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Forget cold, bullets can't pierce this thing. Its the second "Capone" Coat Frank has made me, and I love them both. First one is a super heavyweight overcoat, fabric from the 1930s. They just don't make cloth like that anymore...
Yessir. Enjoy, thats some delicious juice!
The Beanie again
This was my commission this year...old school (1927) cloth, overcoat weight, made into a versatile winter sport jacket...needed it today, nasty out, multiple pics to show different button configurations. I like to have choices.
MC, BQE is pretty damn good...
Do you Canucks get 750ml or 700?
I've been busy, drinking.
Today's Fit: Bespoke Overcoat Weight Chocolate Herringbone Tweed (circa 1927) Sportcoat by Ercoles Washed Denim Tie by Yellow Hook Neckties Bespoke Shirt by Ercoles Sweater Vest by JCrew Denim by Somet Boots by Alden Beanie by WvG
Here's a pair that have seen regular washing: @Rydenfan, these fit just like yours did until they were soaked, and then washed and dried. They're size 30 and super comfortable and soft, but have definitely stayed a bit smaller than their original "stetched" fit after the washing, but are still a touch larger than the 29's I currently have now that are still unsoaked.
Because Summer is just around the corner, how does washed navy seersucker sound? Sounds like music to my ears!
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