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Unfortunately the Bunnacia Blue is all gone, we got a very small amount as he only made one of these rolls, and we got everything that was left. BUT...we have two new Hustons coming later in the Spring, and one is fairly similar to this.I'll talk to Ryan ad see what we can do. How bad ass would a Red Chambray be? I know he's shut up shop for a while, but I'll see if we can talk him into something like this.
Bang on, 6oz Raw Chambray...and I agree, you're good with this in a lot of weather....just not freezing cold or scalding hot.
Thanks Patrick! Not being formally trained in design, it's been a lot of trial and error, but this was one of the things I envisioned from the get go....it's nice to se someone else take notice!
Our brand new Leonardo Barber Shirt just dropped Sunday. I've been living in this thing at work, and its a gorgeous stand in for a sport coat. We have two different chambrays, both woven by Ryan Huston from Huston Textiles out in California. Ryan basically rebuilds old looms from the 19th and early 20th Century to weave a chambray that was like it used to be. Tough, rugged, textured, but still light enough to not be confused with denim. I's exactly like a vintage...
Shirt Yellow Hook Hoodie W&H Beanie FR Jeans RRL Boots AldenxLS
Recently did a photo shoot for a new shirt we're debuting, and of course, was rocking my well worn RRL Slim Straights: [[SPOILER]] I live in these things...bought a new pair in a size down as these kind of fall of my waist, but I've yet to work them in. These have three years wear, two ocean soaks...no washes, one repair by the guys on West Broadway.
These may be my favorite style of any footwear, ever. Granted, I've not been in #menswear for a while, but this wedge sole is just the shit. I bought the first pair of these LS did with Self Edge in the Natural Chromexcel, wore them to death, and just got these from LS a few weeks ago.
Happy New Year guys! We just shot the first of our Spring Summer shirts (and our brand new, ball to the wall, Barber Shirts) yesterday, hope to have these up soon! Stay tuned!
Thanks man....I agree, these are fantastic, and we've just hooked up with another mill in Japan that I think makes even NICER oxfords....just wait until next fall, and MAYBE this Spring for some of these new Japanese Oxfords!
Happy New Year! We've marked down all of our remaining stock at www.yellowhookshop.com. If your size is left in shirts, this is an ideal time to stock up on our luxurious single needle American made shirts at Mall Brand prices. All ties are also marked down to $65...
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