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Always wondered... what is this? What is it there for? Should I stop fiddling with it? :P
Quote: Originally Posted by From Vancouver Any of our Vancouver members have experience with or are thinking about bespoke? Please share with us. Thanks in advance. There is no one in town who does this. There's one guy in Seattle, I think (but am not sure) Roger on this forum has used them or knows someone who does. .
$30 a month, 900sqft 2-bedroom, but Canadian, so...
Off-white dinner jacket came in today's post as was perfect! Thanks, Mike. Also, would someone please buy that Zegna 1-button tuxedo before I give in? I already have 2 (plus a new jacket now) and justifying 3.5 tuxedos to my partner is a bridge too far.
I generally lease when I expect a car to have high depreciation, and buy when I expect it to keep its value; hondas generally resell well. That said, that monthly cost is ridiculously low, so yeah, go for it (just don't buy it out at the end).
I have a panama and wear it from May-September walking to and from work. It's rather hard to clean but I otherwise love it.
I quite like the older bodies, but of course, not the technology within. I've often wondered why car makers don't re-issue classic car shapes of their past updated for today on the inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by ShelterIslandMike Handy: $10,000. . Oh, if we're including stashes at home, then a few thousand CA$, US$500, €400 and £400.
Quote: Originally Posted by tcnjbanker123 Why not complete the look with this fashionable, yet inexpensive top? The stain completes the look...
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