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Check out Loake 1880. They are close to your price point and decent shoes.
Shoes are cracking because you are not letting them rest and dry properly between wearings. If you are getting them that wet daily, you need to put shoe trees in them and let them dry for at least a day. If they are really soaked, you should stuff them with newspaper and let them dry for awhile before putting trees in. You can not wear the same shoes every day. Your feet are still growing? How old are you?
Are you sure this isn't from over-polishing them? How often are you wearing them?
That is one sweet overcoat! Unbelievable find.
Great season. See you in the spring boys.
BB's non-outlet stuff is miles ahead of most JAB in quality and JAB has always had a fuller cut than most. BB 1818 and GF are good quality. I work with a lot of guys who patronize JAB and they are always complaining about how quickly the suits show wear. Then they go back and buy 3 more for $500 or whatever.The trim cut suits are a recent addition.
Wrong forum. You should ask this on Streetwear and Denim.
100% vicuna British Warm overcoat. Oh, wait, that was a dream.
You want your lapels pressed, just not pressed flat. From what others have said, Hallak's hand presses with a nice roll.The OP hasn't posted in over 7 years. You may have to wait awhile for an answer.
It looks like the right sleeve is hung up on his shirt in the first pic. Sleeves look uneven (and way too short for an overcoat) in the second pic.
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