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Up for sale are two beautiful Inis Meain sweaters. If you are looking at these you probably don't need me to explain much about the quality of knitwear Inis Meain produces. This style normally retails for around $700 and is being offer up for $275. The fabric is a lovely brown charcoal blend and is a blend of 90% merino wool and 10% cashmere. Measurements are as follows: Large Chest: 24in Sleeve: 35in (from center of collar) Shoulder: 20.5 Length: 24.5 (from back of...
I had those ones up for sale awhile back, I'm surprised to see them back in this thread. They were a pretty stunning boot, but I think AE would have struggled with selling them at that price point. Here is a better photo of the boots:And for good measure a single monk called the Braxton that never got released.
I just had a $1K sale to HK, what is the best way to ship and get signature confirmation over there? Thanks.
A pretty similar pair with less wear just sold for over $250, so you can probably get more out of them, but it depends if you think it is a good price for you.http://m.ebay.com/itm/301461450231?nav=SEARCH
Something very strange happened today... I just got off the phone with an ebay rep and they solved two problems for me on the spot with no issues or talks with supervisors in less than 10 minutes. I think we need to create a direct line to this rep Terri.
Those look great! I also broke out my first pair of AE shoes today. Behold the discontinued Evanston.
Not Barbour on the shoes of course, but here is a link to the shoes.
More Barbour to add to this thread.
Here is a photo of my size small ashby with a wool sweater and polarquilt lining in.Also for good measure since this is a Barbour thread, a new international sweater I'm wearing today.
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