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All sold. Thanks everyone.
Bought them from a thrift store in college and forgot about them for a few years. The uppers are starting to crack, and the soles are obviously due for replacement. Is there enough life left in these to justify $125 recrafting, or should I just put that money toward a new pair?
They're surprisingly comparable given how much higher BB list prices are. I own both and don't have a strong preference. The BB might have a higher rise by an inch or so - I'll have to measure. The leg openings are a very similar width. That said, I prefer BB's striped cupro lining to HY's oxford, and BB's smoky mop buttons definitely best the black-with-white-smear ones HY uses. I do wish BB had a zipper fly like HY and no silly external locker loop. Can't go wrong with...
Try ironing them inside out. Maybe get the crease a little wet first.
A.P.C.'s Rescue cut is worth looking at.
Fantastic Man.
People have mentioned Four Your Eyes, but it appears they're out of business.
Yeah, Hejfina has a not so great reputation for service. I've always been treated well there, though.
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