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Thanks man...most of the measurements are similar to our dress shirts, with a little bit more room in the sleeves and a shorter length, but i'll definitely get some up in the meantime. Will be good to catch up in Boston!
Sorry, double post
A couple of new shirts dropping today including the simply gorgeous Heirloom Button Down Italian Denim Sportshirt. This shirt is perfect for when the weather turns a bit cooler, and will soften up with washing and wearing so well! It's the ultimate Fall Shirt. And the Limited Edition Red Japanese Sunwashed Chambray Heirloom Button Down. This is another one designed to soften with wear, and is great for RIGHT NOW. You know, when your mind is straight up in Fall...
Scotch is tricky. With a few notable exceptions the appreciation on it isn't near what you see from bourbon. And bourbon is just STUPID these days. Even this year's birthday bourbon will be a bitch to get your hands on, and when you do, you'll be lucky if you pay only slightly higher than retail. The time to buy was the past few years.
Thanks man! It's actually a 3 (we just fixed that). We only had enough of the denim to make 2, I made the one I'm wearing for myself in a size 2, so the other is a size up. Hope that helps.
Well, we figured Labor Day would be as good a time as any to debut our Made in Brooklyn Rescued Denim Work Shirts. Sizing is similar to our other shirts with the exception of a more generous sleeve and a shorter length. Think of them as a denim CPO jacket, and enjoy! SHOP HERE: Limited Edition Made in Brooklyn Rescued Denim Work Shirts
This is very good. A little on the woody side, especially for a single malt. I find the used barrels takes a lot of the woody edge off the whiskey, but this one has it in droves, especially for it's age. Almost what you'd expect from a similarly aged bourbon.I tried with brandy, just couldn't get into it like I could with whiskey. Not as much pronounced flavor that you get from a whiskey. As far as rum, I like Zafra 21 if you can find it at $40 a bottle, fucking aces,...
In the meantime check this new shirt that will be live next week. Yellow Hook Italian Denim Sport Shirt: Similar pattern as our Heirloom Button Downs.
Brixton Boots out for our Fall Photo Shoot.
Officer Chino, Cigar Shell Brixtons and Yellow Hook Italian Denim Button Down:
New Posts  All Forums: