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Thanks very useful advice! The table is actually a cobbler's bench, which while lost on most looking at the auctions I felt would tie in nicely with selling shoes for the most part. That is the official Santoni sizing chart and I know the sizing chart contradicts itself, as most people find Santoni runs about two sizes larger in US sizing. I think to your point it would be good to remove it.Also, what type of growth have you seen from sidebar links to your store? Thanks!
Formal flannel kilts?
You are a professor... where is the tweed?
Hey everyone. I have been selling on eBay for a little bit and just updated my photos a little bit. Please see link below to provide any feedback. I also had several questions about strategy and wondered if anyone had experience with this and some data on what their results were... Right now I am charging a restocking fee if the item doesn't fit and is an unworn return, but am considering waiving this and if it will enourage more sales at the sake of a few extra...
If you pair with navy trousers it will look like you are wearing a mismatched suit. You need to create some contrast between the top and bottom of your outfit with a blazer or sportcoat.
SLIM FIT CHARLES TYRWHITT SHIRT MEGATHREAD ALL SLIM FIT OR EXTRA SLIM FIT SHIRTS $25 PER SHIRT*plus $5 for shipping Contact me for payment details, I will ship internationally I have come across a large lot of Charles Tyrwhitt shirts. These are really nice shirts for the price and I wanted to offer a chance for SF members to pick some up at discounted price from my eBay store if they were interested. There are a large number of styles available from very classic...
Some shots from today's look. It was a bit bright out, so unfortunately the colors got a bit washed out in the photographs. If anyone wants to help take this briefcase off my hands please let me know... [[SPOILER]]
Shoe feedback noted. The jacket is by "Carracci" I know nothing about it other than I got a great deal on it and it is made in Italy.
Attempting to verse my nephew in the sartorial arts for his confirmation this past weekend. How do you think he is doing? P.S. yes those shoes are navy and yes I made him do the polishing himself.... [[SPOILER]]
Kuluta and I were roommates for awhile with a very nice deck builder....Btw that suit is killing it! Rock the linen proudly!!!
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