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I've done that before! Handed them to the Mrs to do a hand roll!
Love that one @imys, a friend of ours actually went to Ireland and came back with that cloth...very seasonal indeed.@ericgereghty its something we have done custom before, and will be something we offer shortly. We've focused on growing what we can offer in terms of neckwear first, and now that we feel we've done that a bit (when we first opened almost every tie was almost always sold out) I think it's something you'll see from us.Beautie! I love those....actually made...
If any of you are on our email list, heads up for a special code for $25 off your first purchase with us coming this week. If you need to sign up, hit us up at www.yellowhookneckties.com to register.
Breck didn't impress me much, but it takes something really special to impress me. Would I be able to pick it out of a lineup with EW10, ER, or BT, probably not
Thanks @imys! Looks great. We were super stoked when we stumbled in these luxurious cottons. We have them in a few different colors and patterns but all are gorgeous six folds. We have a few still up now, plus a handful ready to go for the Spring. These are perfect for anyone in warmer climates as year round pieces.
This weeks Fall Flash Friday is a gorgeous brand new 100% Italian Cashmere and is marked down to $134.99. Act fast, as we ony have a very limited amount available and once they're gone, they're gone. http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/chocolate-mini-windowpane
Thanks guys!
Don't, instagram filters do funny things to suede.
Sorry I missed this thread last week! Our construction is inspired by those great Neapolitan brands...and I like to think make up a very similar knot.
Wonderful! Enjoy!We think what we make is pretty special, but I'll be honest, there are so many other great makers out there in the tie market. One thing we pride ourselves in, and where we feel some of the larger tie brands can't possibly compete, is with the hands on customer service. Know that not only does every tie get passed directly through both my hands and my wife's before we get it out, but I feel it's important to also let our customers know that you'll...
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