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So, six months later: Anybody have actual information about the durability of the shoes? It seems it's all hearsay (as the post above) or based on some assumed price-quality analogy figured in terms of an impossible comparison with Common Projects. I'm wondering: has anybody bought and worn this brand? If so, how are they holding up? If not, troll/shill elsewhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by djh thanks! 43 grey db's are gone. Just got them. Great shoes, quick shipping etc. Thanks man.
If only these could drop in size instead of price.
Want, but can't really afford. Maybe I'll eventually trick myself into thinking the purchase would be justified.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Eat at Andina on 13th & Glisan, it's Peruvian tapas that's amazing. Order the Sachsayhuaman, it's habanero infused vodka with passion fruit puree and dusted with cane sugar. Their mojitos are also excellent. Also, bring a flamethrower to kill drug addicts, gutter punks, and hippies. +1 on Andina. Best tapas ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Hey, I ain't no Conne. If you don't want her I'll take her.
I've had a pair of albins for 4-5 months. I wore them pretty regularly for a while, but that doesn't justify how gone-to-shit they are. The rubber is buckled and coming off where it meets the leather around the tread, the patent leather on the toe-caps has started peeling etc. They're also asymmetrical. The distance from the inside to the laces on the right shoe is about 2 cm longer than the same distance on the left. Definitely do not recommend.
Maybe I made that statement too strongly. I didn't mean to say that alcohol doesn't impair motor skills and judgment, just that the wide and colorful array of stereotypically "drunken" activities are largely the result of social expectations and context rather than the actual physiological effects of alcohol. People who think they're drunk are generally willing to make asses of themselves just as much as people who actually are (to a certain extent of drunkenness, at...
Well you know alcohol is mostly placebo too. There were some great experiments where they made alcoholic-tasting non-alcoholic drinks and alcoholic non-alcoholic-tasting drinks. The people who were drunk but thought they were sober just got bored and depressed while the sober people got pretty wasted. Not that alcohol doesn't have a physiological effect, but psychologically speaking, it's all about expectations. The same goes for kava. Just because the effects are in...
I'm a little suspicious about the potential potency of kava tea. I have nothing against herbal stuff, it's just that generally when it's branded/marketed as tea, supplements etc they put tiny amounts of active ingredient. It generally takes ~1/4 cup of the actual plant material for kava to have any effect, and I doubt there's that much in the tea-bag, though I suppose they could use some sort of an extract. Does it make your lips numb? If so, it's probably working, if...
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