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Grabbed a two year rye at the distillery...at around $40, it is a little high for something so young, but when you compare it to other "craft" distillers young whiskey, its priced much lower. I've not been happy with Willet's business model for the past year or so. You can't find their bottlings ANYWHERE anymore, retailers are waiting years to get their barrel picks and the price has jumped astronomically (last summer an 8 year old at Fairgrounds was around $50 a bottle...
Do any of you guys have any WFE you're looking to move? I have an extra of one from Crossroads Vinters in Indiana, an 8 year old, and I'm looking to trade for something similar.
Loch and K(e)y is an OESK, great stuff.
Damn, just saw this now....Picked up a case of their McKenna and Four Roses....great stuff. Next time I head up, I'll reach out well in advance....
I may be heading up there tomorrow with the wife...you around?
Van Veen, their store picks are second to no one...on par or even better than Julio's up in Boston for barrel picks.
Party Source is outside of Cincinnati, about 2 hours from L-ville, so its def a hike. As far as distilleries, if you call, or check they're web sites you can see what they have going on in terms of tours. Heaven Hill in Bardstown as well as Buffalo Trace offer different tours. BT needs to be booked, but I believe is free. Four Roses, Wild Turkey in Lawrenceburg offer very good standard tours....never done the Woodford tour, but heard its great. DO NOT MISS WILLET in...
Two pretty good value pours...
I think I saw it was just below HAZMAT at around 68%
Did you happen see what this year's proof will be?
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