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Thanks for the mention, great site!
This is actual quite easy to do, but really stumped me the first time. You do not need to cancel the transaction! I have had a few items sold that were setup through GSP, but the buyers contacted me about using international priority to save on shipping. Once they make the purchase their Paypal address will be visable to you, from there you can send a direct invoice to their Paypal address with the correct amount. Once they pay they will mark as payment sent and you...
Leave those shoe as is. Colored laces should be reserved for casual shoes on my opinion. They look great as is!
Only in a sleeve length of 33 or 35 right now, send me a message if interested.
I am starting wonder if allowing offers is working anymore for me or if I should just move to a flat pricing. I kept it on because I would say about once a month I would have a buyer not even bother making an off and buy at the full asking price, which was a nice margin. As of late I haven't seen that and wonder if just dropping to regular BIN listing at the lower price would attract more interest. Had anyone experimented with these two methods?
They are the burgundy shell cordovan Bradleys. I wear them with both dark and slightly faded jeans. These shoes are casual enough to be worn this way with a nice OCBD shirt.
Great looking shoe, one of my favorite pairs as well. It is a very versatile shoe and I reach for this pair of AEs most often when wearing jeans.
The best solution for lowballers.... Auto-decline. It will save you the hassle of dealing with people who have no interest in paying for what your stuff is worth.
Those look awesome, keep them if you are happy with them.
AE sells worn returns to a third party retailer (I am guessing this auction is by Hitch N' Post) to recoup some of their losses on these or anything that is so defective that it can't be a second will get the "No Warranty" mark.
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