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Hardy plaid has sold, sale pending on the Peak Lapel Hardy.
Was in store for my first purchase Tuesday. Grabbed a pair of the Dry Bones Red D Slim. The dude helping me out was awesome, and incredibly friendly and the experience was great. I'll definitely be hitting you guys again next summer for my yearly denim purchase and maybe a few shirts in between now and then. I'll post pics when they arrive after being hemmed down from the ridiculously long 40" leg.
Anyone who is about my size that wants an inexpensive intro to what Frank can do, check my signature. I have posted a few GREAT Sportcoats to just clean out the closet a bit.
@CanadaCal shoot me a pm, I can have one made for you in about a week, if you'd like.
Three gorgeous bespoke and HANDMADE sport jackets from Ercoles in Brooklyn.First is from vintage H&S cloth acquired from GShen a few years back. Perfect for fall and winter wear.Double VentedPatch Hip Pockets Welted Chest PockedLapels 3.75"Shoulder to Shoulder 18"Sleeve 23"Bottom of Collar to bottom 29"Pit to pit 20"Waist 18"$389.99Next is John G Hardy Cloth, great for early fall in Brown Plaid with a blue overcheck [[SPOILER]] Double VentedPatch Hip Pockets Welted Chest...
Timeline is January if we pick end of August. Money wouldn't be due until then.Demand certainly is there, maybe even for two. Does anyone want to work with me and organize the logistics (Commitment spread sheet with paypal email and addresses)? If there's enough I would make this barrel a specific SF one, and pick another for myself so we can get SF art on it, instead of the art I wanted for my own.
Jersey City, though may be able to split...I will once the pick is done...great idea MC
100%.Nailed it. We'll figure out shipping when we come to it, but if I'll be doing the shipping I'd ask everyone to send me the best sized styro-shipper from amazon for the number they'll get along with a fed ex label. That way, I can unpack, from the cases, get them right into the styro, tape on a label, and out the door.Of course, anyone local can grab at Cool Vines.
OK, here's the deal with the Four Roses barrel: I can definitely pick one for us, if I'm taken by a few barrels at the tasting I'll be at at the end of August. Jim Rutledge is very grateful for a couple of ties we've named after him and gave him, so he may attend to help pick with my wife and I. I have to pick two barrels for a local liquor store who will be taking delivery of the third barrel as well, which will be the unofficial Styleforum barrel if there's a suitable...
Agreed. Totals usually over 150 bottles, can't get stuck with a bunch, but we'll see what we can do. There was a Q shortage, but I think they're back on track now. KBA was a Q and we picked 2 Qs in April.Colin is a good dude, he's looking to shop this as a whole. Group buy?
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