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If you want a very slight change I would just go a shade darker with shoe cream, instead of polish.
I have had good luck with Fiebing's leather dye. You have to be careful with it, but it will get you to the color you want.
I had a similar problem with some Bradley's and I just grabbed some super glue and popped the insert back in with no problems since.
Can you provide some measurements? Thanks.
This is what burgundy looks like:This is what chili looks like (may actually be saddle brown, but they are pretty close):Advice if you go for loafers, try them on they can be much harder to fit than lace ups.
You have a pretty nice collection going there and some solid choices for adding to the collection. I do think you have enough black shoes with the Park Avenues and Sanfords. Have you thought about taking the plunge into shell cordovan in burgundy with the Leeds, Dalton or MacNeil? I think the Strand is good idea, you already do have shoes in walnut and bourbon, so that may be a nice one to do in chili, burgundy or dark brown. A pair of loafers mixed in there or some...
+1 on the suede shoes. Also, looking at your collection you have very formal assortment of shoes, especially for a business casual environment, you have lots on wingtips and most your shoes are balmorals. I would suggest getting some blutchers in your collection, perhaps a Flatiron, Leeds or Kenilworth.
If you told me AE was making a captoe tassel loafer last year I could have told you it was going very quickly to the clearance section without even seeing the shoe... when I first saw the Jermyns I judged the shoes to be an ugly mash-up of many different styles that don't belong anywhere near each other. However, that said you actually pull this off brilliantly and while I don't think I will be purchasing a pair anytime soon, it has changed my opinion of this style. Good...
They are burgundy and were "pre-patina'd". Probably one of the best deals I have ever gotten, picked them up lightly worn on eBay for $50!
Wearing the Bradley's out today. I don't feel they get as much love as some of the other classic AE styles, but they are one of my favorite pairs to wear with jeans (other than the Long Branches).
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