Wish I could have stayed...Sue is the BEST!And Ryan grabbed the last one of these:Some other looks this week:
Crazy weekend....will update with a bunch of pics and our podcast this week, but wanted to give you guys first heads up that our Winter Collection (everything including our last Cashmere Vicuna) is on sale at 25% off the regular price. We're gearing up for Spring and this is our Winter Goodbye Sale! Enjoy our lowest prices on all of our meticulously handcrafted goods at www.yellowhookneckties.com.
OK, slight change, we'll be at Julio's TOMORROW from around 10 throughout the afternoon. All of our stuff, including our new ties, will be marked down for this special event, so if you're in the boston area, please feel free to stop by for a drink, and say hi! http://juliosliquors.com/wp/index.php/go-whiskey-weekend/
Thanks man...coat is bespoke from some vintage Scabal cloth Frank had laying around his shop at Ercoles. Glad I snagged it, I love this thing.
EP Boots:
All Ercoles except the boots (CarminaxEpaulet), the square (Kent Wang), the cap (WvG) and the Tie (Yellow Hook Necktie Co.)
Want you guys to know first that there's a pretty good chance we will be attending this on Sunday (The Grand Dram Tasting) and selling our ties here from 1-4 on Sunday. I believe we may mark them down a bit for the event as well....so if anyone is in the area and can attend, we'd love to see you! http://juliosliquors.com/wp/index.php/go-whiskey-weekend/ As for WIWY: A grey flecked on off wool/silk. The brown version of this is available here, and its an awesome...
That...and it was layered up for the balmy weather here in Brooklyn.
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