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Not a problem, just PM me with the items you are interested in. More shirts are going up in the next few days. Thanks!
Nice score! Usually the last number of the 4 digit model number indicates the last of the shoe, however they stopped exclusively doing this a couple years ago after running out of model numbers.
You win!!!
That's a pretty good find, but I think it may be hard to top the $55 shell cordovan Bradleys and the $65 shell cordovan MacNeils I picked up on eBay....
Unbelievable.... I wouldn't be surprised if that seller does over a million a year in sales and he clearly has a pretty sweet setup with Allen Edmonds for his inventory. Bummer that he won't stand up to the product.
Make sure you get a full refund including return shipping and don't get charged a restocking fee. It may be worth opening an item not as described case if you feel the seller won't handle it properly for you.
Open a case with eBay, provide the photos you provided of the shoes. You should win the case pretty easily.
Oh yeah I would return them for item not described and request a full refund including return shipping. Only other option if you can live with the defect is seeing if they would drop the price significantly. I sell a lot of AE seconds and deceptive selling practices like this really irk me.
Yes, no warrant shoes are more like thirds. Did the seller list them as new with defects?
What does the marking on the sole look like? Those look like seconds, but sometimes firsts have defects that were missed in QC, $370 is still a pretty good price for them. Did you purchase on eBay?
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