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Babies rule! Congrats Tira! Today- Ercoles Yellow Hook Epaulet Epaulet x Carmina Jacket was a DB that Frank at Ercoles cut into a SB...not bad to my untrained eye....nitpickers have at it...
Thanks. Denim is SlimStraight RRL raw. My Fall/Winter break in project.
Wow doze Vass... Hate to follow those up with this casual look, but... LBM
The belt I'm wearing today was one of those....it started peeling, sent it to the shoemaker....5 bucks later I had a stitched belt, just like new!
NYC Metro Catholic Schools....the memories (Msgr Farrell Grad, 1995).Today for me was the EPLA denim over EP Pinpoint Oxford:Have a great weekend boys!
Barrel picks are the best products on the market. So many are done at barrel strength (Four Roses being my fave) and relatively affordable (around $50) and don't have the stress that those big name bottles carry (VW, BTAC etc...). Each pick is unique and you can really get to tell the skill of the staff of a liquor store. I have a 9 and a 14 Dickel, and they're both fantastic!
Love HHI....we we're supposed to be there two weeks this summer but my dad got sick, so we stayed home....thankfully he's ok and we have a longer trip booked for next summer!
Yup, lovely jacket.
Vintage Grey Italian Silk http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/pre-order-vintage-grey-italian-raw-silk Being worn here in our slimmer, 3" wide pattern. If you pre-order any of our ties, we're certainly able to accommodate this pattern easily, with the same turn around time. Just make sure you reach out to me after ordering and we'll make it happen!
Rivets are Red Duck, despite my stupid iPhone camera tinting everything off, and the jacket is LBM and this 13 year old for the heroes of 13 years ago today... Cheers fellas.
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