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I once dated a woman who loved their products. I no longer date her, my life is much calmer now.
I'd be interested in seeing the Corneliani suit..
I keep them in the frame, in sequential order, behind the photo of my current.
Quote: Originally Posted by fongstar Just ordered Montgomery and PAs in Brown shipped to Toronto! Let us know how much UPS takes you for in bogus brokerage fees! bastards....
and received yesterday! They fit perfect too; thanks for the great price, fast shipping, and excellent boots.
Damn my (perfectly reasonable to me) long arms! otherwise I'd be all over this...
Quote: Originally Posted by harburn Correct approach. Mark as Gift. Avoid issues. Canada is far more concerned about custom issues than US. Much longer process in Canada. US postal system is very efficient. Canadian is not. Canada Post is efficient; Vancouver to Halifax is a 6 100 KM drive, and a letter can do it under a week (the next day of you pay for it). Canada customs is atrocious. Given how much the average customs office makes an...
UPS' "brokerage fees" are a completely different animal, and the reason why I refuse to use them for anything I send on principle, even domestically. Complete rip-off.
There's hardly a quality shoe market in all of Canada. I've never understood why, but suspect it has something to do with the weather in many parts of the country (doesn't explain Vancouver or Victoria though). As pointed out up thread, there's one shop with EGs, two or three with C&Js, and a smattering of Aldens Loakes, etc. No more than 12 good stores for the whole country. Part of it I think is retailers shooting themselves in the foot. Where does Rosen think they...
Interesting. I've had things sent from the UK to Canada fairly regularly, and have never had a problem with Royal Mail -> Canada Post connections. Packages have always been in great shape. Are you using the mail or a courier service?
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