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They are burgundy and were "pre-patina'd". Probably one of the best deals I have ever gotten, picked them up lightly worn on eBay for $50!
Wearing the Bradley's out today. I don't feel they get as much love as some of the other classic AE styles, but they are one of my favorite pairs to wear with jeans (other than the Long Branches).
That sounds like a better method, I will try that next time.
I just put some shoe cream on the boots, then applied the Obernaufs on top of that. They will look dull at first, but if you brush them after the first wear the shine will come right out.
Agreed, I treated mine with Obenauf's and have been walking through puddles and snowbanks all winter.
The Long Branches are continuing to get a lot of wear!
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Wore my Charlestons today. These were made on the 0-last and are actually only a 270 welt. I really miss the 0 last, fits my feet really well.
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Wearing my suede today now that there isn't a mess of wet snow outside. These are a style from a few years back, the McClain on the 8 last.
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