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Yeah, Hejfina has a not so great reputation for service. I've always been treated well there, though.
South Willard on 3rd near Fairfax. Great store.
Hejfina has APC and Cloak, but they're pricey. Nice people though.
$110 shipped in the USA. Using the BiG method, waist:31" upper thigh: 11" inseam: 36" (Original APC hem)
Uh, if you're seeing bands at the troubadour, there really isn't much for you after 5 in downtown.
I have a whole bunch of really nice things that never were quite the right size and I'd rather have the cash to buy stuff that is (and clear up space to put it.) ALL PRICES INCLUDE US SHIPPING. CoSTUME NATIONAL ankle boots sz EU 9 (actually an 11 US). $170. These boots are S-E-X. Period. Never worn except on carpet. If I could ever find these in an 8.5... APC "New Cure" 28x36 (actually 29x32) raw $120 Brand new, never worn. I just don't wear jeans this tight...
Any chance we'll get some pictures?
Don't know about in Japan, but in the US Avirex is definitely a ghetto brand.
When I was there a couple days into it, it was nothing I was interested in. Mostly washed Levi's Premium with a solitary pair of Evisu. You didn't miss much.
In the US, Hollywood Trading Company carries them and is willing to ship. Forum member glamroots works there.
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