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^^^Gotham Silk ftw!
We checked out LC King, but not the others. I'll definitely be reaching out. Thank you!
Terrific!Please reach out sooner rather than later, I'm not sure how much of that stripe I have left...that, like our ties, is a one and done fabric...I was lucky to get in there that day to grab these two!That's where the article with MCM comes into play. The first run I was paying $55 (on top of the more expensive denim and buttons) and now it went up to $75 for just the basic denim shirt. If we add crazy pockets, it get more expensive. I've been working with mike to...
Our shirt shop has 4 employees aside from the owners (who also work on the shirts) and I'm fairly sure two of them do basic stuff, like you mentioned. Jumping their salaries by $5 an hour would be pretty drastic.Yessir...LP Blue Linen StripeLP Blue LinenThe tweaks to the pattern we in he sleeve and cuff, providing more room in the forearm/elbow area, tightening the cuffs and adding an extra button to the cuff for easier customization with fit (making a standard cuff size...
There's a lot of drawback to keeping everything in the US, but one benefit we have is that we really can oversee every aspect of the production from start to finish of what we make. That's fairly obvious, but what may not be is the access we have to the end bolts of fabric we make for almost ALL of our ties and some of our specialty shirting, like the Loro Piana Italian Speckled Denim. We get almost all of those (including the upcoming Loro Piana Summer Linens) from a...
Incredibly helpful and insightful. I'll definitely check out that book....and you're right..."part of my target customer" is exactly how I need to be thinking.Go get em! Looks GREAT. I was on a jury twice...the nerves of both sets of attorneys were palpable. Especially the first one, considering it was a murder trial.You're going to love it! Enjoy and let me know your thoughts once it arrives!
Thanks bud....the Kiton is much lighter, Zegna is more of a wintery tie (early Spring, like today in NYC). Mike has been incredibly influential in getting us going.
While I got y'all here:
This is what we envisioned our customer base being. The Made in the USA thing can be played out a bit, especially now when it seems that the MinUSA tag is so blatantly advertised by so many companies, but for me it's vital.Thanks E. It's one of teh things that drew me to Epaulet as a customer. It helps that I was local, and meeting up with Mike and Adele wasn't an impossibility. Without a storefront I think that's harder, but I pride myself on being available all the... This manufacturer in Brooklyn (MCM Enterprises) is the same one who we were using to make our denim work shirts, just to give people an idea about what I was talking about before. I guess I'm an idiot for sticking to my guns and making my wares here in the US. I'd love to open this up to real discussion on here if anyone is up for it.
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