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The GTS is awesome....
Love it! Wore mine today too!
Can't let the mink out of the bag until the SF Trunk Show! Another Woodhouse Denim Tweed:
This is a size L/40...love this thing. Brixtons are Cigar Shell.
Looking fwd to seeing you guys.
Yes sir!Right now we're looking at $599.99 based on max amount on the fabric. There's a chance it could be a bit more if we can't get enough out of the piece we secured, but I'm pretty confident we can. We have a list for this tie when it's made, feel free to drop me a pm if you want on.
Excited to announce we'll be guests of @Epaulet at the SF Trunk Show on Saturday November 8, and we'll be taking pre-orders on a new collab piece with the boys at EP. I think you'll be very happy to see what we'll have on offer!
This is something I'll wear from October (well, now November) to April. Easy for denim, easy for a tie....only thing it wouldn't work with is a SC, but it replaces that for me.
Awesome, do we have pics of all three colors? I may jump on this instead of grabbing the charcoal. I love the story behind these guys.Been living in my denim shirt this week, today with grey/black jeans.
Those were 2.5". We did do a real nice chambray in that run, but when it came down to it we weren't happy with the production and work that the manufacturer was doing on them. The 3" preorders will be done with the same entirely handcrafted, by one person, "manufacturing" process. It takes about 6 hours to complete one tie this way, but we feel other tie makers don't even come close, even if they are "hand made". By keeping the tie with one person, it allows complete...
New Posts  All Forums: