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Yes, no warrant shoes are more like thirds. Did the seller list them as new with defects?
What does the marking on the sole look like? Those look like seconds, but sometimes firsts have defects that were missed in QC, $370 is still a pretty good price for them. Did you purchase on eBay?
Wearing these as well today Maybe the only reason I miss winter is these boots, which get worn pretty much everyday at that point.
BARBOUR – INTERNATIONAL/STEVE MCQUEEN/TOKITO JACKETS MEGATHREADRARE JACKETS ALL AT MAJOR DISCOUNT OFF ORIGINAL RETAIL!!!!!All jackets are brand new with the original tags. Labels have been marked to prevent retail returns. If you need measurements or more photos please PM me with any questions.Dept. B Shordace Navy Size(s) Small & Large - $549 Dept. B Birch Navy Size(s) Medium - $169 Steve McQueen Salvage Denim Size(s) Medium, Large, Extra Large & 2XL - $199 Steve...
Perhaps it being a preachers suit helped, but I pulled $300 for another pretty dated HF suit that sold 2 days after I listed it. I'm kind of kicking myself for some of the other ones I passed on now.
Link is in my signature. That makes sense around those brands. I don't dabble in RL or HF much, but when I see an expensive suit at a good price I won't refuse it.
After pulling $450 for this awfully dated HF piece I will believe anything is possible, thanks for the price guidance. I should still be able to get a decent profit if it doesn't go in that range.
Shoeluv, yes it is a bit odd here is the label removal... Unfortunately it is black pinstripe three button, but the styling looks pretty recent. I was thinking around $300-$350 does that sound about right? I got a great deal on it, but really want to maximize my final sale price on this piece.
Great just wanted to confirm the maker, thanks Wes! It is made in Italy, what would you guys price at for BNWOT inside label removed to prevent retail return?
I need some help IDing this Polo piece. Is it Ralph Lauren Polo by Corneliani? Any other keywords to help this suit move? Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: