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Only outside? Good luck getting a bottle in the Commonwealth without camping out overnight. In KY guys pay college kids to wait on these lines to get them bottles to flip on the secondary.
If anyone hasn't seen the great pictorial SF put together that's on the front page, check it out! http://www.styleforum.net/a/a-sunday-drive-styleforum-spring-gmtos They feature a couple of YH ties and two of our new Pinpoint OCBDs that got pretty nice reviews from the editorial staff.
For those who are interested, the Made in Brooklyn Denim Work Shirts WILL be happening. We have "saved" some very small pieces of denim and our first batch will be EXTREMELY limited in number, and each shirt will be hand numbered. Final numbers are not yet in, but don't expect more than 15 for any of the styles with some of the shirts only yielding one or two pieces. Here's one that we'll be running, a super cool light blue Italian Denim originally milled for Ralph...
Just conformed shirts will be on hand on or before June 15. I'm setting up a photo shoot ASAP so we can get the pre-orders rolling.
Jeez I wish these were in my size, that sole is the most comfortable sole out there, what a great boot.
Enjoy them bud! I always rave about the Italian Handprinted Silks, they seriously are lighter than anything I've ever felt, just incredible right?
This is a fairly bold and broad assertion. While I don't doubt you, can you explain what makes your shirts better and specifically which London, Paris, and Naples shirt makers you are making the comparison to? Thanks.[/quote]Certainly.While fit is almost certainly subjective, I find that many of the Neapolitan brands RTW are just too slim and English brands either too slim or too baggy. While many great shirt makers offer shirts made by hand, their prices are well into...
Two more summer ties up this morning....some great lightweight and airy knits. http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/brown-knit-six-fold http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/blue-knit-six-fold
We'll get these running once we get all the patterns finalized. As far as fit, these will be generously athletic. Nothing tight, but not a garbage bag fit either. The size Medium was based on my bespoke shirts (from the same shirtmaker who'll be doing our RTW ironically) from Ercoles. I feel that "middle ground" is hard to find in shirt fits. All teh traditional cuts are way too big and the modern cuts way too small...I think we nailed it. And as far as the...
Love this tie. We were just prepping our Fall/Winter collection which will offer this in an olive/brown, so delicious!
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