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Under regalia at the University level, sure; otherwise, no way.
Quote: Originally Posted by OxxfordSJLINY +1 Charcoal solid is just as formal as (maybe even a bit more formal, but certainly not any amount less formal) than navy solid for evening wear. I've always thought as navy being a social colour and navy a more business, but true enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Would morning dress be considered an appropriate form of attire to wear to a graduation ceremony? Under regalia at the University level, sure; otherwise, no way.
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd Please please please do not steam a suit! Wool is a hair like the stuff on top of your head; when a suit has been finished, about an hour is spent pressing it, molding that hair into a shape, much like when a woman puts her hair in curlers. Pressing is an art form in itself which, when badly done, can destroy a suit. Likewise, steam in the hands of the inexperienced can ruin the careful shaping that the pressing...
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingClassHero If nothing happens with these in a week, I will. Thanks! Odd... ebay seems to say that you have nothing for sale...
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto I was in FB's the other day, checking out the Brioni, wearing a medium grey nailhead DB Oxxford, blue micro-check Thomas Pink shirt, burgundy and gold Charvet tie and contrasting burgundy and gold Robert Talbot pocket square. Some guy walks up to me and says "Can you tell me where your suspenders are?" I pulled open my jacket and said "Sure, they're right here", flashing my Thurstons. He smiled and just stood there...
I would also like to agree with the op. Nothing good can come of it....
I doubted this until I started to buy better shoes.... Yes, yes they do notice.
It's odd, I didn't think it that great of a movie, but I must have laughed at least 50 times aloud, and that's very rare for me.
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