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Thanks for the clarification! You are always a wealth of knowledge on anything shoes!
Walnut strands are going to be a bit more flashy and if you wear darker colored suits I would stay away from those in a conservative environment. The reference to "last" is the form the shoe is made over and each one fits a bit differently. AE numbers all their lasts and you can find fit information on their website and this forum for the different lasts.The Fifth Avenue is a great shoe and is just slightly below the Park Avenue in formality, a perfectly acceptable shoe...
They are bit more on the casual end of the penny loafer, so I would go with calf. The Randolph looks really nice in shell and is a bit dressier.
Any style of penny loafer is a classic east coast look. A tassel loafer like the Grayson is also a nice option as well.
Good to know. Thanks for all the advice.
Links to your shop in the left sidebars of your listings i.e. other categories or sizes.
Take photos outdoors. Indoor photos are terrible with the iPhone.
Thanks very useful advice! The table is actually a cobbler's bench, which while lost on most looking at the auctions I felt would tie in nicely with selling shoes for the most part. That is the official Santoni sizing chart and I know the sizing chart contradicts itself, as most people find Santoni runs about two sizes larger in US sizing. I think to your point it would be good to remove it.Also, what type of growth have you seen from sidebar links to your store? Thanks!
Formal flannel kilts?
You are a professor... where is the tweed?
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