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A lot of the variation in terms of curvature is simply a matter of how they're stored and shipped. We've found the best way to package them is to fold them the way we have as most guys will hang their ties and the folds will come out, and shape will return. If guys roll them right away, there may be some more of that curvature until they get draped. if it's been curved for a while, a simple shot of steam should bring the proper shape back to the tie. I take a piece of...
These are actually being held back as an exclusive collab with Massdrop...if we get the go ahead that we can sell these online without impacting our deal with them, you guys will be the first to know. They're part of a larger group of GORGOEUS streaky Italian Silks that are just sublime....
Hey guys, any Size YH1 or YH2 in here may want to check out Spoo's auctions: All sample shirts made for us in one of those two sizes...enjoy!
Thank you for clarification @Academic2We've changed the names to reflect this. These are definitely not Knit Ties in the technical sense, but definitely an open weave. If I recall correctly the weave is grenadine is you hold it up to the light and light shines through correct? The Knit description was added to describe the openness of the weave.
Knit is a type of weave that allows for more breathability in the fabric. Grenadine is a "knit" fabric, rather than a woven one. This link may help explain it better than I: oh, Laphroaig. Yum.BTW, Strawberries and Cream is sold out, and we're down to our last unit on a few others. Don't sleep on these guys.
We can certainly do that!
Spring Ties will be up tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning. Have fun boys!
All button downs marked down to $125 for President's Day....including a crucial restock of a few of the beefier oxfords and the Italian Speckle Denim.
Yes! Literally just got off the phone with them (perfect timing) they used to be milled in England up until last year, and now they are either milled in Japan or Brazil, depending on the particular shirting. We did purchase these before the switch over according to my jobber, and they're currently switching the cards over. If you want any more info, please shoot me a PM, I'd be happy to provide.
Single Needle Oxfords now $126 Single needle Utilitarian Barber Shirts now $202.50
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