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There's hardly a quality shoe market in all of Canada. I've never understood why, but suspect it has something to do with the weather in many parts of the country (doesn't explain Vancouver or Victoria though). As pointed out up thread, there's one shop with EGs, two or three with C&Js, and a smattering of Aldens Loakes, etc. No more than 12 good stores for the whole country. Part of it I think is retailers shooting themselves in the foot. Where does Rosen think they...
Interesting. I've had things sent from the UK to Canada fairly regularly, and have never had a problem with Royal Mail -> Canada Post connections. Packages have always been in great shape. Are you using the mail or a courier service?
PM sent!
Quote: Originally Posted by dhaller - wooden chairs/benches are less comfortable DH If it weren't for all the clothing I'd have to have altered again, I'd seriously consider gaining 20 pounds back just because of this.
I rather like the looks, but wish it was a lot lighter. If I wanted a small honda, I'd still get the fit though.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff deal of the century It's an OK deal, but I wouldn't go that far...
Ebay. I've contacted sellers in the past and placed specific orders (usually out of HK) with no issue at all for around $2 a pair.
If I didn't already have a pair of the exact same shoe I'd be all over this, they fit great and are very versatile.
Just ordered some new Bel Airs (shipped to just across the border in Point Roberts, not to avoid the duty but rather UPS's atrocious brokerage rates!)
True cheap gin comes not in a bottle, but in a bag. Uuuuuuugh. I don't care it if it was 12 years ago, my head still hurts.
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