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Quote: Originally Posted by stat1 I recently ordered a suit with a vest but was not sure what the configuration for the pants should be. I would be wearing the suit quite often without a vest and was not sure if my pants should be made with or without belt loops. Normally, I wear suits with a belt but in the case of a 3 piece would I need to use braces or side adjusters? If so, would I include belt loops? Would the side adjusters acts in lieu of belt...
Got my tracking # yesterday, thanks Anthony!
it has the same ass problem that plagues the Porsche Cayenne and the Pontiac crossfire (ok, a lot else wrong with the latter too, but...)
Outside of patent black shoes for a tuxedo, and maybe some summer shoes, I'd suggest you keep track of what you wear in a month and then consider if you want to keep any pair that you don't get around to wearing. .... and then replace them with other shoes
I've found that belts either show under vests or through them...
I hope not, I usually wear a panama hat on my walk to work in the summer while carrying instead of wearing my jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Just about the perfect BMW. Yep.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 My roommate wants me to pay more on the heating bill because I spend more time at home then she does. Seems a little cheap to me, as I've always split bills down the middle with roommates. Sigh. My one problem with roommates. When in college I seemed to only live with lizards who kept their rooms at tropical temperatures but wanted even splits on the electric bill.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Something really intrigues me about the Slavs. So gaudy, so communist but so cool. Jenga?
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn Wait, a JD isn't on the same level as a PhD? I thought it was a doctorate of law? Really.. no. not at all. The JD grew from (and at some chools was just a renamed) LLB, the old Bachelor of Laws. Harvard and Chicago started it in the early 1900s; Yale was the last in the US to convert (it was an LLB until 1971).
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