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Fingers crossed...Will start out VERY small. But we have some absolutely LOVELY pieces of cashmere to kick it off.
Denim Shirt and White OCPC Denim Shirt and Gitman Flannel
We have one last Cocoa Cashmere six fold....grab it while it's still around: http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/cocoa-cashmere And some looks from Monday and Tuesday English Flannel Tweed Stripe Grey Irish Tweed (and coming soon) Houndstooth Scarf
New tie up....and we'll be adding a few more this week. You can also now choose whether you want this in our slim 3" pattern or in our standard 3.25" pattern. To me this tie is perfect, so many colors with a conservative base make it easy for anything from a flannel suit to jeans and tweed. http://yellowhook-ties.myshopify.com/products/grey-irish-tweed
You're always welcome here man...I know its a hike but my door is open for you!
^^^This is done....took about 3 hours...
The Stagg Jr is pretty salty. IMO what makes the price justifiable is the proof. If you want something from BT high proof and can't find it, here's your chance. I generally pass it up on the shelf for $50.
Have a one off cashmere available now....SF gets first shot before I post to the site and SM (Monday). 100% Cashmere Grey Plaid. We had enough to make one 3" vintage pattern tie from this gorgeously soft cloth. It's a real stunner. Since there's only one, the first PM takes it at $149.99.
I smell a hashtag battle. #woolcashmink vs #moneycashhoes
I'm stoked as all get out for this. We should have an idea what we're looking at in terms of price and delivery times after this weekend....stay tuned...
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