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Hendrick's. I'm having one right now with Q tonic. It's delightful.
Never a dollar in my wallet unless someone has given me money for something (canadian, use debit for everything small and credit for everything big); but have 100 CAD, 100 USD, 100GBP and 100EUR on hand in my briefcase. The last on that list has only come in handy once, but it really did save me a major hassle so I'm happy for my quirkiness.
I work at one, so um... ask me in a few decades. If you mean as a student it would be 16 years, but a lot of that is my hobby of taking one language class a term (it's free!).
The women... they like the flat fronts.... Which is sad, because I'm a double forward kind of guy; haven't been able to get a pair in 2 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels So, I thought Biden was rocking the pinstripes lat night. Todd Palin once again looked like a Wild Man of the Deep Woods that someone stuffed in a suit. Slightly OT, but all of the congressional coverage has really allowed a look into some politicos I see rarely. What is the deal with Barney Frank with his wrinkled collars and slippy tie knots...does the man not know that he is in the public...
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 That is actually an excellent idea. Well, now I know what my girlfriend and her roommates will be wearing, Boston-in-November weather or not. Have you considered a tux though? (bonus points for an ivory dinner jacket, november be damned)
Snakes in Suits. Recognizing some behavior patterns. Feeling a little uncomfortable.
Didn't somebody here have some amazing bottle green John Lobbs...
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 Would it be tacky to wear a suit to the premiere? Helps it be more appropriate if you have several attractive women in cocktail dresses as part of your entourage, but then, that's true for most things.
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