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Thanks man! Yes, these are hatch grain, don't think they're the "jumper" though. The boots are all laceup. So light, wonderful for early fall and later spring.MMMMMM, michters rye.
Brown and Blue Cashmere Silk Stripe today:
Ercoles Yellow Hook Necktie Co Carmina x Epaulet
I do have a medium CPO. Honestly I'd rather trade for a Large, but I know the likelihood of that isn't very high. Carmina Boots today: Love these freaking things.
To follow that Spam post, if anyone wants a CPO jacket in Navy Wool (sized Medium) shoot me a message...the regular shirts have a bit more give in them, and I'm doing a shit load of pullups lately.
Due Fresco my friend! Thx!
Carmina x Epaulet Dress up/Epaulet Denim Shirt Dress Down.
Ercoles Yellow Hook Necktie Carmina x Epaulet
Loro Piana Indigo Wool Linen Silk (Sold out in 3 days) We have a few diff LP fabrics coming soon.
AF Blue Walts Epaulet x Carmina
New Posts  All Forums: