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Watching Walter Schreifels from Gorilla Biscuits get drunk, fight with his girlfriend, and run in traffic after making a bunch of ex-punks now clad in Stussy shirts nostalgic with a single acoustic cover of Start Today and a dozen pathetic recent songs was an achingly dissapointing moment in my adolescence.
I was going to say the same thing, but less eloquently.
Well? The one in question is a thrift-store find, 95% cotton, 5% silk, and it's got this bizzarre triangular shape to it. Is it likely to be worth the cost? How competent of a tailor should I seek out?
Doesn't that actually happen with fake Edwin and Levi's in Thailand and Cambodia?
I know too many tasteless, futureless, utterly worthless rich kids who don't do much else.
I think this is a really interesting take on the striped tee. The stripes are screened on the inside, so it's a hazy gray on the outside. Spruce tee, EG belt, APC jeans, Vans.
If I wore boots, this is what I'd do. But the only boots I'd ever wear are vegan combat boots, but since I broke edge and got my Earth Crisis tattoos covered up, that's not going to happen.
Tough call. But I love the Fred Perry laurels, and two stripes is better than one, especially with those colors.
I'll parrot the rest of the forum and say APC. I think their default inseam is 36 inches.
I usually wear a 30, but I bought 28 for my new standards, and they're a little loose a year later, even though they were obscenely tight at the beginning. I tried on some 29s in that bleached gray color, and they were looser than my totally stretched out 28s! My advice is to try stuff on. Also, South Willard in LA carries A.P.C., rag&bone, among other forum favorites.
New Posts  All Forums: