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Just marked all our spring summer ties down to clearance prices, plus use "styleforum10" for an extra 10% off that. Anyone who has ever wanted to try us, this is a great time to do it....our ties never see a sewing machine, all are done from scratch by hand...its a difference you'll see immediately and fall in love with. www.yellowhookneckties.com
Found this yesterday: Bought an extra to try and trade for something else super rare if any one is interested and looking. Bourbon/rye preferred, but I also wouldn't mind trying a cool scotch for it. Its a 1980-2010, not the current release.
LOL.Last nights pour:What I'll be working on today:02-07
OK fellas, all remaining spring/summer ties are at clearance prices, this is as low as they'll go. I'll also add a special Styleforum discount code for you guys for the next week....we're trying to clear everything out so we can do a rebuild with only our fall stock by the end of the month. Enter "styleforum10" for an extra 10% off these clearance prices and hope you all have a great 4th!
The stuff is out there if you look hard enough. Dry Dock in Red Hook had the Secretariat for a looooonnnnnnggggggg time out on the shelf. They still might have a bottle or two. There's also a bunch of them on a shelf in Oyster Bay, although the price is closer to $130. DD had it for $99.
The private picks are fantastic...110 proof.
The funniest shit is Widow Jane selling non-GMO corn 375ml for $125. Wild Turkey and Four Roses both use non GMO corn, barrel at cask strength for some, and charge a hell of a lot less. Some people prefer to be ignorant and think they're drinking GREAT stuff. I find the same with guys who DO know...with dusties. I used to be one of them. Sure its rare, sure its cool, sure its historical, but most of the stuff produced today is just head and shoulders better than that...
I feel bad for them. They are really up against it big time. The big guys have such a huge head start...I picked up a couple of those Rhode Island Single Malts yesterday when I was out there...curious to try them.
I keep asking, they know I'm looking! Maybe this winter if fall goes well!
Fantastic pair of cordovan jumper boots made expressly for Epaulet and designed by Mike in conjunction with Carmina. Boots are in great shape with some wear to the leather soles, but have tons of life left. Can be dressed up or down real easily. I'm a 9.5 standard fit (9D on the Barrie or Trubalance)
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