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I wear both, in the denim I'm a YH2. In dress shirts I'm a YH1. YH1 is a great slim shirt on me and the YH2 a great traditional fit. Hope that helps.Sorry man, all done on those.
By the way, we have an extra YH2 Comfort Fit Sample Shirt available is the Heirloom Button Down Pattern if there's any interest. $75
Nope, it's something we'll tweak moving forward for sure. We've heard it from a few folks, and are always appreciative of feedback like that.
Damn! We need to make you one lined with cashmere! Maybe something we have in the pipeline, maybe not. Have to see about pricing on it.
Thanks so much for the high praise. We're really proud of these shirts, and worked really hard to get them "just right". The shrinkage is minimal on the Oxfords, but to be safe, wash in cold water and hang dry (or send to the cleaners to dry clean). As far as the Chambray, we have a blue and grey in spread collars, and then we have just a handful of the red button down collar.The pink is a very soft and light shade of pink, while the red is pretty bright. The main...
Short answer, yes.Long answer....coming.
Sweet brother! Just FYI we JUST sold out of all of these Made In Brooklyn Rescued Denim at American Field! We have a second batch in the works, and after that, it will all be production denim (unless of course we can find some hidden gems tucked away somewhere in the depths of the Garment District!
Thanks bud!
If any of you guys are in NYC this weekend, come say hi at American Field Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Expo Center 79 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222. We'll be debuting the Leonardo Barber Shirt (named after my great grandfather who came here in 1892 with $10 in his pocket, a suitcase, and a dream. He eventually opened his own shop up on Coney Island in 1910 (seen below at 2202 Surf Avenue in this 1914 photograph) where he worked his entire life. Oh, we'll also have...
ANY NYC guys who are around this weekend we'll be at American Field in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Expo Center 79 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 with some super special pricing, including the debut of our new Leonardo Barber Shirt made from tough as nails from Huston Textiles. Stop by if you're around this weekend! We'll also have the last three remaining Made in Brooklyn Rescued Denim Work Shirts (two size YH2, and 1 size YH3) available.
New Posts  All Forums: