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I was at brunch at a nice restaurant a couple of Sundays ago. The waiter says "my name's Chad and I'll be hanging out with you today." Dood, you are not coming over to see the game later.
Brown shoes are fine. Argyles are a good choice for the look you are going for.
GF has actually been made by several different manufacturers. Isn't it Southwick now? I doubt those have much handwork.
What do you mean by a beanie? A knit cap or
That appears to be shearling which is pricy (and very warm). You might want to check STP. At one time, they had some reasonably priced Astons. Nice hides, so-so manufacturing.
I think you need approval from the mods before starting a thread advertising yourselves. See the top of the forum: "Please note that if you wish to run a PR campaign, advertise for business, or otherwise use the forum for commercial reasons, you must contact our advertising department ( and that personal referrals for programs like Living Social fall under this umbrella. You are allowed to have one discreet link to your business in your...
Depends on what you like and what you are willing to spend.Here's one classic:
For some reason, PayPal initially charges full price but then this is quickly corrected. Fret not. Shipping is fast.
You might be okay with all those layers but evenings in NYC in November can drop into the 30s. I would bring a jacket/coat.
You will likely requre a coat, at least in the evening.
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