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ALLEN EDMONDS SUPER RARE SHELL CORDOVAN MANY SIZES ALL RARE SHELL CORDOVAN SHOES $499 SHIPPED IN THE CONTINENTAL US (BOOTS $549) Contact me for payment details, I will ship internationally Up for sale are a number of super rare Allen Edmonds shell cordovan shoes. Most of these are makeups from the trunk shoe which had a very limited production run and is no longer available for the time being. If you missed out on these when the shells were available now may be the...
The Strand is on the 5 last, but I can see why the SA may have been confused. Up until several years ago AE would always identify the last a shoe was on with the last digit of the model number, which is why they may have been confused about the shoe being on the 3 last.
In this case the seller does say returns are accepted and they have TRS icon on their listing that mentions the 3 requirements of highest buyer ratings, 1 day handling time and 14 day money back gaurentee. I'm guessing their policy never would hold up if a buyer had a dispute with a return, but it irks me more because I had a large number of returns this week.
I was browsing some items from a seller with some really interesting vintage items and noticed they were listed as a TRS. However, when I went to read their return policy it basically stated I will take returns due to misrepresentation in the listing, but not fit. How can people get away with this as a return policy and still qualify for TRS discount, seems a way to attempt to get the discount without trying to offer returns. Does eBay actually monitor this type of stuff?
Make him feel the pain of eating shipping both ways. Sellers like that hurt all of our eBay businesses, although I doubt they will learn their lesson.
I thought return shipping was free if it was a case of SNAD, as long as you print out the label eBay provides.
Things were pretty normal yesterday for me, but this week and month has been huge. Was it mostly sportswear that has been moving or just everything?
I own both and they are two of my favorite shoes. The MacNeil is a bit dressier than the Bradley and overall finds more uses in my wardrobe. The Bradley is an awesome shoe, but is something I end up wearing mostly with jeans and occasionally khakis. I find the fit to be roomier on the Bradley, the MacNeil is a bit snug in the toe box, but for most not enough to size up.
I would take the return and just tell him he would be responsible for shipping costs both ways. He wasn't rude about the request and you may get a repeat customer. In the past I did not take returns, but I changed my policy to see if it would be worth it and I can say it has absolutely paid for itself. My return rate has been 5% of total sales over the past 6 months. I think it allows a higher final sale price for NWT items and the discounts on final value fees more...
I just shipped those out to you today! Let's hope they work out, let me know how they work out for you. Thanks to the original poster for linking to them.
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