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You are correct, now I just need to send them in for a recrafting!
Indeed! Unfortunately they need a resole, but fortunately I have a few free resoles left over from when they used to do the cobblers club!
Just picked up these beauties for $60!
I think a PTB is really a go to option in this case, a pair of Leeds of Kenilworths would be great here. I also think a shoe that is on the more formal side, but in a casual leather like a suede strand would be a nice addition.
Really nice shoes Burzan! Congrats!
Potentially I haven't gotten my hands on a pair of those yet.10.5D, PM me if you are interested.
Yeah I own a pair of the dark brown long branches and this is a different leather.
No they are not that leather. Way more supple, I was hoping someone had seen something similar in some swatches for a MTO piece. I had never seen this specific leather on a production AE.
Hello Gents! I need some help IDing the leather on this pair of MacNeils I picked up today. It is a pebble grain, but is extremely supple, much more so than the regular pebble grain I have owned from AE. Any thoughts on what it may be? Thanks! [[SPOILER]]
Here are a few of the top AE styles: Park Avenue Strand McAllister Dalton MacNeil Leeds Grayson Those styles are all in the top sellers for AE and you really can't go wrong. The downside is they don't go on sale very often. There are a lot if great places to buy them, just depends on what you are looking for. If you can hold out for outlet sales those are usually a good time to stock up. I also carry a small stock of AEs for sale here and on eBay. I may have...
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