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Thomas,Nothing in that size unfortunately. Thanks for checking.-Nick
I used a freight forwarding service to the Philippines before upon the buyers request and it worked fine. However I don't know why it would be needed for Japan where the shipping service is reliable.
I just started an account with Wave Accounting software. This will be my first month using it, but it looks very promising so far, as it links automatically to your bank account and Paypal accounts.
Thanks Andrew! I am glad you like the suits. You were a pleasure to deal with A+++
Let me know if you want to take a pair of gently used burgundy shell PAs in 8D off my hands...
You are correct, now I just need to send them in for a recrafting!
Indeed! Unfortunately they need a resole, but fortunately I have a few free resoles left over from when they used to do the cobblers club!
Just picked up these beauties for $60!
I think a PTB is really a go to option in this case, a pair of Leeds of Kenilworths would be great here. I also think a shoe that is on the more formal side, but in a casual leather like a suede strand would be a nice addition.
Really nice shoes Burzan! Congrats!
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