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I have to be honest, hearing us mentioned along side some of these other great tie makers is pretty humbling. I love what we do, and think what we make is terrific, but I still sometimes have "pinch me" moments when I read posts like this and get emails from customers who love it as much as we do. Thanks so much for the high praise, and all of you for shopping with us. I know you have a ton of choice out there these days, and we're ever grateful that you hold Yellow...
If you guys are on IG, you'd have seen this yesterday: Surprise Heirloom Button Down! A super Streaky and Flecked Italian Cotton. It has the feel of a super light Incotex Chino Lino, but is 100% washed cotton in a super indigo color with white flecks. We'll be adding smokey grey MOP buttons on this and it WILL be our debut in shirts. We only have about 20 units of this as we secured the very last bit of it that will ever be made, and it will be online by next week...
Great question. The guys helped out above, but I'll also add that the type of weave really does impact how the garment will wear, more so than the fabric content. You're thinking of a woolen weave, which generally is that "fuzzy type" of weave that wears much warmer with thicker and shorter yarns, while worsted weaves are the opposite. Almost all of our summer ties are of the worsted variety. I believe the only ones that aren't are the Navy and Grey Zegna 100%...
How are these great summer shoes still here?????
Looking great guys. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some more concrete dates on the shirts boys....fingers crossed.
I just spoke with our shirtmaker yesterday....hopefully by the end of the week I'll get measurements. I'll reach out to you @GusW when we do.
Only outside? Good luck getting a bottle in the Commonwealth without camping out overnight. In KY guys pay college kids to wait on these lines to get them bottles to flip on the secondary.
If anyone hasn't seen the great pictorial SF put together that's on the front page, check it out! http://www.styleforum.net/a/a-sunday-drive-styleforum-spring-gmtos They feature a couple of YH ties and two of our new Pinpoint OCBDs that got pretty nice reviews from the editorial staff.
For those who are interested, the Made in Brooklyn Denim Work Shirts WILL be happening. We have "saved" some very small pieces of denim and our first batch will be EXTREMELY limited in number, and each shirt will be hand numbered. Final numbers are not yet in, but don't expect more than 15 for any of the styles with some of the shirts only yielding one or two pieces. Here's one that we'll be running, a super cool light blue Italian Denim originally milled for Ralph...
Just conformed shirts will be on hand on or before June 15. I'm setting up a photo shoot ASAP so we can get the pre-orders rolling.
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