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As another chunky Prada frames wearer, I think the two best ways to seperate yourself from emo or hipster stereotyping is to not have a stupid haircut and to shave regularly.
Well I is one, 'cept for the Greek part.
Are there any discount codes for Hejfina? $15 for shipping is ludicrous.
Excuse the fact that this obviously isn't the complete ad. It's hard to scan stuff across the binding. I really love this ad, enough that I want to put it up on the wall. I'd really rather not sacrifice an issue of FANTASTIC MAN. Is there a better source? Maybe somehow CDG could send me something? I don't know why I care so much, but this thing just feels perfect.
Dill - did you get that Band of Outsiders shirt on sale? I thought that stuff was around the $250 range, which seems absurd for something that's not bespoke. But $80 - I would definitely jump at that.
Ugh. Ed Hardy and Grail etc. are the ugliest, stupidest clothes I can imagine. On the other hand, they're even better than faux-vintage concert shirts for identifying who has more money than style.
needed to be supplemented, if not replaced after 1.5 years I wasn't exactly creative with the replacement. APC has changed the design a bit. The new button is this huge hemispherical thing, and they're really skimping on the belt loops. The back pocket stitching is totally different too. Can Touitou handle the celebrity lifestyle? Between the GQ spreads and actually hiring models for your clothing, a fellow can get distracted.
sold out both places.
Nobody has these? Not APC, not denimbar, not Factory People or that one place in SF, none of the stores I frequent in LA... If this thread gets locked, so be it, but why am I at my wit's end looking for what used to be a perfectly available pair of jeans? EDIT: Thanks Scott/Glamroots at HTC. Found some.
$30 shipped in the USA.
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