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All button downs marked down to $125 for President's Day....including a crucial restock of a few of the beefier oxfords and the Italian Speckle Denim.
Yes! Literally just got off the phone with them (perfect timing) they used to be milled in England up until last year, and now they are either milled in Japan or Brazil, depending on the particular shirting. We did purchase these before the switch over according to my jobber, and they're currently switching the cards over. If you want any more info, please shoot me a PM, I'd be happy to provide.
Single Needle Oxfords now $126 Single needle Utilitarian Barber Shirts now $202.50
Oxfords now $126 Barber Shirts now $202.50
Hoping by the end of next week!
These are Zegna S/S 2017 Samples, so you won't see ANYTHING in this fabric until next Spring Summer from ANY of the perks of buying fabric the way we do: Grenadine: LP anyone? This LP Wool/Linen/Silk may be my favorite of them all....swoons: Pure Italian Silk by Zegna: From the same family as those Zegna Stripes that FLEW in the Fall: Silk Knit Herringbone, by Zegna: More Goodness: Super soft...
Burning the 5AM oil here, coming up!
Hoping to have round one of our Spring ties up in a few days.... Some real winners in the bunch!
Sure, I will buzz my supplier today and find out where they are milled. They are sold as "English Imports". The hand on them is outstanding.
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