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HM, your fashion timing is impeccable as always:
It sounds like your jacket has "open quarters". This is not a flaw and many consider it desirable. I do not believe it can be easily changed.
^ Generally, a navy suit will be made of a very smooth worsted material while a blazer will have more texture and is often made from a more woolen cloth.
Makes sense. She can't let Nucky find out she's preggo so it's leave or abort.Interesting that they didn't show how Owen got whacked. I'm thinking the cop who accompanied him to NYC turned on him and Nucky.
Price is good. JAB quality and fit is another matter, though.
Brioni>BB? Who knew?
I didn't realize Gilbert made umbrellas. He repaired one of my SABs and actually picked it up at my Manhattan hotel and delivered it when it was finished. Great guy!
double post
You asked for opinions. I do not like the tie and do not like matched sets. Cuff links are fairly formal and meant to be worn with a suit. I'm not sure how you could wear a pocket square w/o a jacket. You should spend some time perusing the forum.
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