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the EG belt, by request. I think these are LA Guy's photos?
Skintight shorts from pants have been done. There's an art high school in Orange County that really digs them, though they're more into vintage running shorts these days.
Sure they are, even if they're not sure if they're buying it or not.
You could infuriate trads with Thom Browne.
They do ask for a tax ID number.
Or University of Chicago maroon.
I can vouch for RDD. Came really quick too, though I now realize I could I have just gone to their store in LA. EDIT: I ordered a small and a medium, both used. I got a new 88cm medium sleeve-length and a used 104cm short sleeve length. But I'm happy with the 88cm, so I'm not complaining.
I have an extra one (104 cm, used military surplus condition) if anyone's interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Anybody have any experience with the vintage/thrift store in Long Beach that's on the corner of PCH and Redondo? (I can't remember the name right now.) It's not far from where I live. and I've always meant to check it out, but I have never gotten around to doing so. It looks pretty inviting, though. Oh man, Out Of The Closet. When I was little, the "Parking In Rear" was the peak of hilarity. Unfortunately,...
Yeah, it's bad. Ebay, it's something like 45$ for six tees.
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