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Hideous. And your tie, pocket square, and links should not match. Do not wear cuff links without a tie and jacket.
Umm, Johnston's is Scottish cashmere woven from Monglolian fiber so I am confused about your comment about Italian cashmere. The PRL sweaters made in China are decent quality, not great. Johnston's is much pricier but can be had on discount at Sierra Trading Post.
I wouldn't even wear them with jeans. No.
French American in NYC is highly recommended by several on here for reweaving. I would see what they would charge/recommend.
I would wear them eith jeans and a tee-shirt (except I only wear that to do yard work). I would not wear them with any but the most casual sport jackets. Never with a suit.
They were originally meant to be worn while driving and they are casual shoes. The soles wear quickly.
Don't try to make a suit out of a navy blazer and navy trousers, but dark brown horn buttons are fine on a navy blazer.
Looks like chili.
You have been in China too long. Alden of Carmel is a legit long-time purveyor of Alden shoes.
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