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This delicate green (the best way I think to describe it as a color) is made from teh same cashmere that the purple above was done in, and is a GREAT piece. http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/green-cast-grey-cashmere Perfect for the impending snowpocalypse.
That looks just lovely!We're getting a few one offs pretty soon boys, I'll post here before going on FB and the site, but they're some pretty neat pieces.I'll see about the scarves as well. Have to figure our pricing, the sample took a TON of time (as you can imagine) and I want to make sure we compensate our ladies fairly.
Small batch still gonna be around. I wonder if they're gonna start limiting the Private Selection Single Barrels as well....they've been pumping them out like crazy the last couple of years.
Yea, I'm not so sure what his "default" is anymore. But we do use the same guy.
I thought the texture was diff enough to go for....here's a no filter shot:One is clearly a blue grey, the other a black grey. Black belt and navy shoes.
Today Woodhouse Denim Tweed Six Fold:
Yup, we do flat rate int'l USPS.
MMM Naps. Today in my Donegal Walts and Navy Shell Custom Carmina workup
Today: Ercoles Up Top, Epaulet On the Bottom, Yellow Hook Tying It Together
Thanks man, 4 months away from my yeard.
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