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I had vaction settings turned on notifying of return date and there would be processing delays. It was my understanding ebay requires the 1 day handling even if you are on vacation.
If you leave for vacation and still leave you BIN listings up you will get dinged for handling time. I lost TRS for a month when I took a vacation. The extra sales more than made up for it, but just be prepared for this when you go away.
I don't post photos here often, mostly due to lack of a consistent photographer, but we did take a few photos on a family walk this weekend. If the outfit is of no interest at least the boat may be. Enjoy!
ALLEN EDMONDS BOOTS MEGATHREAD ALL CUSTOM BOOTS $209 SHIPPED IN THE CONTINENTAL US Contact me for payment details, I will ship internationally All shoes are marked as factory seconds. If you have specific questions about a pair of shoes please send me a private message. Promontory Point in black chromexcel leather, half lined, dainite sole 9 D Bayfield in black burgundy calf leather, double oak sole 10.5 D SOLD Eagle County in bourbon calf leather, extra...
Thanks much appreciated!Nice day of sales Fueco! I had a similar day last week, 2 new Ghurka bags in 24 hours, celebrate when you can!
To any of the sellers that have a lot of experience with defects I'm looking for some help. I'm getting dangerously close to 2% on the defect rate and just had another case opened today for an item not fitting, item was exactly as described and I would have had no problem taking the return if the buyer had just messaged me. I had a couple defects in a similar manner and a few item not received claims when the item showed delivered. Anyway to remove all these bogus...
eBay app is broken for me as well, no sales this afternoon and I've got to believe this a part of it. Hopefully they come up with a fix soon.
Same thing happened to me this weekend... just be glad to know your not alone on this one.
Not a problem, just PM me with the items you are interested in. More shirts are going up in the next few days. Thanks!
Nice score! Usually the last number of the 4 digit model number indicates the last of the shoe, however they stopped exclusively doing this a couple years ago after running out of model numbers.
New Posts  All Forums: