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Sorry, but the shirt is waaaay too big. It really doesn't matter if you are wearing a sweater over it. "This shirt is fine because I only wear it with a sweater?" How big is the sweater?
You have to pay return postage. The J&M suggestion was not bad for someone in your age group/income bracket. Just don't expect them to last for 5+ years of solid wear.
Fake Rolexes? Really?
It's a crap shoot but you can return them. I would suggest sizing down a full size.Where are you located?
I got my son of the same age and general need Loake 1880s off If you wear the same shoe every day, it will wear out quickly though. Even if you rotate with another pair, you will need to replace the heel lifts regularly and will need to resole at a decent cobbler once or twice to get 5 years out of them.
I would suggest simply tucking the flaps into the pockets.
Yes. You have also seen them on plenty of sport coats on SF.
Dark brown hornDark brown hornDark brown hornLight brown hornLeave the gold and silver buttons to blazers if you like them.
Santonis are good. Brooks Brothers Peals are on sale and a good value. Made by Crockett and Jones and Alfred Sargent:
You might want to check out this thread as well (title is semi-ironic): or just get him the Hamilton.
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