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^ Assuming you receive them (Carlo Franco), I suppose.
Look out. You're not playing the Sox now! Weiters, Jones, and Reynolds are all due to start hitting.There's a ton of seats left at Yankee Stadium. I'm tempted to buy some for the potential game 5 on Friday and take the train up.
They should play Crazy Train before the game tomorrow. I've got tix for Monday (behind the plate but in the last row of the upper deck).
Spiff, you're back! Your little girl is adorable.
A little pricier than what you are looking for but Sierra Trading Post has some good deals on Johnston of Elgin. Some are under $100 with their Deal Flyer coupon. Sale ends today.
HY pants are a good value.
Unless you specifically ask that they be dry cleaned, they will be laundered. Yes, laundering your shirts can increase wear, but the only alternative is CVS cloth tape.
I didn't realize he still had stock. If you are a 6 7/8 and looking for some hipster stingy brims, there are some real deals available.
The Os tied against the Yanks in the season series which is the first tie breaker. The second is record within the division. Even if the Rays swept us, we would have a better record in the division. Of course, if the Os were swept, the BoSox would have to sweep the Yanks as well to make this happen. EDIT: But you realize that in case of a tie for a division title or, a second place WC berth, there is a playoff game to determine the winner. The tie breaker simply means...
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