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Not Barbour on the shoes of course, but here is a link to the shoes.
More Barbour to add to this thread.
Here is a photo of my size small ashby with a wool sweater and polarquilt lining in.Also for good measure since this is a Barbour thread, a new international sweater I'm wearing today.
I think the polarquilt lining and knitwear might push it to be too slim. Kentpope is probably right about the small fitting best overall, but when you factor in the extra layers that makes it a tough call. If you decide to go with the polarquilt lining I might opt for the medium liner or at least try both, as the small liner is what I have and is very slim.
Quick question on priority mail insurance claims. Has anyone ever had a claim paid where item shows delivered. I know it is pretty much a slam dunk case for me if the buyer escalates, but is there anything I can do to get the buyer his money back? Thanks.
I think you answered the question for yourself. If they are just taking up space in your wardrobe get rid of them.
Tough call, but I would say medium. I wear a size small in the Ashby and slightly smaller than you. I am normally am a size 36 suit jacket. It is very slim with a sweater and the polarquilt lining and a bit more relaxed when I'm not layering much in warmer weather. With a good sweater and the polarquilt lining I've been comfortable in 0-30 degree weather and it has been my go to jacket this winter. I hope this helps.
Up for sale are two gorgeous brand new pairs of flannel Vigano dress pants in size 38 one in brown herringbone and the other in navy and brown plaid. These pants are a super soft fall/winter weight wool flannel that is subtle and elegant in styling. The pants are made in Italy and are comparable in quality, finish and fit to Incotex. The price is $89 per pair. Please feel free to message with additional questions. Measurements are as follows: Waist: 38in Inseam:...
According to ebay it is your fault though, so you just have to suck it up as a cost of doing business. Give the buyer a refund and hope that he is reasonable person to deal with and comes back and buys something from you again.
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