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Great just wanted to confirm the maker, thanks Wes! It is made in Italy, what would you guys price at for BNWOT inside label removed to prevent retail return?
I need some help IDing this Polo piece. Is it Ralph Lauren Polo by Corneliani? Any other keywords to help this suit move? Thanks!
How were you so far off on this? Sorry but you really have to think like the customer here and just eat the cost.
I shoot outside as my space is quite limited for a setup right now and I have great outdoor lighting. If done right I think the photos can come out really nice, but not practical for most really high volume sellers. Here is an example of a few listings I've done with outdoor...
I'm guessing he is going to put direct light on his photos as well. Well designed you must have a good sized room for your eBay stuff.
It fits similar to the 7 last, but with more room in the toebox. I would avoid the 8 3E, especially considering it is a loafer your heels will most likely be swimming in those shoes.
Just got these freshly recrafted MacNeils in the mail last week and am finally sending them on their maiden voyage!
+1 If you want to put the shoes up in a museum style case and closely observe every inch of surface area in great detail, send them back. However, in all likelihood you will want to go out and wear these shoes, which will inevitably lead to more dings scuffs scratches and general addition to the character of the shoes that will make them your own unique pair.With regards to the mark on the vamp, if it is not an actual hole or tear that goes all the way through the leather...
All out of stock on 14.5's sorry.
It is one of the slim fit half cavansed offerings from Charles Tyrwhitt. I was actually quite surprised by how nice these suits were for the price. I came across a good sized lot of them and if anyone is interested I can try to pick up some in their size for $350 next time I'm out.
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