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What an UGLY game. Defensive mistakes and guys completely out of position all over the ice on both teams. That swasn't Rangers (or from what I gather of their guys) Canadiens hockey. This series during the regular season saw a TOTAL of three goals scored by both teams in three games...then last night. Yikes. Curious to see what John Moore gets. If I'm being objective, I'd say one game. I think the big reason why Prust got 2 is because a) call on the ice was missed...
Yes, but what frustrates is that in one series they're called, in another they're ignored. If the league were serious about getting rid of the diving, they'd form a committee that reviews and suspends for embellishment. The game is fast, and hard enough as it is on officials, that just makes it more so.Having said that, I think Dorsett should have been penalized (as well as Suban) for embellishing the slew foot in game 3.
As a Ranger fan, I'm satisfied with the 2 game suspension, and it seems to be in line with other suspensions this playoffs. Were the a regular season game, I expect the length would have been increased by the league. I also think the talk about Price's injury by Montreal staff led to an escalation which led to this hit. Another thing, boy, MTL embellishes. Worse than Crosby.
Going to run another pre-order...this time, a great Loro Piana Rust Orange Windowpane. It has the same FANTASTIC depth of texture as the blue, but in a beautiful shade of rusty orange, perfect for summer, and a subtle windowpane. Its the same great, lightweight and breathable wool/linen/silk combo as the original blue. Pre-order page will be up tomorrow, but in the meantime here are some product shots:
M- Thanks for your service. RR
Hey guys...just an early heads up before we go to social media tomorrow, but all pre-orders have come in, and the "color block party" linens went up late last night...we have only one stock left of the green and blue and two more of the red. Act fast. Azure Blue Kelly Green Ruby Red Hope you enjoy the long weekend, and a big thank you to all of our service members. Never far from our thoughts and hearts...
ETL is a gateway bourbon....really good shit. The Commemorative is even nicer at a slightly higher proof.
Navy Linen Stripe Just got two more of these beauties!
I really enjoy both the rye and the single barrels that I've had. Small Batch is ok, but significantly lower in price and taste for me.
Seersucker Napoli from Monday Oxford Rivets from Yesterday
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