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I own both and they are two of my favorite shoes. The MacNeil is a bit dressier than the Bradley and overall finds more uses in my wardrobe. The Bradley is an awesome shoe, but is something I end up wearing mostly with jeans and occasionally khakis. I find the fit to be roomier on the Bradley, the MacNeil is a bit snug in the toe box, but for most not enough to size up.
I would take the return and just tell him he would be responsible for shipping costs both ways. He wasn't rude about the request and you may get a repeat customer. In the past I did not take returns, but I changed my policy to see if it would be worth it and I can say it has absolutely paid for itself. My return rate has been 5% of total sales over the past 6 months. I think it allows a higher final sale price for NWT items and the discounts on final value fees more...
I just shipped those out to you today! Let's hope they work out, let me know how they work out for you. Thanks to the original poster for linking to them.
They were on the 2 last, perhaps why they didn't move forward with production. Although now that the Eagle County is so popular sizing wouldn't be as much of an issue. I'm somewhat curious to see if they still had the pattern available if there would be interest in a MTO of this style.
So I'm digging this one up from a long time ago, but since it is boot season I thought it was fitting. A few years back I got my hands on a pair of boots that was a prototype for the Independence line. It was called the Gwinnett if I remember correctly in a leather the called walnut haus and was very different then anything else AE has offered in the boot category. It would be awesome if something like this got introduced again. Here are some pictures to enjoy!
Braving the cold northeast weather today in my favorite pair of boots. Lance those Fransicians look amazing!
I would have a very large wardrobe of clothes that didn't fit me....
The big thing about eBay is that it is about the hustle and it is an amazing side hustle, but pretty difficult to turn into a full time gig. To Fueco's point if you can find those items that bring in the big bucks and turn quick enough you can have a great business on eBay that would probably be enough to support yourself. I've found those items a few times, but they are not my bread and butter and usually take a large up front investment. After you truly factor in all...
In order to quit my day job I would need to be at about $400K a year in sales I figure. It needs to be factored in that for all the extra benefits you get you need to be making about $30K extra profit over your base salary just to pay for the extra healthcare, 401K, self employment tax, etc.
I had been looking for some nice warm weather sweaters and finally found a South Shields Beacon Heritage sweater that fit the bill. Anyone else have experience with this line?
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