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Thanks Andrew! I am glad you like the suits. You were a pleasure to deal with A+++
Let me know if you want to take a pair of gently used burgundy shell PAs in 8D off my hands...
You are correct, now I just need to send them in for a recrafting!
Indeed! Unfortunately they need a resole, but fortunately I have a few free resoles left over from when they used to do the cobblers club!
Just picked up these beauties for $60!
I think a PTB is really a go to option in this case, a pair of Leeds of Kenilworths would be great here. I also think a shoe that is on the more formal side, but in a casual leather like a suede strand would be a nice addition.
Really nice shoes Burzan! Congrats!
Potentially I haven't gotten my hands on a pair of those yet.10.5D, PM me if you are interested.
Yeah I own a pair of the dark brown long branches and this is a different leather.
No they are not that leather. Way more supple, I was hoping someone had seen something similar in some swatches for a MTO piece. I had never seen this specific leather on a production AE.
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