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13MWZ. They're bootcut, not straight leg. They are cowboy jeans, after all Hence the plastic back patch that won't stick to your saddle and the rounded back-pocket rivets that keep you from scratching a chair too badly. They're as classic a pair of jeans as Levi's STF 501s, although there's a slightly different aesthetic they fit into. I prefer the cut of 501s and certainly the darker indigo. Wranglers are substantially lighter in hue. But they're nothing to scoff at...
I knew I was overexplaining it!
The best way to do it is with a seam ripper. It's a lot more precise than fiddling with a knife or scissors. It looks like and you use put the sharp part under the thread and push so the thread gets cut on sharpened curve. I'm probably overexplianing this. They're $1-3 at a fabric store or a department store. Heck, Target or Wal-Mart probably carry them.
no. A about 14 months and a couple hundred miles on my bike ago they were unwashed.
arggghhh...they really are sold out. I ordered some sneakers two weeks ago (the wrong color), exchanged them, and today saw that they refunded my money!
The shoes were from the Marc Jacobs collection store. They also had white with green trim. The 70% off sale was at the actual Marc Jacobs men's store across Melrose. I'd assume that the NY store would have the sale too, but it wouldn't hurt to call.
There's a 70% off sale on Marc Jacobs menswear. No sunglasses, though. I also snagged these for $25, but all they have is size 11.
If you've got tiny feet, you might snag some tennis shoes. If you're a 35 or 36, there might be some of those grey jeans left too.
Big Smith is my favorite "Asian manufacturer trying to sound American" name ever. Actually, this Engineered Garments shirt was calling out to me, but I'm not really able to spend $170 on a casual shirt, so I found a too-big western shirt with a pattern I liked and took in the sides a little and made the bottom flat. It's a little short but on the whole it's one of my favorite shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: