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If it was the 2013 (which I assume it was) it was the best of the bunch this year. Every craves the Yellow Label Pappy's, but the 15 was a bit funky this year, the 20 was nice and the 23 is a bit too woody (although its opened up nicely). Didn't try the 12 this year. I really like the 10 year old though.
Finishing off summer in style....eating and drinking A LOT. In my Red white and blue seersucker.
Anybody here catch the shit show at Delilahs yesterday?
Yea, sorry if i was late here, pass on those. By the way, I did wind up grabbing the Astor 4R...for a 50% OBSV, its a really nice pick.
These three are going up tomorrow guys, last chance to get in first and get an extra 5% off. Shoot me a pm if interested.
Guys, we're listening to customers and we want to be able to make sure our best customers (you guys here at SF) get a bit of a head start in terms of accessing our new ties. Because our production is so time consuming, and small, ties often sell out instantly, and in the case of some of our first round of fall pre-orders, before they even drop. To give you guys a special heads up, I'm going to post the ties that we will be putting up for pre-orders (a few each week)...
It's interesting to see his miserablism in his own music to recognize what the rest of the band contribute to FR.Nothing miserable about that, awesome combo!
We did in fact, the @OwlJohn as well as a "Scared Hare". We gave Scott the @OwlJohn when we met him last October....super cool dude. I have downloaded the album but have yet to really get into it. What are your thoughts?
Looks great!
Honestly....yes. It's a lot of time, and the summer enables me to do it. I hit places as far away as three hours from the city, grab a buddy, get up at 6, hit the road by 630 and get to the places where I want to be by the time they open...spend the day hunting and get home late at night. This summer was fruitful, because I've been out once a week basically. Sometimes twice. Yesterday I was out all day....all I found was an older Michters 10 Bourbon...hit at least 30...
New Posts  All Forums: