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Any chance we'll get some pictures?
Don't know about in Japan, but in the US Avirex is definitely a ghetto brand.
When I was there a couple days into it, it was nothing I was interested in. Mostly washed Levi's Premium with a solitary pair of Evisu. You didn't miss much.
In the US, Hollywood Trading Company carries them and is willing to ship. Forum member glamroots works there.
If you're a 29x30, I have a pair of US-made white 501's I'm looking to part with.
H&M is a Swedish clothing retailer that's very good at keeping up with trends and generally offering stuff that fits slimmer than GAP, etc. and selling it at Old Navy prices. Until now, their only West Coast operation was in San Fransisco.
Yeesh..$176 for a hoodie...the nicest-looking hoodie I've ever seen? Not to hijack this thread too much, but how does that EG compare to Loopwheeler and Spruce? Both fit and warmth matter to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by mattjames Why is it that they never informed me of this code? I have spent thousands at yoox this year. What do you have to do to get them to give you the codes? Exactly why they wouldn't want to give you the code. In all seriousness, it probably makes the most financial sense to send codes to occasional buyers who need a little push to make that purchase. And as for customer loyalty, well, you're still buying.
Since you're in NYC, no reason not to just try them on.
What's so bad about it? It doesn't talk too much about 45rpm, but most of this forum's readership is pretty well informed about them.
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