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I have a piece of wonderfully thick Alpaca dated to 1946 that I am having an overcoat made from this Fall and was looking for some inspiration from you guys, and ideas. My original intent was it to be a bell shaped, raglan shoulder drapey sort of car coat, very androgynous with a Victorian sort of flair in a removable cape piece, but I'm still not 100% sold on this idea. For the most part it will be worn over a simple tee, or a button down shirt and denim with...
Sometimes REALLY thick stuff is no good and as a general rule of thumb anything that has any poly or stretch material isn't the best. Corduroy is also pretty poor to work with.
@imys pretty much nailed it down with that post. If there's something anyone wants that we don't offer, shoot me a pm or email and we'll get it sorted. We also are happy to do CMT where the customer send his/her own fabric. Of course if the fabric sent isn't suitable, we wouldn't go ahead without our input. Some fabrics just aren't cut out for neckwear and others I wouldn't feel comfortable about having our name on.
Thanks bud. Appreciate the kind words, and damn, that looks good!
Barrels were selected Thursday, there was no way i could front an entire barrel without some sort of flow chart with commitments mapped out. If someone does want to take initiative and tally up commitments with paypal emails and mailing addresses, this is definitely something I can do again in the future. Now that I am a private barrel customer, it shouldn't be a problem to go in and buy again. The barrel my wife and I purchased was an OESK and was delicious. I will...
We'll be releasing a few at a time each Friday @ericgereghty, one of which will be part of our new Fall Flash Friday Sales, starting next week.
Thanks for the kind words guys. We're pretty happy with what we have this season. This is our tie of the day today: http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/blue-brown-window-pane Beautiful silk/cashmere from Italy. Originally milled for Tom Ford. We get lucky and score some end pieces and this is one of them. Perfect for the Fall. If you haven't checked us out on social media yet, please do. We're on facebook, twitter and instagram mostly and we'll be...
Don't worry, styleforum10 is back and running.If anyone isn't on the email list, shoot me a pm and I'll get you on. @RuleOfRescue we've got you added, and will be sending a new email in the next couple of weeks.
There's a code in the email....if you didn't see it its "earlybird10".Enjoy!
Just sent out our Fall Release Email. First batch of Fall Ties are up and live at www.yellowhookneckties.com including some real beauties. Great Tweeds, loads of texture and Fall Colors and the return of some of the Late Summer Collection that disappeared during our Summer Clearance. Early bird bonus available as well, offering 10% off all purchases in the next two days. We'll be slowly rolling out the rest of the Fall Collection in the coming weeks. Enjoy fellas!
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