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Orange jumpsuit and leg irons? No wait, wrong kind of dock...
Quote: Originally Posted by clownmitts You're not going to find it in Vancouver either. The shopping here is miserable. You could give May Sun custom shirt co. a try. It's at 3673 Main St. I've had one shirt made there for 100$ and I wasn't that impressed. It seems as though the entire court system of B.C. gets their shirts made there based on the business cards Mr. Ng has taped to his counter. What the mitts says is true.
Death may be a suitable penalty for some crimes, but I don't have nearly enough confidence in the government to be comfortable with the idea of it having the power to kill people. And I've worked for it for years... But to answer the direct question..... no, I'd never view it as justified. It's not a deterent to a crime being committed because the criminal either assumes they're not going to be caught, or doesn't think about it. Of course it has no rehabilative value....
For what it's worth, I picked up one of their dress shirts on sale for CA$99... the material (100% cotton, but not a high thread count) and construction are nothing to write home about, but it's incredibly easy to iron for some reason. On the negative side, the body is huge.
Same as for everything else that hasn't been spilled on, etc - once twice year (or once a season for seasonal stuff).
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf me too... Specially tall and sexy blonde girls like to dress all in black here and they look superb... And I for one would find it a travesty if anyone tried to stop them from doing so!
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Good grief, $80 for a MTM shirt! When you remove the cost of the fabric and buttons, the price for the actual shirtmaking has got to be unbelievably low. Are the $80 ones made of paper by any chance? No, just cheap materials and methods generally. Which is a shame, as the fit isn't bad at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by clownmitts Have any of you tried May Sun Shirts on Main St. for shirts? They seem to have a lot of customers. I have; they have a variety of fabrics, the low end ones run around $80 a shirt, the high-end ones around $150. I think every judge in town goes there. As for quality of construction - nothing to write home about, but not horrible. cheap buttons etc. I have two shirts from them and don't plan on...
I also have to admit to having a thing for the McRib. Only thing I've had from McDonald's in a decade.
Fiddlesticks, just missed this. Ebaying I go...
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