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Outstanding boots, shocked they haven't sold yet. Good luck!
Hey if you can play golf in these I think CXL will do just fine.... [[SPOILER]]
I like the shoe quite a bit and own a pair of Castine driving shoes that are similar, but I wouldn't really consider it business casual, more of a casual option because of the driving shoe sole. I would be interested to hear how you like that particular sole, as I haven't tried on anything with sole before. Enjoy the new shoes!
You would label those as B width, the 2A is the heel width. As for the description.... I am at a loss that is just a piece of footwear that can't make up it's mind on what it wants to be. Good luck with the sale!
Did anyone else just get the email for the tent sale? Let the chaos ensue!!! As a heads up, and in the spirit of the tent sale, if anyone in this thread is interested in any of my AEs up on eBay I will do $179 + Paypal fees shipped domestically.
Thanks! I think they are beautiful shoes as well, it is more just a matter of if they fit in well with my wardrobe at this point. They are a bit formal considering I am in a business casual environment.
Wearing the shell PAs out again. I am still undecided on keeping them or not, but I will enjoy them for the meantime!
You can stack USPS boxes as long as they are not flat rate, so yes you have probably lost some money on big packages before. Sorry to hear about the shirts though... See what the seller is willing to do for you after you contact him.
Here you go: eBay link
Yes there are some in that size. If you check the link in my signature out you can see a couple options I already have in stock in that size. Thanks!
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