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Very definitely not slim-fitting smalls for the shirts.
29x32 white 501's. Missing the back patch. There have been taken in a tad so they're not quite Dior slim, but they are pretty tapered. BRAND NEW RG tshirt. Size small. Random skeevy v-neck striped tee. Also size small.
Jokes are never rough around the edges. This is the real deal.
I've been to a few, but is there a single best one? Obviously I'm interested in clothes more than ammo or random junk.
A quick list of boutique-ish in vaguely the same area: South Willard and Scout on 3rd past Fairfax. There might be some sale stuff hanging around. Scout is probably the better bet for tees, and have Vejas and Swear shoes. South Willard carries Rag and Bone as well as APC. Also, for sneakers - they're absurdly epensive but COMMON PROJECTS are amazing. Wonderful people own both stores. American Rag on S. La Brea and 3rd. This is probably your best bet for cheaper but good...
Hey ALEXBIGMAN, remember why SF chased you away? Fashioncore wasn't the only reason.
No advice? I know Hejfina, H&M (sort of a big deal to a Californian), and Filene's Basement (same big deal).
Ghetto isn't a racial thing. Eminem is ghetto. Condoleeza isn't. Etc. etc.
Oak Looks like I got the last small, though.
45rpm OK, I bought the nudie shirt as an impulse buy, and I'm really, really hopng I like it and if so, that I can remove that ghastly wave embroidery on the back without destroying the shirt.
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