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3" Tweed Today.
EP Oxford Cloth Shirt
http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/purple-brown-zegna-cashmere This beauty is up and running online now!
Been a whirlwind of a week. EP shirts in each fit. Second fit is Denim Western over the old Navy Label and the Brixtons in Cigar. Third is Oxford with MTO Camo.
Please forgive our absence here and on SM the past week. Yellow Hook is a small business, and everyone with us we consider family. Our seamstress lost her husband this past weekend, so things have been a bit slow. We do have a few new things to show, but unfortunately our participation at the SF trunk show is looking less and less likely to happen. But on to what we will be offering, here's a quick look at some of the newer stuff: Vintage Grey Flannel Tweed 3"...
I'll second that, and I took the trip from Brooklyn.
Loopwheel Tee
Thanks! Check us out with Epaulet Saturday November 8th at the Trunk Show. Was bummed to not be able to have a full run (show was just to early for us) and our own booth, but stoked to hang with Mike and the crew on Saturday!@OwlJohn Scottish Tweed from last fall the other day...Was a tweedy rainy kind of day. Like a beautiful Scottish summer.
Mike, how does an oversized chunky fisherman crewneck sound? I think that'd be pretty bad ass, and be a nice alternative to some of the more fitted stuff. Think it would look dope with (guess what)....JEANS. I'm down for a pair of those mid height tennis kicks....I always wanted a pair of CPs, but now that they're EPs, I want them even more.Today was the black/grape loopwheel under a hoodie and MTO Camo.
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