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i saw this coming. 350 bottles of four roses later...
Looking GREAT!Just a heads up guys, we moved the remaining summer ties into clearance at $89.99 and we're offering all Styleforum members 10% off any and all of the new ties (Late Summer Collection) and I think we'll keep this discount going for the month of July.Just enter [[SPOILER]] at checkout.
^^^Just wait until you see the Fall!
Couple of recent fits: Last Thursday Kindergarten Stepping Up for my little guy. Linen Jacket by Ercoles English Garden Six Fold Tie by Yellow Hook White Shirt by Ercoles Grey Trousers by Ercoles Brown Suede Double Monks by CarminaxEpaulet Last Saturday, at a good friend's wedding. Navy Seersucker Jacket by Epaulet Navy Chambray Shirt by Yellow Hook Green Cashmere Knit Tie by Yellow Hook Ticking Stripe Trousers by Epaulet Navy Suede Longwings by Alden This past...
ANy of you guys try the new Compass Box Hedonism yet?
Was able to get some sun yesterday, so some better shots of the newest stuff...hope we get these up tonight... 6 Fold 1: 6 Fold 2: 6 Fold 3: 6 fold 4: (only on eof these available....if it strikes you, please PM me, will be the first we promote on SM. 3 Fold 1: 6 Fold 5: 3 Fold 2:
Have some more brand new late summer/early Fall products coming. We started this collection with stuff that leans more summer in those cashmere silk knit windowpanes (which are milled at the same place Tom Ford fabrics are done exclusively btw for those who discern) but now we''ll roll out the more early autumnal pieces, you know, when temperatures are too hot for real fall, in fact, its pretty darn hot, but you're ready for Fall colors? Some super cool BOLD silks, and...
Thanks man! That a pretty high compliment! When I started this, i knew we had the talent right here to match what the world's best, if only we could look hard enough. It's easy to go to some of NYC's tie manufacturers and get a decent tie made, but to make something exceptional you need to find the artisans. Thats exactly what we did.Speaking of art, our English Garden Six Fold is back in stock after selling out last time in like a day. Check it out...
An in store Epaulet New York exclusive (Red Italian Hand Printed Silk Six Fold on Navy Chambray YH Shirt)
Nori Green Walts, Suede Carmina Austerity Brogues both from EP as well as the Red Paisley Hand Printed Italian Silk Yellow Hook 6 Fold which was an exclusive to EP in store for my girls 7th birthday and the 8th grade graduation ceremony from my school.
New Posts  All Forums: