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Oh thank gods the arms are too short for me.
As said above, transfer from a reputable but less desirous school. Really. I too would not have been admitted to my undergrad or grad school had I applied today :P. Although I think some of that is grade inflation, the millennial generation also studies more to the tests.
I really don't know what to advise between the BMW and and MB (the Audi is overpriced for what it is) but I just wanted to post to say how much I miss my old E30 and how much I hate the jackass who totaled it.
Quote: Originally Posted by bjan Has anyone tried Johnny's European Tailors on Broadway? I was at Mark James a couple weekends ago and while they did say they had Italian tailors in their store a couple times a week, when things get really busy they send their overflow to Johnny's. I'm looking to have some work done a few suit jackets. Fine for simple alterations. He doesn't actually make anything himself, sends it back east.
Any chance you can get these in 35? Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikej77 Amen. I would equate it to someone stabbing me in the lower back and lifting me off the ground with the knife. I don't know about being stabbed, but I can tell you from personal experience that they are indeed worse than being hit by shotgun pellets.
None. Canadian; everyone takes debit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Looch Did anyone actually get any shoes as a result of this thread? Seems to be a lot of requests, but not much else. I think one or two people mentioned receiving some; I personally never heard back on my request.
Picked mine up from the post office yesterday; perfect as expected.
Put me down for the Manhattan in black at 10.5D if possible.
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