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His and her summer fiyknits
Be sure you pick up one of the Four Roses that is bottled for the Affair. Last year's was one of the best private selections I've ever tasted. Bottled straight from teh barrel.
Bows are up and live right now boys. Best part? We're lucky enough to price them at a lower price point because the amount of fabric and interlining needed is significantly less than our standard long ties. For the inaugural launch, these will ALL be limited edition ONE OFFS, and once they're gone, they're gone for good. Happy shopping! http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/collections/bow-ties
Thank you....& lol.
Introducing Yellow Hook Bows. Releasing this weekend, our first attempt at the classic American made bow tie will be released in a bunch of limited edition one offs. We've been asked many times in the past if we did bows, and now we can say that we do. The great luxurious fabrics you come to know us for have been selected and we think these are some real special pieces. Best part? Since the fabric needed is significantly less, these will sell at $79.99. So act fast!
If there's something you guys are interested in, please reach out. Since our stuff is done in the manner it is, we can always accommodate small adjustments in pattern, and we're happy to do so. Having said that, even though the blade measures 3.25" (slightly wider than 8cm) it doesn't wear much differently than our older 9cm (3.5" pattern). We simply tweaked the angle of the cut ever so slightly so that the blade is just a touch slimmer.
Epaulet Italian Denim Shirt Somet (2 years no wash, one soak) Chuck Taylors Franco Ercoles Waistcoat Yellow Hook Bow Some random old Italian dude from Dyker Heights made me the hat
Epaulet Italian Denim Shirt Somet Jeans (2 years old, zero washed, one ocean soak.
Epaulet Italian Denim Shirt
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