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I was really interested in them, but those back pockets are so low and feminine looking.
yeah, seriously. You can sew up the edges yourself, or have a tailor do it.
I once swore that the only jewlry I'd ever wear would be a wedding band, but I also refused to wear jeans for 16 years, and you can guess how that turned out. Anyway, I was hoping someone here might be able to tell me something about I saw them in Scout on 3rd St., LA, a looong time ago. They haven't had them in ages and I've asked a couple times about them but they've never been very helpful. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about them?
Photo credit: The Sartorialist (duh) A non-trivial part of my decision to go to Chicago for school next year is the abundance of peacoat-wearing opportunities.
I think they're amazingly silly, but bullet necklaces are red hot.
Oh man, I love that store. Is there anything left on sale?
13MWZ. They're bootcut, not straight leg. They are cowboy jeans, after all Hence the plastic back patch that won't stick to your saddle and the rounded back-pocket rivets that keep you from scratching a chair too badly. They're as classic a pair of jeans as Levi's STF 501s, although there's a slightly different aesthetic they fit into. I prefer the cut of 501s and certainly the darker indigo. Wranglers are substantially lighter in hue. But they're nothing to scoff at...
I knew I was overexplaining it!
The best way to do it is with a seam ripper. It's a lot more precise than fiddling with a knife or scissors. It looks like and you use put the sharp part under the thread and push so the thread gets cut on sharpened curve. I'm probably overexplianing this. They're $1-3 at a fabric store or a department store. Heck, Target or Wal-Mart probably carry them.
no. A about 14 months and a couple hundred miles on my bike ago they were unwashed.
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