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Absolutely brand new and unworn. I can return them, but I thought I'd see if anyone here wanted them and could save on shipping. I paid 148.78 including shipping, and it'll cost me at least $15 much to ship them back. So, to cut my losses, I'd like to sell them here for $130, with free US shipping. SOLD
I'm really not fond of the greycast color. If you see it side-by-side with the selvage Nudies, they look really flat.
The first paycheck in six months lasted me exactly six days. Obviously, I'm obsessed with those APC sneakers. At least they're on sale now, if I can find them. Also - if you're in LA and like Rogues Gallery, get down to Scout. $10 (formerly 60) tshirts and $98 (formerly 298) sweatshirts. Got some rag and bone work pants, and some random tshirt with a maze in the shape of a horse too.
The APC sneakers I got from the APC website a long time after the sale began. They were all sold out, but then they had some more of the brown sneakers. FYI, a 45cm fits like a 10.5 or 11, not a 12. I got the boots from Yoox. They were sold out after I snagged them, but later Yoox had a pair in 10.5, which is about a size 12. I got a size 10 (box size 9) and they fit like 11s. Forum member DrBot also has a pair.
New kicks: APC and Costume National. The sneakers are a mess from work. I work in a lab and stuff splashes around sometimes.
Scout and South Willard on 3rd.
I got the last pair of these boots. I love them, but I seriously doubt they're going to survive a Chicago winter. The leather feels like paper. They're gorgeous, though.
Can you actually stick laces in them? If so I'd be interested.
Anyone have a current one? I hate to dig up an old thread, but why start a new one?
Tankfarm is from Anaheim or something. I know this because they had a prominent mention in OC Weekly long before I cared about clothes. Anyway, the name refers to an oil "tank farm" where the founders used to ride BMX. That's a neat shirt, by the way.
New Posts  All Forums: