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If a daytime flight, jeans and a v neck sweater. If an overnight, CX F class pajamas.
Also have this suit and love it. I was surprised how versatile a navy windowpane is, but it works perfectly for all but the most formal meetings and social events.
Lucifer. He's back today with ridiculously high button stances mind you.
Damn my long arms! (actually regularly sized). Are you sure on the sleeve measurements on the sammy? Thanks
All the time, I find "dumb" a massive turn-off. Sadly, in my youth apparently the same was true of "sane". Things got better in that latter regard I'm pleased to say.
Provided meetings aren't missed and work gets done, I really don't care when people show up. Burn out from overworking is a much greater threat anyways.
Amazing. let me know if the others fall through. Weather be damned this needs wearing!
French or button cuff?
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Thanks. It's stucco in sort of a Lutyens style. It will look better once it's a bit weathered. is it the light, my monitor, or do you have a burgundy ferrari?
Thanks, Gents. Of course I've always removed it, I've just been secretly afraid that a jacket will fall apart one of these days as a result.
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