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It looks like the right sleeve is hung up on his shirt in the first pic. Sleeves look uneven (and way too short for an overcoat) in the second pic.
Bill's are far from slim.
Try the BB Milano. If you like JAB, the 3 for 1 sale occurs all the time.
So it all comes down to tonight. What a phenomenal season! Click Here For Images & Baltimore Orioles Pictures - Pictures
Have you considered having it dry cleaned?
Get navy, not black. Where are you located?
Picked up club level seats for next Tuesday's potential ALCS match-up this morning!
105.7 has Tillman pitching Thursday, FWIW.
Do not like. If you want them re-crafted and slimmed, check out Tiecrafters.
This has been officially announced? Tillman should be in there!
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