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I've been pretty happy with the quality of construction on the RRL Made in China stuff that I have (a couple of pair of pants and OC). While I'm not crazy about paying $$$$ for RRL to make max profits on exploiting cheap labor, if it's on sale (still RRL making HUGE way over what most brands make in terms of profits) I'll feel a little bit better. I suppose that doesn't impact what the poor folks making this stuff make, or their conditions, there has to be some...
Slim Straight
RRL Trousers again:
Nice to be able to rock my LBM jacket again: Monday: Wednesday:
Yesterdays look, the last of the three Batiks.
RRL Pants and Sport Coat
Yesterday was freaking chilly here in Brooklyn, so I layered up with the second of our collab ties, a solid, streaky blue. Man, this one is total YH.
Chambray is the king of texture for warm weather shirts....and we'll be stocking a couple this summer! be on the lookout....the texture and streak of a nice chambray is hard to beat!Spaking of streak, take an inside look at our latest collab with Gus Walbolt from @abitofcolor....antique Batik Cotton from Mali. You can read more about it on our wordpress blog (https://yellowhookblog.wordpress.com/), but right now we're testing out product samples:and here's a sneak peak...
Slim Straights and Brogues:
We're working on that, sorry....be up shortly!
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