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New kicks: APC and Costume National. The sneakers are a mess from work. I work in a lab and stuff splashes around sometimes.
Scout and South Willard on 3rd.
I got the last pair of these boots. I love them, but I seriously doubt they're going to survive a Chicago winter. The leather feels like paper. They're gorgeous, though.
Can you actually stick laces in them? If so I'd be interested.
Anyone have a current one? I hate to dig up an old thread, but why start a new one?
Tankfarm is from Anaheim or something. I know this because they had a prominent mention in OC Weekly long before I cared about clothes. Anyway, the name refers to an oil "tank farm" where the founders used to ride BMX. That's a neat shirt, by the way.
2. Here's some pictures from about 3 months.
12 and 15 months, respectively. The second picture shows the color a lot better. Obviously, the knee wasn't that baggy in the beginning.
Adware (or is it adwear?) They just show you google's results, and show you ads in the process. For kicks, examine the "apparel news" sidebar. I can search for suit, skeleton suit, or spacesuit near Huntington Park CA. I suppose that's where my ISP is located?
Buzz Rickson is a little more than I'm willing to pay without being able to try it on. Nudie is definitely more than I'm willing to pay, especially with that godawful back stiching. Any other suggestions?
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