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No advice? I know Hejfina, H&M (sort of a big deal to a Californian), and Filene's Basement (same big deal).
Ghetto isn't a racial thing. Eminem is ghetto. Condoleeza isn't. Etc. etc.
Oak Looks like I got the last small, though.
45rpm OK, I bought the nudie shirt as an impulse buy, and I'm really, really hopng I like it and if so, that I can remove that ghastly wave embroidery on the back without destroying the shirt.
Two questions that may or may not have been answered: There's nowhere in LA that carries 45rpm, right? Can someone suggest something with an 18 or 18cm leg opening? SDA-103 and presumably Eternal 811 are around 19.5cm at the smallest. I'd be getting a 28 or 29.
Mostly the styling. I would prefer something pointier and sleeker. These aren't clunky but they're really not quite my style. I usually wear US 10.5, and these fit well.
I've been buying men's fashion magazines at random lately. The last one I picked up was FANTASTIC MAN, from the Netherlands. The fashion part was pretty lackluster - a six-page spread on all-leather outfits, four unwearable grey suits, and two interesting interviews. It's a little artsy for my taste and a little skimpy on the overall content but on the whole, it's the best impulse purchase of a mag I've made so far because the writing doesn't feel like an advertisement or...
stussy is everywhere.
I'm going to Chicago next week, and I'll eventually be moving there. Any shopping suggestions?
-18. Laughable on a young person and pathetic on anyone else.
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