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Got mine earlier this week, thanks!
Ticketmaster, for the reasons above. UPS, for their exorbitant brokerage fees.
Ordered two things last month, one came via UPS, and one DHL. Items had around the same nominal value, same out of NAFTA providence. UPS brokerage charge, $40. DHL charge, $7.
Damnit man, why couldn't you have been a little smaller! No really, some great stuff here and I hope guys it fits find this thread.
Ideally shawl but could live with peak. Prefer european cuts. Thanks.
I have a 24 inch one (perfect for two documents side by side plus some toolbars), and I'm not really sure I'd want a larger screen, it would be too much like sitting too close to a TV.
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl Wow $34 shipping for one pair of shoes via UPS Ground... Confused, it was $19 for me.
At least once a day as I go to bed.
Is this limited to Australians/Do you want us to convert currencies to AUD?
I purchased some from Harvie and Hudson last year that I love, but they don't seem to be up on their web site (seasonal only perhaps) and they never did respond to my email asking if they're still offered. Grumble. The linen has a much nice feel to it than Lewin's.
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