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I keep forgetting how your built like a brick shithouse man....nice. Denim looks cool. I'm gonna have to grab a pair eventually. Maybe in the Fall for my yearly jean purchase...
Not as hard as the Sour Mash. I like the Tornado, it has such a smooth finish, almost candy-like, but I think it's story is even more appealing. I have to get more of the Rye...once they move on to another LE product, i know I'll never see that again.I killed off a Tornado, Single Barrel and Barrel Proof in the last three days.Anyone try Barterhouse here yet. I have one, don't know why I'm waiting to crack, its EVERYWHERE. Would love to hear opinions.
I love that tie! We have one in the works for summer in a great shade of green...
Trip was ablast....check the UPS code on the back of the OGD, anything that starts with 86 is golden...National Distillers. Anything with 80, is the newer Beam distillate.They're all different...I got 7 from the Party Source (that place is INCREDIBLE) and a handful from KY liquor stores as well as the OBSF and OBSO from the GS.EH Taylor is good stuff. The limited edition bottlings were the Tornado and Sour Mash which are a RARE find on a shelf these days. The Rye is...
Thanks for the orders guys...some great pieces at GREAT prices.
Just back from KY...brought only a handful of things including my Western Shirt: Blue Sweatshirt: and Point Collar Oxford: Here's the Mrs in her shirtdress for Easter: and LBM and Gingham Mashup for me on Easter Sunday...(not seen are my Matt Smith length jeans and suede Carmina double monks)
My past week: Saturday in the NYC burbs: Monday at SA (best kept secret in the industry...the next Willet): Tuesday at Cox Creek Bottling facility in the snow: Then at JB: Big surprise at WT...got there for their big unveiling and got a chance to talk to these guys before the press arrived...was awesome: And then 4R to present Jim Rutledge with his own Yellow Hook Necktie: The spoils (some of them):
"spring20" for 20% off at www.yellowhookneckties.com. SF only knows until tomorrow where we'll be promoting via SM and email.
"spring20" for 20% off at www.yellowhookneckties.com if anyone's looking for handcrafted neckwear...made just across the river in Brooklyn.
"spring20" for 20% off all orders at www.yellowhookneckties.com Will be private for SF members and go public Monday. Enjoy fellas!
New Posts  All Forums: