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AE sells worn returns to a third party retailer (I am guessing this auction is by Hitch N' Post) to recoup some of their losses on these or anything that is so defective that it can't be a second will get the "No Warranty" mark.
I have tons of goodies just added to my eBay store this week! Lots of Dunhill by Zegna, Coppley, Charles Tyrwhitt, Allen Edmonds, etc. Suits, jackets, pants, shirts & shoes! All brand new items! Here are some samples below. PM me for StyleForum pricing and click on my signature to browse everything that is available. Dunhill by Zegna summer sportcoat - 40S, 40R & 46R Coppley Wool Suit - 39R Charles Tyrwhitt ESF Shirts - 16/33 Sartore Pants - 34 Allen...
That is a "No Warranty" mark on the bottom. It means AE won't recraft them if you ever need to you or have any structural issues with the shoes you will have to go to an independent cobbler. The $200 deal was really us taking advantage of a very generous MTO policy AE had and shouldn't be a real gauge of the what the Eagle County MTOs were really worth. Still $150 sounds like a lot for used AE's, but they don't look to be in too bad of shape if it is really the shoe you...
Outstanding boots, shocked they haven't sold yet. Good luck!
Hey if you can play golf in these I think CXL will do just fine.... [[SPOILER]]
I like the shoe quite a bit and own a pair of Castine driving shoes that are similar, but I wouldn't really consider it business casual, more of a casual option because of the driving shoe sole. I would be interested to hear how you like that particular sole, as I haven't tried on anything with sole before. Enjoy the new shoes!
You would label those as B width, the 2A is the heel width. As for the description.... I am at a loss that is just a piece of footwear that can't make up it's mind on what it wants to be. Good luck with the sale!
Did anyone else just get the email for the tent sale? Let the chaos ensue!!! As a heads up, and in the spirit of the tent sale, if anyone in this thread is interested in any of my AEs up on eBay I will do $179 + Paypal fees shipped domestically.
Thanks! I think they are beautiful shoes as well, it is more just a matter of if they fit in well with my wardrobe at this point. They are a bit formal considering I am in a business casual environment.
Wearing the shell PAs out again. I am still undecided on keeping them or not, but I will enjoy them for the meantime!
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